love night part 3

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All charters are 18 year old in this tell
Wanda shove Ella to her knee’s to get knock up A that ur wish she laugh. Ok slut now crawl here bitch. Wanda rub her pussy on john cock making sure it was cover in her piss. Now slut suck his cock Ella came over still on her knees she put his cock in her mouth and once again gave john a blow job.

Wanda pull out a horse hair whip and was smacking Ella back making it red. as she was deep throating john cock her mom got down between her legs and was lick her pussy. Ella flinch ass her mom bit her on the side of her leg see honey she was pulling her pear drop weight I such a good mom look ur fuck a hot guy have ur pussy lick and now about to be fuck how nice she smack her left tit of me. Of a few more mins of her mom eating her pussy john laid on his back. Ella got right to fuck him and she was able to his kiss before his evil tongue went down her throat. Trying to keep her quiet. Wanda got down on her knee and lick Ella asshole before ramming a huge dildo in it the sight of Ella riding john while having a dildo shove up her asshole by her mom was a thing of beauty as the red light from the wall continue to record the hole thing it was June hiding in the shadows waiting for john. Ass Ella past out from her orgasm. Wanda rolled her off and took john cock right up her asshole giving him some anal sex one more time ass a green light filled the backyard. Wanda was out cool. He just threw Wanda on the basement couch and carried Ella to her room and laid her to bed. Her swollen pussy said it all but her wish was filled. As June came up hold a camera theirs one more over their john she was look at him. why not john said they made their way to the last room across the house to Ella friend zoey,
A small white girl with brown hair huge breast wear a pink shit and pink panties and pick socks. Her shirt said wild one. As the light went on she woke who are u. john laid on top of her were he to fuck u so just relax. My mom said to stay out of trouble. John put his hand on her pussy and said then don’t give us any. Ur filming me zoey said looking at June well of course I am and I going to put it on the net for money. Haha she moan out as john was eating her pussy. Let see ur breast as he pulled off her shirt he grab her right breast a suck on it as hard as he could. Ahaha she moan. Look like a porn star to me June remark as john was fuck her hand hold the railing as he trusted his cock inside her as they were walking out she was lying their still in daze of what this happen o I forgot john remark open his black box my hobby.
He went back inside . Zoey got to her knee and was looking up at him her 18 year old pussy was drip still. A few ouch came from the door and the sound of her sucking his cock again then a john cum on her face. The sound of her flap down on the bed and john turning the lights off as he went out that was fun he said felling June ass. She kiss him and said it not over yet. As he went back to his hot tub room Edda was their skinny dipping with Emma. He was tried but knew what he had to do. Fist he grab June and took off her bikini. He pulled out his back box and put on her breast a skull diamond encrusted jewels and a 24k skull on her clit. Edda walk over and got a devil hearts for her tits and a broken heart for her clit after his piercing hobby was done. The girls push him to the floor they got down on their knees and pulled off his shorts and began to suck his cock as they lick it up and down. Edda look at john hey big boy one cock is not enough john using he magic made his big cock and split in two. June remark their now ur getting it and they went back deep throating his two huge cock his wife came down and joined in on the fun. She took they biggest cock he had and put it in her pussy and started to ride his cock. Hey edde remark that one was mine. Emma remark hey she wave her ring finger at her with her huge diamond ring on it. Now she pulled her daughter close and sit her on the smaller one if 12 inch is small to you. As the mom and daughter road his two huge cocks. June crawled two his face well look like it just me and ur tongue. John took his left hand and made his middle finger the size of a huge cucumber she lick while give he the most sexy star she could. He rubbed his finger I between her breast slow making his way to her pussy. As he started two finger her she belt over and was French kissing him and the night turned in two morning as he final got done fuck all three of his loves the alarm clock went off Emma laying to his right Edda to his left and June still on top of him just laugh out. It time for school.

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