Modeling For Daddy

Like most children in America today, I grew up without a father. My mother and my grandparents never allowed me to see him, know him, or know anything about him. My mother was still angry at him after all these years. She never said anything but I suspect she hated him as the man whom got her pregnant in college and refused to marry her so he could move onto the next pretty young girl.

Growing up I always fanaticized about tracking him down and reuniting on some TV talk show. Every time I watched a movie where father and daughter would meet for the first time I would break into uncontrollably tears. Even if the film were a comedy.

Logically I rationalized that Daddy was just another college sperm donor just thankful not know me and not pay child support. He was a horrible man for abandoning my mother and I. Could I seriously expect that if by some miracle we did meet he’d actually want to know me?

Logic does not enter a teenage girl’s heart. She only dreams and dreams of a perfect father whom always missed the daughter he never got to know. Mom’s hatred was only her side of the story. Maybe he wanted to know and raise me but my bitter mother wouldn’t let him? If I could only find him he’d devote the rest of his life to making up for lost time!

Maybe it was just a girl’s fantasy. The only way to know for sure would be to find him.

In high school I set out to track him down. I knew only his name on my birth certificate, Carlton Riley. Do you know how many Carlton Rileys there are in the US, or the world? Even if I could find him I knew there was little hope of ever being able to actually meet him.

The only other clues I had were the college my mother attended, and the date of my conception, 9 months before my birthday. It took a lot of searching to find all the students who attended my mother’s college during that time, but I found no Carlton Riley. Of course my mother never even said he was a student. He could’ve been a townie or traveling salesman for all I knew.

There was a Carlton Riley residing in the college town. When I checked the school records I found he was an art professor at the college and had been teaching during the time my mother was a student!

This was too much to be a coincidence! It had to be him! They even had his photo online!

What was I to do? Just show up at his house? I didn’t know if he was married with children or what.

I realized my only realistic chance of meeting him was to pose as a student. The college was only a 90 minute drive. I could drive there after school, attend a night class and still be home by 10:00pm on a week night.

He tought advanced photography at the college. It would be easy for me to blend in as just another college student the start of the new semester. I just carried around my book bag. If I really wanted to blend in as a college student I would’ve forgone bathing, wearing deodorant, shaving my face and legs, washing my hair, and would have worn boxer shorts, a flannel shirt, and flip flops even in the winter. But instead I chose to look my best for the day I’d been dreaming about all day, every day, my entire life.

I entered the lecture hall with about 40 other students. In order to conceal my identity I wouldn’t use my mother’s last name. I would be just Celeste. If anyone pressed I would say, “Celeste Smith.”

When I first saw my father Professor Carlton Riley standing by the podium I was more overcome with emotion than I suspected. He was far more handsome and perfect than in my wildest dreams! Even for a man in his 50s! I started feeling faint, then the room was spinning and the world was black.

When I opened my eyes my Daddy was holding me in his arms and staring me in the face. I drowned in the ocean of his blue eyes. The same blue eyes as my own.

“Are you alright dear?” he asked. There was a crowd of other students standing around him! How embarrassing! What a way to meet my father!

“Yeah, I’m fine.” But I wasn’t fine. Tears were flowing out of my eyes and the room was still spinning.

“Don’t worry Mr. Riley. It’s probably just her time of the month.” said a girl with a crew cut and wearing army boots.

“Why don’t you take her to the ladies’ room. I’ll continue class.” said Daddy.

“That’s ‘The People’s’ room.” answered the “girl.”

It took me a good 45 minutes to compose myself in the ladies’ room. When I returned to class it was ending! “See you all next week. And for those of you interested in that extra credit photo shoot at my house you can sign up now.”

Oh joy! An extra credit assignment at his house? I could really have a chance to know him! If we got along I could even tell him who I really was!

I raced to the front of the class to sign up. Oddly I found that instead of the usual geeks who already have an A and sign up for extra credit, only the prettiest girls in class were interested. No guys.

I waited my turn so I could speak with him last. “Mr. Riley? I wanted to sign up for extra credit.” I asked in the voice of a love drunk school girl.

“Oh great. Are you feeling better?” he asked in genuine concern.

“Yes Mr. Riley. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You’re new here aren’t you?”

“Yes. Celeste.”

“A pleasure to meet you.” he said shaking my hand. I took careful note that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

I set an appointment at his address for Saturday afternoon so I’d have more time with him. I told my family I’d was going over to friend’s house and may spend the night. Since I wasn’t a trouble maker I had a lot more freedom than most teenage girls.

That whole week I was a nervous wreck. A whole day at my long lost father’s house. What would I say? What would I do? I had to put the time to good use. I worried, what if. What if he just didn’t wear a wedding ring but was married and I had brothers and sisters? What if he lived with a girlfriend? Would we really be alone?

Again I dressed my best, wearing a plaid skirt and school girl blouse and tie. It was important to look good for my Daddy.

When I arrived at his house that faithful Saturday I was immediately struck by the lack of any female presence. The whole house screamed out bachelor’s pad. “Do you live alone?”

“Yes. I’ve been divorced two years now. You can put your things down. We’ll be shooting in this room.”

Daddy led me to a studio room with a very large round bed with four bedposts. It was lavishly decorated with pink satin sheets. My jaw dropped from my mouth. Was this a…?

Daddy stood by his camera. “I’m ready anytime you are.”

My body froze like a statue! I couldn’t speak, let alone move!

“Nervous dear? Is this your first time posing nude?”

Since I was too paralyzed to answer, Daddy took that as a “yes.” He stepped in front of me and tenderly held me by both my hands. “Don’t worry dear. Everyone is nervous their first time. You’re a very beautiful girl and you’ll be perfect. It’s just like taking that first high dive. You dread it. And then it’s so much fun you feel so silly for being so afraid and can’t wait to do it again.”

His tenderness and warmth reached into my very soul. I could tell what a good and loving man he was. I needed to do this. I needed to be here in his house and get to know my Daddy. But I’d only ever taken of my clothes to shower. My heart was warm but my body and mouth were still frozen solid.

Being the wonderful man he was, Daddy sensed my nervousness. “You know, some girls who are nervous, it helps if they change behind that screen. We can even start by just having you in your underwear. I couldn’t use the pictures but I’d truly hate to lose a model as beautiful and as naturally talented as you.”

“Oh thank you Mr. Riley. I’m sorry about being so afraid. Thank you for being so understanding.”

I stepped behind the screen and disrobed all but for my bra and panties. Daddy gave me a pink silk robe to put on behind the screen. It was kind of silly since I was just going to come right out and take it off. But it did help put me more at ease.

The soft bed felt divine against my young bare skin. I giggled and quickly began to enjoy being photographed like a real top model. I was so at ease I quickly slipped off my bra and panties onto the floor.

“Good. Good. Perfect. You’re a natural at this dear. You’ve got an incredible figure. Don’t be ashamed of it. Your boyfriend is a very lucky guy.”

“Thanks Mr. Riley.” I blushed. “But I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I felt like a movie star on Oscar night. I adored posing nude for Daddy.

After allowing me to select my own poses my Daddy approached me and started melding my body into new positions. He was very calm and caring in the way he touched me. Neither of us felt any shame. I was sure glad I hadn’t told him I was his daughter. Otherwise things would be very awkward.

As Daddy moved my breasts into position he stopped in surprise. “Celeste? Where did you have your breasts done?”

“I didn’t have them done Mr. Riley. What made you think I had a boob job?” I answered calmly.

“They sure feel real. It’s just they’re so perfect in size and shape I thought for sure they must be implants until I felt them. You sure are gorgeous.”

I giggled in delight at his charming comment. As a teenager I’d always felt very self conscious about my body. I even dropping out of the swim team because I was embarrassed just wearing a bathing suit. Daddy had made me feel better than anyone had in my entire life.

As Daddy clicked away with his camera he moved me into new poses. Poses that were more and more lurid. He liked having me raise my legs high into the air, and pose doggy style with my big breasts resting on a pillow and my rear sticking up and my fingers opening my sex to the camera invitingly.

It all felt glorious to be admired a desired so. I did things for Daddy’s camera I could never even imagine doing in private.

Next Daddy gave me a realistic fleshly phallus which could squirt out liquid. I suckled the phallus with my virgin mouth and sprayed a special cream Daddy made which would look like real semen. I let the cream drip out of my young mouth and cover my body massaging it into my breasts and covering my face with it. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head, curled my toes and opened my mouth hungrily to show how much I enjoyed it. The photos would make it seem I was a cum drunk virgin climaxing. The voyeur would never question the absence of my lover.

“Amazing! Amazing!” Daddy cheered.

Neither of us wanted this intimate experience to end. When it finally did I could tell it was dark outside. I slipped back into the pink robe and joined Daddy for a late dinner on the sofa. I curled my legs behind me and snuggled up with him while we held our dinner plates in our hands.

I blushed again and again as Daddy complemented me as his most beautiful and talented model ever to have the pleasure or working with. We talked for hours about ourselves. Not where we were from or what we did but who we really were. No one. No family member or best friend forever had really talked to me like this. I felt so at ease talking to Daddy even though I was laid out on this sofa and barely covered by a silk robe and nothing else.

Hours later Daddy noted the late hour. “You better be getting home. It’s late.”

Wild horses couldn’t drag me from him! “Oh, it’s so late. And I’d have to drive a long way in the dark. I’d feel a lot safer if I could stay with you for the night. Please? I’ll cook you breakfast and won’t cause you any trouble.” I prayed he wouldn’t take it as an invitation for sex. That was one thing I couldn’t do for my Daddy.

Still the modest gentleman he relented. “Alright. I’d hate for you to get hurt on the road. You can have my bed. I’ll take the couch.”

Being the natural pessimist I was, a horrible reality struck me. Was this exactly what had happened to my mother? Were both my mother and I just one of the many pretty young students to model nude for their professor and be seduced by his charms? Was my Daddy’s love and kindness just an act to bed students? Had he truly just abandoned my pregnant mother? And if so, how many other young girls?

I asked Daddy jokingly, “Oh so is this your strategy? You seduce your prettiest students by having them pose nude for extra credit until they have to spend the night at your place?”

Daddy looked me straight in the eyes. “Celeste, I work with nude models for art. Even when my wife lived here. No matter how beautiful a model might be I could never be with someone I didn’t truly love as a person.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” Again I was saying this in a playful manner as not to tick Daddy off.

“If you want to know the honest truth Celeste, in all my years as a college professor I’ve only been with one of my students. And that was many years ago.” He was talking about mom! “I wouldn’t lie to you Celeste. I wouldn’t lie to someone I love.” Something in my soul, some type of biological connection with him told me he wasn’t lying.

Daddy’s bed was warm and soft. But it was lonely. Growing up I never got to experience the comfort and safety of sleeping in my Daddy’s arms. Maybe tonight was my chance. Oh, how I wanted to go downstairs and ask him to come sleep with me. No, he would take that as an invitation for sex! And when he couldn’t have me he’d dismiss me as a cruel tease. It would be horrible to toy with Daddy’s male emotions.

Wait! What if by simply staying the night in his house he was expecting sex? And allowing him to sleep alone was also horribly cruel? What if right then he was hot and ready? Downstairs foaming at the mouth for me to come and invite him upstairs? After all, he’d chosen for me to have the bed. He wanted me to give him the final invitation! When he didn’t get it Daddy would hate me forever as a monster!

Maybe I was over reacting. I walked to the balcony overlooking the living room still dress only in the pink silk robe which enticed every pore of my naked body. It was a wonderful sensation I didn’t want to ever end.

Down below I checked to see if Daddy was sleeping soundly or tossing and turning waiting for an invitation that wouldn’t come. I clasped my hand over my mouth as I saw my Daddy was taking matters into his own hands. Under his blanket I could see his hand was massaging his crotch. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched but I was fascinated as I’d never seen a man gratify himself before. It was a beautiful sight. I watched Daddy’s face contort with pleasure and his breaths become short. When Daddy released a magic sense of calm and happiness came over him. He closed his eyes and was fast asleep.

Now if I were really a monster I’d go downstairs and invite him up! Just joking. I was happy that Daddy was able sleep well and experience pleasure with me his dream girl on his mind. Although I did still feel a little bit guilty for leaving him to sleep all alone feeling rejected. A good man like Daddy deserved to have a pretty girl satisfy his male needs. In a roundabout way I had.

Tomorrow I would tell him the truth. There couldn’t be any more cruel lies between us. Then he wouldn’t see me as a monster who’d let him sleep alone. Or would he?

The next morning I showered and still dressed only in the silk robe I went downstairs to find Daddy still sleeping soundly. I giggled at the sight of his very sizable morning wood sticking up from the blanket. Talk about pitching a tent. No quilt could hide that stiffy.

Daddy looked so adorable lying there just dozing away oblivious to the world while his manhood was wide awake and reaching for the heavens. My base curiosity took over and before I knew it I was pulling back the quilt and unbuttoning my Daddy’s pajamas.

I simply stared star struck in wonder at seeing a real penis for the first time. And a fully erect one at that. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Both my mind and body were so overcome with harmony that some type of base instinct took hold and compelled me to wrap my virgin mouth around Daddy’s penis. I needed no instructions. Although it was my first time some primal instinct instructed me forward. Like a new mother just knowing to breast feed her child.

My curious tongue explored the flanks and then the soft bald tip. Soon Daddy was inside me fully and my virgin mouth muscles were sucking away. It was so nice giving oral love to a sleeping man. I could work at my own pace and there would always be a happy ending.

At some point my Daddy awoke and silently stroked my long golden hair affectionately showing his great appreciation.

When he released my lips held firm and I was able to drink in all of my Daddy’s delicious semen. It was a new incredible taste for me. Now I understood why girls enjoyed oral love so much.

As I looked over at my Daddy’s smiling face I saw the same orgasmic harmony I’d seen the night before. Only now I was the one bringing Daddy happiness. I was the one he entrusted with his most intimate feelings and affections.

We joked that I was apologizing for making Daddy sleep by himself last time. I truly did feel guilty. A teenage girl should never let her father sleep alone and unsatisfied.

I made sure to explain to him that my eager warm mouth was always available to him whenever he was ready.

I offered to pose for more pictures but Daddy assured me he’d posed me in every conceivable position he could place a nude model. Next time I’d have to wear a sexy cosplay costume.

We cuddled together and talked on the sofa like the night had never separated us. That second day we couldn’t hold back our emotions any longer. We kissed romantically at first. Then more passionately. I opened my mouth and welcomed my Daddy’s eager tongue to massage mine. We held hands and embraced tightly as we held our wet sloppy sinful kiss for as long as possible.

Daddy scooped me up in his loving arms and carried me not to his bed but the big round silk one. After we slipped off our clothes Daddy kneeled over me and we drowned in each other’s matching blue eyes. “I want you to know. Not believe but truly know that I’ve never met anyone in my whole life that I’ve loved as much as you. I feel a deep emotional bond with you Celeste. As if we were the same person.”

I caressed his cheek. “I know. I don’t believe. I know.” And I truly did know my Daddy was telling me the truth.

He laid me down on the sinful bed and opened my robe. Next he undressed himself to make his aroused organ more comfortable as he took great care in massaging sensual oils and creams into every part of my body. I molded to his every touch as his eager fingers explored my virgin body. It felt wonderful to have a Daddy whom loved me, truly loved me more that most father’s love their daughters.

The mystery of our relationship helped keep his body honest. Even though we were father and daughter we were truly in love.

Daddy opened my legs and made love to me as he held me in his arms and we kissed passionately.

Now it was my turn to experience the pure joy of an orgasm. I moaned and moaned uncontrollably. My breaths quickened and my toes curled. My virgin body contorted uncontrollably in ways I never imagined possible.

Daddy turned me over and rested my belly on a big pillow while my rear stood up to eagerly receive him. My Daddy rode me doggy style. At first he held firmly to my waist but then took both of my hands into his and massaged my palms tenderly as he balanced my body on my knees so he could push my body against his.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I salivated uncontrollably as strange words were driven out of my soul by some primal instinct. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I remember my body moaning without any instruction from me.

Daddy pumped me tenderly and passionately. His trusts drove me to even greater and longer orgasms.

My young body was thoroughly spent when my Daddy turned me over and climaxed on my face breasts. He collapsed along side of me. Both of our bodies sinfully exhausted.

We cuddled on top of the covers, wrapped only in our naked bodies as sleep took us. It was only early afternoon but we were both so physically and mentally overwhelmed with happiness that we slept until the next morning.

The afterglow and affection of sleeping in my Daddy’s arms was almost another orgasm itself. I’d never slept in the same bed with another person. I’d always slept alone even as a child. The sensation of slumbering with another person provided a calm and harmony to which there is no comparison.

Every weekend I’d steal away to Daddy’s house never shattering our love with the fact that we were father and daughter. I’d pose for Daddy in a sexy new cosplay costume. It was our foreplay before making love.

Deep down inside though I knew that as our relationship grew I’d have to tell him the horrible truth. Daddy would have to know from me why I wasn’t a real student at his college. That I went to high school in another town. All the while I was praying that our love would grow so powerful that our biology wouldn’t matter to him. He’d love me that same with the full knowledge that I was his daughter just as I’d fallen in love with him knowing he was my father.

One weekend Daddy had me try on a new costume he’d had custom made for me. It was a wedding dress costume. When Daddy stood behind his camera ready to take the first picture he stopped. “Wait. There’s a piece of the costume missing.”

Daddy got down on one knee and slipped a real diamond ring on my finger! I threw myself on the bed wailing uncontrollable. It was too wonderful to be true.

Daddy’s arms wrapped around me in concern. “I have to tell you something so horrible you’ll hate me forever.”

“No I won’t honey. No matter how bad it is I’ll still love you. Go on. Tell me what it is.” he asked in desperate concern.

“You say that without knowing what it is! It’s easy to say but you’ll hate me! You won’t want to marry me after I tell you!” I sobbed.

Of course he put up the classic reassurance that he’d still marry me no matter what it was. Boy was he in for a surprise.

“You remember the other student you mentioned? The other student you fell in love with? Her name was Michelle wasn’t it? Michelle O’Brien?”

I could hear by the tone in his voice that I’d driven a stake through his heart. “How could you possibly know that?”

“Because I’m her daughter! I look just like her! You know it’s true! And that means I’m your daughter! I came to this town to find my father! I didn’t know I’d end up falling in love! Everything’s been a lie! I’m not even a college student! I live with my mother and grandparents and go to high school in another town!”

I expected him to turn away in shock and revulsion. Instead he picked me up and clung to me. I was the one he loved. I was the one he’d trusted and turned to for comfort. Even if I was the source of his pain. “Oh… Oh my god. You do look just like her…”

We held each other tightly and cried in each other’s arms.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I love you so much and I didn’t want it to end.” I pleaded.

Still stuttering for words he said, “We… we… we broke up. She broke my heart and dumped me for a biker. She showed up a month later telling me she was carrying our child. The biker had dumped her when she told him and she needed me to marry her… I was so hurt. I didn’t even know if the child was mine. I couldn’t marry someone I didn’t love or marry someone who didn’t love me. But if the child turned out to be mine I would help raise them. She dropped out of school and sent me an awful letter telling me she hated me so much she’d gotten rid of my child. Oh God. I should have done more. I should have found out what really happened.”

“You mean? You mean there’s a chance we’re not really father and daughter?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes yes! I think there is! We can get DNA tests if you want to?” he said optimistically.

“No. No. I’d rather not know. We’ll just honor the mystery in case the DNA results aren’t the ones we want.” I said.

I continued to hug him. I knew when Daddy was lying. There was no biker boyfriend. It was merely a ruse he imagined to convince me and more importantly himself that we weren’t related. But still I was happy! It meant he really did love me as much as I loved him! Daddy wanted to come up with any story that could keep us together! I would never challenge his lie. If that was what he needed for us to be together then so be it.

We were married a week later. I left my loveless home and never gave them any answers where I was going or looked back.

Daddy and I never had any children of our own. But we adopted and raised four great ones. It’s so funny how love can work out.

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