mommy learns

we both only had part time jobs so our combined wages were enough to pay for the one bedroom apartment. yes it was a one bedroom apartment, and i suppose if i were a normal man i would have been sleeping on the couch but i’m not. so i slept with my sister. she didn’t mind and i didn’t mind so we did. oh and yes me and my sister enjoyed having sex together. we also liked watching porn. this story actually begins with a dare.
one night we were watching a kinky little movie about bondage. in one of the scenes a man took a woman over his knee and spanked her bare ass. i made the comment that there were many times that i wish i had done to mom. bonnie, my sister, casually said i dare you to do it. i looked at her and laughed and said your shitting me you dare me to put our mother over my knee and spank her. she said fuck yea it would be hot and i’m getting turned on just thinking about it. i said you’re right about it being a hot idea and i’m getting a hardon just thinking about it too. we couldn’t do it here her screams would freakout the neighbors and they would probably call the cops. bonnie said wee why don’t we do it at her house its basically out in the middle of nowhere and she could scream as loud as she wants and nobody would here. so all of a sudden we realized we were going to do it.
early saturday morning we left for my mothers house. we got there around six in the morning because we knew she would still be in bed. it was my sisters plan but i was the one who was going to do it while she filmed it. thats right we wanted to have a video that we could share with our ther sisters. they were just as perverted as we were. i slipped inside and found mom in bed like we thought. we walked into to room and woke her up. she sat up and asked what we were doing there. i said mom bonnie and me were watching a movie earlier this week and it gave me an idea about something i always had wanted to do. she said what was it that was so important that you had to come all the way out here to tell me. why couldn’t you just call and tell me. bonnie and me just laughed and i said mom you are a vital part so we had to come and tell you. she said so what is it.i looked right at her and said well mom i have always wanted to put you over my knee and spank you. she looked at me and bonnie and said you’re nuts. iwont let you. i grabbed her by the hair and grinned at her when i said you can’t stop me. i pulled harder on her hair and she got the idea she had to get up. when she was standing there in her night gown i cassually lifteted the hem of her nightgown with my foot. she moved away but ireached out and grabbed a fist full of her gown and said mom you can take off your clothes without any pain or you can try and fight me but know this mom i will win and you will be naked, but it will hurt a lot. i said go ahead and fight i like the idea of hurting you more just so i can whip your bare ass. she looked at me then at bonnie and saw that bonnie was recording. she said are you going to film it. i said fuck yea.
she bowwed her head slowly took off her night gown. as she was standing there naked i walked around her and said you have let yourself go. i reached out and pulled her arms and away from her body as she tried to hide behind them. i smiled and said mom you could have had this, and as i said this i took my clothes off. i spun around and said see what you could have had without pain now by the time i am through you will be begging to be my slave. come here mom she came as she was told and bent over my knee. i slapped her bare ass with my hand and then massaged her cheeks. i said see mommy its not so bad is it. bonnie handed me the switch we had brought with us and i brought it down hard on her ass cheeks and she screamed. i said thats it mommy scream and i hit her again and screamed again. she stood up hoping i would stop but when she stood up i changed my target and struck her full on her tits and she screamed again. bonnie and me were laughing. i hit her tits again then her ass and then stopped and said look mom see how hard you have made me. she looked out of reflex and saw my cock was hard.
i changed tactics and said would you like to be fucked by your son or would you like me to continue your whipping. she looked at me and tears were flowing down her cheeks and she please no more. i said then you want me to fuck you. i said if that is the case then you are going to have beg me. she looked at bonnie and saw she was laughing and turned slowly to me and got down on her knees and said please. i said please what mommy, what do you want. she look slowly at my dick and nodded. i used the switch on her tits again and said you will have to beg and i mean you will have use words of the gutter to beg me. i raised the switch again and she shied away but then turned back and got on all fours and crawled over to me and then looked up and said please ed please fuck me with your hard cock please i want my son to fuck me hard. so i did i fucked her hard and i shot my load into her hot cunt.
after i was done i said listen very closely mother i want you to beg bonnie for the privilege of eating her cunt. she looked at me as if she tought i was joking. i said you didn’t think i was the only one that need some pleasur did you, now get your ass over there and your daughter to eat her cunt. when my mother looked at bnnie she saw that she was naked and realized that i wasn’t joking. she crawled over and begged bonnie to eat her pussy. as she started i looked at her bare ass and thought why the fuck not and went over and fucked her in the ass while she ate bonnies pussy. after i finished fucking her ass i said well mom what do think do think you are going to like being your childrens sex slave. she looked at me and said what do you mean. i said come on bitch you didn’t think this was a one time thing and when tina and anna find out they are going to want to join in. i said oh yes mom we are going to have so much fun and you are going to love it aren’t mommy. she looked bonnie and me and said yes i will.
the start of something!

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