My “Niece” Elena

fantasiesboobsSaturday, 6 in the morning, and some idiot was knocking at my door as if the world was on fire. I tried to ignore it – after all, I had just slept three hours – but the knocking kept going, so I had to wake up and dress to answer the door. Fucking Jehovah Witnesses!

Well, it was not a Witness. It was a young woman, not older than 20 with bright pink hair to her shoulders, a white dress, a body to rise a dead from the grave, and lips that where the envy of Scarlet Johansson. Her eyes seemed to be sad and apparently she had a worse night than I had. It took me a while to realize I knew the hot young woman in front of me: She was Elena, my niece. Technically, we are not blood related, but since my brother married her mother when Elena was just three years old, she considers me her uncle. I haven’t seen her in four years, since my brother divorced from her mother.

What the hell was she doing in my house?

“Uncle!” she said at the same time she threw on my arms and began crying. “I did not know where else to go, or what to do…” she managed to say before I heard a guy clearing his throat. That was when I realized Elena had taken an airport taxi to my house and the guy was expecting someone to pay his fare. I paid the fare and took Elena’s bags inside while she sat on my living crying softly with her face buried on her hands.

“OK, Elena, you are here… so calm down and tell me why the hell you show up unannounced in my house when you are supposed to be half a world away…” I said while sitting in front of her.

Well, her mother had remarried soon after the divorce with a guy that according to Elena had been an asshole since day one. She did not like him at all and tried to go living with my brother, but legally that was impossible. They kept in touch until my brother died in a car accident two years after the divorce. She did not like the way her new stepfather looked at her and the comments he made, but her mother was blind to everything.

For years, the guy limited to looks and comments, but two days before her arrival to my door, the bastard made his move. Apparently, the guy had a few extra drinks while celebrating Elena’s 18th birthday and at home, he entered her room and exposed himself to Elena, saying that he would make her a woman while stroking his erection. Elena kicked him out of the room before anything else happened, but she could not stay there. She packed a few bags, took her savings, her documents, and left the house. She went to a friend’s place while deciding what to do. Checking the clothes she had taken, she found an old Christmas card I sent her six years ago and decided to get to my address. She bought the airplane ticket with her savings and her friend gave her a few extra dollars just in case.

I told her that her mother should know she was fine. Even if she was 18, her mother would be worried – and would get the police involved. She gave me the phone number and I called her. The reaction was worse than expected when I told her that Elena was with me. Her mother dropped the dictionary on me, calling me a sick pervert in all the ways she could find. She even threatened to get me arrested for kidnapping and I reminded her that Elena was legally an adult – and that I have not had any contact with her in four years. After a heated argument, I hung the phone and told Elena that she could take one of the empty rooms and that later we would deal with the issues of living with me. I needed to sleep…

 Two months later.

Living with Elena resulted easier than I expected. We set a few simple rules: No unannounced visitors, no parties without permission, and never get into my studio. The first two rules applied to both of us, the third applied only to her. I explained that due to my job as product designer, many of my clients required confidentiality and no one besides me and my clients were supposed to see the designs before market. She agreed with the rules and in fact followed them better than I could. During the first few days, Elena had to remind me about the rules when she crossed paths on the hallway with one of my female companions. I took it like a man and promised to let her know whenever I had companionship.

The problem was that the announcements died after two weeks together. Before Elena’s arrival, I had a pretty active sexual life. The neighbors were even used to the variety of ladies leaving the house during weekend mornings. But with Elena at home, the ladies stopped visiting the house. They could not deal with the fact that a 40 year old guy was living with a 18 year old woman that besides her youth, was sexy as hell. Picture this: 18 years old, light caramel skin with no imperfections, a nice round ass, B-cup breasts that were immune to gravity, a mouth that was made for kissing, brown eyes that could melt an iceberg, and a body toned by dancing and gymnastics since she was 5, all that in a 5′-2” frame, topped with natural black hair that she kept dyed bright pink. My lady friends simply could not stand comparing themselves to my “niece” and stopped talking to me. Elena noticed the lack of visitors, and even when she did not comment anything, I knew she felt guilty about it.

On the other part, I was surprised that in eight weeks, she had never brought anyone home. She had graduated from high school at 17, so she decided to get a job at a local boutique to cover her expenses. I had picked her up a few times at the boutique and noticed a few of the guys at the mall checking her out, but during that time, none was seen around the house. Maybe they got intimidated by the older guy built like a line backer that picked the pretty girl with the pink hair. Whatever the reasons, neither of us were getting any action.

We had been following the self-imposed rules until last week. At the end of the week, I got back home from an urgent meeting with a client and heard the sound of a woman crying. I thought the TV was on, when I realized it came from my studio. I cursed under my breath, dropped my business bag and ran to the studio at the back of the house. I found Elena in the middle of the studio, sitting on the floor, crying. When she noticed me at the door, she turned around and began to shout at me…

“Why?! You too are a pervert! WHY?!” she was shouting, accusing me while pointing at the tables and shelves of the studio. I sighted and went inside the studio and sat on floor, facing her.

“Yes, I’m a pervert… but not like the asshole your mother sleeps with. Remember that I told you I designed products? Well, I design sex toys. All you see in this studio are my designs. Some are for men, other for women. The photos of naked women you see over there are the models for the masturbators sleeves I just finished designing. Those dildos on that shelf are prototypes I made for toys targeted to furries – you know, the people who like to wear animal costumes while having sex -, and the anime figurines on that corner are the concept art for a new series of toys with a Japanese theme. This is what I do for a living…” I said trying to sound as natural as possible, but I felt ashamed. She had taken refuge with me and then she found herself in a room that looked like a shrine to all types of perverted fantasies.

“But you have a photo of me here! ME!” she shouted and threw a crumpled photo of a naked young woman with wet bright pink hair getting out of the guest room’s shower… the same shower she had been using. I took the photo and smiled. “Shit! It does look like you… but it is not you! It is Lia 3, a realistic sex doll I designed two years ago! Look at the bottom of the photo, it has the date printed… And besides, you don’t have blue eyes, like she did.” She took the photo and checked the details. In fact, the blue eyes of the doll were easily visible. Now Elena looked ashamed and guilty…

“I… I… I don’t know… what to say… Uncle, I’m sorry…” she said in the verge of crying. I laughed and told her that if anyone should feel guilty, it was me. I should have told her what I do for a living as soon as she moved in, but I was afraid of her reaction especially after what happened at her home. She finally calmed down and hugged me like she used to do when she was little. I kissed her forehead and walked out of the studio with her. Emotions were still on a string, so she retired to her bedroom while I went on with my routine.

In the evening she resurfaced looking refreshed. She was wearing a new stay-at-home outfit: a pair of black lounge pants that clang to her hips and round ass due to the thin fabric and a pink tank top that seemed to be painted on her. With her pink hair in two pigtails, she looked as the lolita dream of a Japanese pervert. I complimented her looks and she mock modeled for me, saying she got it from her work. Neither had plans for Friday night, so Elena asked to watch a movie together and ordered pizza. She selected the movie – one of those romantic comedies that girls love- and sat next to me in the living room sofa. This was normal among us, so I began to watch the movie, but less than 30 minutes into the movie I fell sleep in the sofa. I did not even notice until Elena woke me up at the end of the movie.

“Uncle… can I ask you a favor?” Elena asked. She seemed to be nervous, but with a determination on her face I haven’t seen before.

“Sure” I said, curious.

She breathed deep and dropped the bomb. “Uncle, I am still a virgin. I had been saving myself for the right man – and I have found him. He knows how to make a woman happy and I think he will make me happy. I want that man to make me a woman… and that man is you! I heard how your girlfriend enjoyed having sex with you a few weeks ago and since then, I had been dreaming with you. Every morning I masturbate remembering the dreams I have during the night. Really, Uncle, I want you to be my first…please!”

I was taken by surprise. I even thought it was a bad joke she was making to test me after the afternoon disaster in my studio. Having an “incestuous” romance with her was not in my plans… but the probability of having sex with a young goddess like her was incredible! My penis reacted on his own, getting hard and forming a tent on my pants. Elena noticed both my confusion and my erection, got on her feet and walked to her room. “If you decide, I’ll be in my room..” she said walking to her room, allowing me a good look of her ass moving inside those fitting black pants. I felt guilty and kind of a real pervert, but my erection wanted to break the zipper of my jeans. Suddenly, I realized that I should not feel guilty at all. I was not her real uncle after all, she was an adult, and she wanted to fuck me – nah, she wanted me to deflower her! Only an idiot would reject that offer!

I almost ran to her room, and when I got into the room she was standing at the feet of her bed. She turned around and I noted how nervous she was – she was shaking! I almost aborted the whole thing, but my desire dominated and I went straight to her, took her little face on my hands and kissed her mouth as delicately as I could.

Her response was immediate. She kissed me back, our tongues dancing inside our mouths. I took the hem of the tank top and removed it, leaving her in her skimpy white bra that could barely contain her round breasts. I unclasped the bra and freed her breasts, not too big, but hard and round. Her nipples were erect and asking for attention, so I took them in my mouth – first the right one, then the left – sucking and licking them like exotic fruits. She was enjoying the treatment and I could feel her body relaxing.

I lied her on top of her bed and focused my attention on her pants. Under those apparently innocent black pants, Elena was wearing a bright pink thong with a black skull printed on the crutch. I laughed and took them off, revealing her beautiful completely shaven pussy. I could not hold the desire of eating such a delightful morsel.

I began kissing her tights, strong, firm, and with the softest skin I had touched in my life. As my face and mouth kept going up, I got her sweet scent coming from her virgin pussy. I opened her legs almost as if she was doing a split and told her to enjoy what I was going to do. I saw how she closed her eyes and sighted, leaving her lips ajar in a picture of lust that I will keep burned in my soul. Her pussy was calling my name, so I began to lick her labia – up and down I went – , kissing and sucking her small labia, noticing how her genitalia got wetter and swollen.

My administrations were having the desired effect. Elena moaned louder and louder while I continued munching on her previously untouched pussy. I looked for her clitoris and found a big one, hard and swollen. I took it in my mouth and felt her whole body shuddering. With my experience, I played with the little fellow, finding the perfect intensity to make my young lover explode with intensity. Soon, the poor girl could not take anymore and had her first hard orgasm with my tongue penetrating her pussy lips. She was still feeling the waves of the first orgasm when she had a harder, louder second orgasm when I used the tip of my tongue to play with her swollen clitoris.

I finally left my place between her legs and was tempted to grab my camera and take a few pictures. She was sprawled over her bed, eyes closed, breathing heavy, with all her body glistening with a fine layer of sweat. My cock ached inside my pants and I began to undress while she recovered from her brutal orgasms. When my cock was finally free from his prison, it looked ready for action, angry with all the veins swollen and the head purple in color and with a flow of pre-cum on the tip. Elena opened her eyes and looking at my erect cock, took it on her small hand and began a shy back and forth motion that was hot on its innocence. The clear pre-cum wet her hand and she smeared a little on her fingers.

“Taste it” I said. She did and said it tasted good. “If you like the taste, you should take my cock in your mouth. Just imagine it is a lollipop…” I said, knowing her fascination with the huge Mexican lollipops I used to buy her when she was 8.

She smiled and in fact began licking my erection as she used to do with the lollipops. She would begin at the base and go slowly to the tip. I instructed her to take the head inside her mouth and suck it like the smaller round pops and she complied, taking me to Heaven with her mouth. She was inexperienced, but she compensated with desire and effort. She had her eyes closed, concentrating on her duty with my cock. One of her hands alternated between my shaft and my balls and the other had gone to her pussy. She was masturbating while sucking my cock and I felt the vibration of her soft moans all over my pulsating cock. I could not hold any more and told her I was cumming. She did not release my cock, so I placed a hand on the back of her head and shot a heavy load of cum inside her pretty mouth. I felt her having a third orgasm with my cock inside her mouth and her swallowing most of my juice, with just a few drops leaving her mouth through the corners of her lips.

“Mmmm… salty and sweet…” she said smiling mischievously. Those eyes that could melt an iceberg were having a different effect on my cock, which stood in attention as if having a steel rod inside.

I kissed her lips, briefly tasting the flavor of my own cum while both climbed the bed. Her body was demanding to be fucked and my cock was willing to perform his duty. We arranged our bodies in missionary position and I asked if she was sure about this. She nodded and simply said please like a little girl. I positioned my cock on the entrance of her wet pussy and pushed slowly until I found some resistance. Stopping, Elena sighted and put her arms around my neck. “Do it, Uncle, do it…” she basically implored and as the good uncle I was , I did what she wanted. I pushed, breaking the resistance, feeling the warmness of her now deflowered pussy. She tensed a second with pain and opened her eyes imploring me to continue.

My body went on automatic. I made love to her perfect body without hurry, knowing that she would not go anywhere that night – or the night after. I fucked her deep and slow, feeling every single centimeter of her vagina, eating her mouth, her nipples, and her whole beauty every time she arched her back with one of her orgasms. She already had three and during the penetration that seemed to last an eternity, she had another three. Elena was insatiable, but my body had limits. Even after one of the biggest loads in my life, my balls were tingling with the need of releasing a second huge load. I did not want to get her pregnant, so when I was ready to shoot my load, I removed my cock from her love tunnel and shot streams of hot jizz over her belly, with some even landing over her breasts. I collapsed next her completely spent while he kissed me, her eyes full of tears of happiness by becoming a woman on her own terms. We took a shower together and went to my bed, where we slept naked until late in each others’ arms.

When I awoke on Saturday, the guilt came back. I could hear Elena doing something downstairs, so I dressed and went to the kitchen. She was not in the kitchen, but in my studio, which I had left open since the drama of the previous day. Like the previous day, she was sitting on the floor of the studio.

She heard me entering the studio and like the day before, she turned around, but today she had a wide smile on her face.

“Uncle, are all these toys prototypes or can they be used? Because I have some ideas…”

“Well, they can be used… but I would prefer to create new ones just for you…” I said and Elena bit her sexy lower lip.

Shit, I had created a monster!



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