my sexy stepdaughter

My Sexy Stepdaughter


Well to start this story out I must explain about my stepdaughter this started when she was 18 years old. We were alone in the house when she said that her back was hurting her a little bit. She had worked hard the day before and said that’s probably what was wrong. I asked her if she would like me to massage it. She said sure why not maybe it will help. Now you must know she is very good-looking and a body that won’t quit. I told her she would have to remove her blouse and bra. She said no problem and gave a little snicker. While she removed her blouse and bra and was standing there with her chest legs posed God those tits were luscious looking. My Dick was starting to stiffen I told her to go ahead and lie down on the bed facedown. I began to slowly massage her back. I was kind of working up around her shoulder blades when she said it’s sore a little bit lower. I moved down her back and continued to massage. Finally I said to her if you would remove your pants I would be able to massage your lower back better. She said okay  no problem. She then proceeded to remove her pants and I said about the panties too. She said okay, so there she was in all her glory naked as a jaybird. Now my cock was getting real hard.. I asked her to roll over on her belly again, which she did I then proceeded to massage her back upper and lower I ventured down to rub the cheeks of her ass. She started moaning and said while that feels good. My cock was about to tear loose from my pants. As I rubbed her ass cheeks I kind of spread her ass apart and could see her little brown eye and her cunt. I started rubbing the inside of her legs and move my hands up towards her pussy she started to squirm and moan I knew she was getting hot and so was I. I asked her if it would be okay to take my clothes off as I was working up a sweat she said sure feel free. As I stripped off my clothes she turned her head and looked directly at my hard on. She said wow that’s a nice one and so hard so I straddled her with my cock rubbing on her ass cheeks I looked down and she had pre-come all over her ass and back. I slid down and kind of straddled one leg and began to massage her leg from her knee to her crotch on each stroke upwards I kind of touched her pussy she didn’t flinch just moaned. I got a little bolder and slid my finger right on her pussy and proceeded to rub it. I could tell it was getting wetter by the minute. I thought to myself, how far can I go. I proceeded to slip my middle finger into her pussy backing it in and  out and began to massage her clit.. Now she was really getting excited. She said daddy put your fingers in me I am so hot. As I slowly finger fucked are, I started playing with my cock. She said daddy move up towards me and let me do that. I said sure baby anything you want. She rolled over on her back and began playing with my cock and I started again to play with her pussy by now it was really wet. I told her she better slowdown or I was going to come all over her. She said no daddy don’t do that I have plans for that come. I said oh that sounds ominous. By now she was really bucking and so was I finally she said daddy put that big cock in me and fuck me. I said no not yet I want to suck that juicy pussy. She said oh yes daddy do it. I crawled down between her legs and began licking that juicy pussy and I do mean juicy pretty soon she said daddy him coming. I raised up and said yes baby do it come in my mouth, and began talking her pussy again pretty soon she let out a big moan and bucked up her ass in the air and the come just gushed. She said now daddy fuck me I then crawled up and slid my cock into that honey hole. She was so wet that is slid in real easy as I began to pump that cock into her pussy she moaned and said I’m coming again I said go for Bay because I am too. As she bucked up I slid it in harder and let my come fly I was so loaded the come was running out of her pussy all over the bed. She let out a sigh and said my God that was great. I said yes it sure was. We need to get cleaned up and dressed because your mom will be home soon. She said are you going to fuck her, I just laughed and said maybe later not right away. I am pretty well spent that was a fantastic piece of ass. She said yes it was can we do it again. I said every chance we get. I felt a little guilty when her mom got home. But that soon passed I knew I would be doing her later. That could be another story later on.

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