A Dream Leads To Reality – Part 4

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A Dream Leads to Reality

Part 4 The Party Was Everything I hoped I would Be

I stood naked in front of the full-length mirror looking at my body. I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy pausing to rub my clit a couple of times. I liked what I saw and was imagining how a man would react to my body. However, I did not have time to waste doing this. It was Saturday morning and I had to help get ready for our guests today.

I went into the kitchen and my mother was making potato salad. She was dressed in a flowered spring dress that really flattered her body. I asked her if she was ready for today and she turned toward me. Mother reached down and taking hold of the hem of her dress, raised it up until I could see her bare pussy. She had obviously carefully trimmed her hair. “Does this look like I’m ready?” she asked.

“I guess you are” I replied.

“How about you?” mother said

I was dressed in a pair of conservative white shorts and a short sleeve blouse that tied just below my breasts. Then I realized what she was talking about. I had on too many clothes. I went back to my bedroom and got naked again. Then I put on just my blouse and shorts. These made me feel sexy not having on any underwear.

I went back to the kitchen and helped dad get the steaks ready for the grill. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, I found Jeff and two young men standing there. I invited them in and Jeff introduced his friends. Eric and Ricardo (who liked to be called Ricky) were students at UC Berkeley. They were both real hunks and looked good enough to eat. We all went out to the patio and about that time, the doorbell rang again. Mother went to the door and returned with our additional guests. There was Angela, who I knew from school but was not particularly friendly with, and her parents. Introductions were made and I could not help but look at Angela’s father. He was very tall and I knew the story of how he became a pro basketball player and then injured his knee. As I looked at him, I saw his huge hands and long legs. I wondered if everything was big with him. As Jeff had made the introductions, he stated that he met Angela and her parents the same way he had met us. I quickly understood his meaning. He had fucked Angela and her mother.

We had lunch on the patio and several rounds of my mother’s famous margaritas. Jeff had been talking to my father and Angela’s parents. Moving to the patio door, Jeff loudly said, “let’s move inside and get this party started.” We all gathered in our large living room and Jeff gave us the ground rules for the day.

“Nothing is off limits. You can do anything you want but, no means no. If someone does not want to participate all they have to do is say so and everyone will respect that.”

We all looked around and nodded our heads that we understood. Then Jeff, Ricky, and Eric started taking off their clothes. That got us all in motion and soon we were all naked. Angela’s mother look really good. She was a little plumper than my mother but still had a good figure. Angela was tanned all over which gave her a brown sheen. But my gaze was locked on her father. He was nearly seven feet tall and his dick was huge. Not only was it long, but as big around as a sausage. I wondered how he ever got that thing into a woman. Then I realized that pussy’s stretch to let a baby out so why not to let a huge cock in. We all just stood around for a moment looking at one another then Ricky walked up to my mother and put his hand on her pussy. That got everyone moving. My dad went to Angela and Eric to her mother. This was exactly the arrangement I wanted. Angela’s father came over and put his arms around me. He pulled me to him and because of the height difference; his cock was just below my breasts. I didn’t know what I wanted first. Sucking, licking, or go straight to the fucking. I really wanted that thing inside me.

To Be Continued

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    I loved this one ,too!

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