A Winters Drive

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As you may have read in my earlier stories, my wife’s Niece Alex has been staying with us. She has turned out to be something of a rather dirty young girl!

It was a week ago that we had some horrendous rain and her car refused to start at college so she called me and asked me to pick her and her new Thai friend Jade. It took me about fifteen minutes to get there by which time the pair of them were like drowned rats! I put their bags in the back of my estate car and off we went.

Normally she would be staying with us in the week, but because her car had broken down she wanted to go home for clean dry clothes and pick up her brother who could probably get the car going again.

She lives about an hours drive away right out in the middle of nowhere, so quite soon we were off the main road and down to narrow flooded country lanes.

Alex was sat in the front and her rather large breasted friend sat in the back. They were both chatty and laughing despite being soaked to the skin.

The front seats in the car are heated so without saying anything, Alex lifted her tight little ass off the seat and slid her jeans down, revealing a tiny purple thong. I struggled to concentrate on the road as she then removed that too revealing a completely smooth shaven pussy that was glistening between her thin lips. You could also see the small bump of her clitty. I could drive no more and soon found an off-track field entrance and pulled right in off the road.

While Alex had been doing this, I had completely failed to notice that Jade had also done the same and was sitting there completely naked from the waist down. Her pussy was quite different to Alex’s. It was very open and covered in well trimmed jet black hair, but it was her clit that I really could not believe. It was sticking out like a small cock, with the hood looking like a cock-helmet. It truly looked like a penis. I had only seen things like this on the internet!

She climbed through from the back and knelt in front of Alex in the passenger footwell and without either saying a word, she began to lick and carress her moist pussy. My cock was really stiff in my trousers and Jade reached over and with my help, unleashed it. It was absolutely solid and quite swollen. She began to wank me very slowly but I knew that watching these two fingering and licking my sperm would soon spurt, so I held her hand and made her squeeze my balls. This I can take for ages without coming. By now, Alex was clearly approaching her first orgasm and began panting deeply as she cum, moisture slurping as Jades fingers went in and out of her tube. I was finding this almost too much and as I had already fucked Alex a few times, I had to fuck that dark pussy but it was more than that, I wanted to feel that clitty of Jades pushing into me as I fucked her.

As soon as she had finished creaming, Alex got up and moved to the back seat, leaving a puddle of love juice on the hot leather seat. Jade rubbed her fingers in it and rubbed it into my aching cock and her pussy. That was so erotic! Once she was settled on the seat, I knelt in front of her and began to suck that baby cock. It was a very odd experience as I have never had the desire to suck a penis. Once in my mouth, it began to swell, but the taste of her sweet pussy juice was devine. Alex leaned over her seat and pulled her top off revealing those wonderful smooth breasts. She squeezed and caressed her nipples as I sucked and licked harder, almost making her fuck my face with her clit. She soon approached orgasm and as she did, she pushed it deep in my mouth and actually ejaculated love juice into my mouth. Again, I had seen this on the internet but to experience it first hand was mind blowing! By now, the sperm in my balls was eager to leave my body, so I knew I had to enter her. I lifted myself up a bit and pushed the swollen tip of my cock against her very open pussy. She moved forward and it slid in all the way. It felt like velvet it was so smooth. Once I was fully inside her she pushed her clitty against me and began to rub it against the top of my cock shaft. It must have been very sensitive as she cum almost immediately, making a gush of juice leave her pussy and run down onto the seat. At this point, I started to fuck her properly. Alex was really working her nipples now, hurting her at times but this made Jade worse! She was screaming and swearing and clearly desperate for a penetrative orgasm. I fucked her so fast and deep she cum with an almighty scream and flooded my genitals with a puddle of sticky cream. At this point I could hold back no more and pumped my sticky semen deep into her cervix. I must have emptied copious amounts of my seed as Jade said she felt it hit her insides as I spurted it all out inside her. I stopped and slowly withdrew my slimy cock and Alex leant through the gap in the seats and beckoned me to put my cock to her lips. She licked the spunk from around the helmet and slurped the shaft like an ice cream, sucking the last drops of semen from me and licking the whole cock completely clean.

Unfortunately by doing this, my dick rose again, this time harder than ever and eager for more pussy. Alex decided she wanted to ride it this time, so Jade got up, and knelt in the floor, pushing the seat right back. Alex climbed through and sat on my cock. She was so wet it almost fell inside her. She immediately began to ride it up and down, very deeply. Jade had somehow got between my legs and as my balls were hanging over the edge of the seat, she began to suck them and roll them around in her mouth. They were very loose in the scrotum and the feeling was a cross between pleasure and pain. She was also making some very horny noises and it was obvious she was playing with herself. I felt Alex’s pussy begin to tighten and I knew she was close. I was too. I pulled her down hard onto my shaft and almost immediately I began to empty inside her. She responded by cumming herself. Very hard and very loud. “Don’t stop!” cried Jade. “I’m not quite there”. Alex slowed down and made sure she pumped every drop of semen from my balls into her pussy. Then when I was drained, she lifted off to reveal Jade wanking the most enormous clitoris I have ever seen, even from the internet. It was about 5″ long and was exactly like a cock. I pulled her up and she stuck it in my mouth. I sucked it as hard as I could while she fingered her pussy just below it. Within seconds she orgasmed and I swear some liquid came out of her clit into my mouth. I sucked it and licked it as she writhed and moaned. She was clearly having a very long orgasm. Eventually, she withdrew herself and climbed to the back. The car must have smelt like an brothel!

I opened the windows as we began dressing. Once dressed, as the rain had now stopped, we all jumped out to cool down and this gave me the opportunity to mop up the male and female juices from the seat which had become very mixed and sticky!

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