A Young Stud

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A friend of mine recommended a young man home from college for the summer that might be interested in helping me out. He had a small business and did their lawn and garden work. I gave him a call and he agreed to meet with me at my home the next day to negotiate a deal. His voice was very sexy and I could hardly wait to see if his body was too. The next day was Saturday and I had inadvertantly overslept. I had been out the night before drinking. I had tried to pick up a guy but didn’t have any luck. I crawled out of the sack about 10 am and made myself a quick breakfast. I was just about to sit down to eat when the doorbell rang. “Shit!” I said to myself..”I’ll bet that’s Michael”. I got up from the table and glanced at myself in the living room mirror…I was a mess. “oh well, maybe he’s a loser”…I opened the! door..”Hi…I’m Michael. We spoke yesterday about me doing your lawn work.” Well, he was tall and handsome and had a great body. I brushed my hair back out of my face..”Yes, well, as you can see….I’m a mess…er, ahh.. I mean, my lawn’s a mess” I stammered, glancing out in the direction of the yard. I let my eyes wander over his body, drinking in every lovely inch as he turned to survey my lawn. “Ahh..I’ve seen much worse!”he said, grinning down at me with his big blue eyes. I felt my pussy start to tingle. I knew I was in serious trouble. I hadn’t been laid in 4 months. We agreed on a price and he offered to go right to work. “I’m going to shower and then I’ll be out to show you around” I said. He went back to his truck and started to unload his equipment. I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I wrapped a towel around myself and went into the living room to dry off. I was toweling my hair dry in the mirror when I noticed that Michael was at the front! door. I could see him in the reflection of the mirror. I could see him watching me. I dropped the towel I had been using to dry my hair to the floor. Then, I unwrapped the towel that had been around my body…and began to dry my arms and shoulders. This gave him a full view of my naked ass. I glanced in the mirror and saw that he was staring at me…..I decided to continue my little show…I bent over, drying my thighs and lower legs,,,,and in the process giving him a shot of my pussy. I stood up and turned around so I would be facing the front door, but I closed my eyes. I didn’t want him to think that I knew he was watching….I toweled off my face and neck…and then my breasts…softly rubbing the soft cotton towel over each one. Then, I opened my eyes and met his….he was still staring intently through the door….I dropped the towel to the floor…and slowly walked to the door….”Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to come in a fuck me?” I opene! d the door, took him by the hand, and pulled him inside. I pressed my naked body up against him and leaned upward to kiss him…He wrapped me in his arms and lowered his lips to mine. It was a wonderfull kiss…soft and gentle…his sensual tongue carassed each of my lips as I felt his hands explore my body. I was so hot, I couldn’t stand it. “Michael..I want to suck your cock…” I dropped to my knees and helped him undo his shorts. I practically tore them off of his body……his cock springing to life before my eyes…I took him in one hand and slowly stroked him..then, I slowly brought his gorgeous cock to my mouth..I licked the underside of his cockhead with my tongue and then took it into my mouth…wrapping my lips around the head of his cock…and began to suck it. He was so hard…..”Oh yea, baby..suck my dick..suck all of it”..I gradually worked all of his meat into my hungry mouth, slurping and sucking like it was my last meal. His young cock was so big and hard. ! I held a cheek of his ass in each hand as I fucked his cock with my mouth…I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad….but, he had other plans. He gently took my head into his hands and pulled me upwards…..we embraced and kissed…his mouth was hungry..kissing my lips and face…he whispered into my ear….”Please, let me fuck you…I want to feel my cock inside of you”…I took his hand and led him over to the sofa. I laid down and spread my legs for him…I placed one hand on my mound and started to play with myself, spreading my swollen lips and rubbing my clit..”Is this what you want, Michael..do you want to put you cock here?” He bent over me and lowered himself. I took his head in my hands and kissed his lips. I could feel him fumbling with his cock, trying to guide it into me. I lowered one of my hands down to him and grabbed his throbbing dick….he was so big and hard……I pulled him close to me..guiding the swollen head of his cock to me pussy…”Fuck ! me, baby…Fuck me hard and fast” I felt him thrust forward, ramming his cock into my cunt. It hurt, but the pain was short lived. “mmmmm,,,,Michael..slow down baby….don’t move”..I slowly moved my pelvis upward, taking him inside me a little at a time, until his cock was buried inside my hot, dripping cunt. I took his head and pushed it down to my chest, guiding his tongue and lips over my titties…”Fuck me..Fuck me..” I begged him. He began to ram his fat, swollen cock in and out of me. I can’t describe the feeling. I was totally lost in pleasure…..I was so thrilled that this young man was thrusting in and out of me…I was so happy to be a woman……..he came quickly..spurting his hot, sticky cum inside my pussy……but I didn’t care. I was so glad that he was this excited…I was so happy that he wanted me…….”I’m sorry…..I was just so excited”…I pressed a finger to his lips..”Stop”..I said..” you were wonderful!” I pressed my hands to his ass and pulled him! deeper into me…I could feel his cock going soft inside of me……”Can I suck your pussy?” he asked….”I want to make you cum”………

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