Amy and Ashley Part 1

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Amy is a cool sister. I ask her for something, she gives me it – if she asks me for something, I give it to her. That’s the best thing about being sisters. We can always count on each other. My name is Ashley. I’m not a looker like my sister. My sis has a nice rack and the longest pair of legs you’ll ever see. I, on the other hand, have small tits and I’m not as tall (and I heavily dislike the skinny jeans that she wears). We’re Korean and we always have the boys, and some times girls, drooling over us.

Although we’re such close friends, I am six months younger than her. We’re a seniors at our high school. We never hang out much at school, but we always find time to hang out after school. I don’t have a boyfriend yet, and I’ve never had one. My parents have told me that I should wait for the one that will sweep me off my feet. My sister, on the other hand, has had numerous boyfriends. I don’t know if she’s had sex yet though.


During a cold night at the Mun’s house, Ashley was surfing the web on her new computer. A few minutes later, she took out her earphones and opened her door to go the bathroom. On her way to the bathroom, she heard some noises.

“I wonder…” Ashley pondered. She pressed her ear against the door and clearly heard sexual noises. She heard her sister get off the computer and she darted for her room. Ashley saw Amy run to the bathroom. When she heard the lock click, she ran to Amy’s room and looked at her computer.

” Whoa…weird…” Ashley started to read the message between Amy and a boy from their high school. The message read:

Boy: That blowjob you gave me in the back of the class was nice.

Ashley scrolled along, thinking that a blowjob was a good gift to give to a guy.

Amy: You were nice and long hun.
Boy: Lemme cum in your mouth next time.

Ashley stopped and pondered, “What is cum?”

Amy: No! I don’t like swallowing it.
Boy: Cumming onto the wall is a waste.
Amy: It’ll be worth it when I fuck your cock.
All of a sudden, the door flew open and Amy yelled, “What are you doing?!”

– To Be Continued

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