At The Mall

Chapter Twenty Eight: At the Mall

A few weeks after things fell apart with Amber, I got my driver’s license and dad bought me a new car. It was nothing special, just a Toyota Camray, but I supposed it would do to get me around. One Saturday afternoon I decided to drive over to the mall just to kill some time.

The place was full of great looking women and there was always a crowd of cute Garfield High girls running around there. I was sitting on a bench enjoying the view, when I noticed a woman wearing a very tight black dress walking by. Her bottom was very attractive and the tight dress she wore displayed its outline beautifully. As she walked past I got up and started to follow her. I was mesmerized by the way her buttocks moved up and down as she strolled along. I was mentally comparing her bottom to Amber’s and then I began to daydream about Amber. My reverie was interrupted by a loud voice somewhere off to my left.

“Hey Bill!! Hey, Bill Bradley!!!”

I was so startled that I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around. I saw Kim Douglas standing in front of the Victoria’s Secret store laughing and motioning for me to come over. Kim was a junior at Garfield High and she was one of the sexiest girls in the whole school. She was very petite. I estimated she was barely 5′ 2″ but her figure was great. She was well developed and her proportions were perfect. Her face was really beautiful. It was framed with long red hair and she had the coloring to set it off. There’s no doubt that Kim was the stuff wet dreams are made of.

The problem was, Kim knew this and like Amber; it gave her a very superior attitude. I’m sure Kim knew that she could wrap any boy around her little finger and that inflated her ego. She typically treated most boys with contempt and I could tell by the look on her face that she appeared to be particularly contemptuous of me at this moment. I was puzzled because I barely knew her. I was actually surprised that she knew my name. She worked a checkout part time at the local Drug Mart. I had seen her there on several occasions. But other than that, I had had no contact with her.

As I walked over Kim said, “Well if it isn’t Bill Bradley cruising the Mall. You should have seen yourself just now. You were so intent on watching that lady’s ass that you would have walked over her if she made a sudden stop.”

Although I’m normally very self possessed, I couldn’t keep from blushing a little. But I tried to keep my voice calm and cool as I replied, “I don’t know what you mean. What lady?”

“Oh please, give me a break! You were practically drooling. You looked like one of those zombies from “The Night of the Living Dead”. I guess you were so busy staring at her ass you didn’t notice her face. She was old enough to be your mother. But since you’re so fascinated by asses; check this out. I guess I can take pity on you and give you a real thrill”

Having said that, Kim walked a few feet down the aisle with a greatly exaggerated swaying of her perfectly shaped butt; which was encased by her skin tight jeans.

Then she came back to me and asked, “Well what you think of that one?”

“I’d like to give it a good spanking,” I said truthfully.

“Oh aren’t you the kinky one!! Into S&M are you Billy? I bet you have a secret room in your basement that you’d like to get me into and then do nasty things to me.” Kim reached into a shopping bag, brought out a pair of black satin panties with fancy lace work around the legs and held them up for my inspection. “I’ll bet you’d love to have me wearing these when you get me into your secret dungeon.”

I said in a very serious tone, “Well actually Kim I’ll have to take your panties down when I give you a spanking.”

Kim stared at me for a moment and said, “You’re really serious. You’re a sick puppy Bill Bradley. I hope your parents know enough to keep you in at night. As for spanking me; that will be only in your dirty little mind Billy boy.” Then Kim sauntered off exaggeratedly swaying her bottom and looking back at me occasionally.

That encounter didn’t make my day; but I took it philosophically. I knew that life was full of endless possibilities and if luck was on my side; there might come a time when an opportunity to get my way with Kim would come along. I was confident that I would be prepared to take advantage when and if the time came.

By now I was feeling a little hungry, so I decided to go to the City Grill. They made a great Reuben sandwich there. As the waitress was showing me to a table I heard, “Billy!! Billy Bradley; over here!”

For a second I thought Kim had followed me. Then I saw Sylvia Connor sitting at a table in the corner waving to me. As I approached I thought I should have checked my horoscope today. It would have probably advised against leaving the house. The last person I wanted to see was Amber Connor’s mom.

Mrs. Connor said, “Sit with me Billy. We can have a cozy little chat.”

I sat down and the waitress took my order. Mrs. Connor said to her, “Bring me another Long Island Ice Tea dear.”

I could tell that Mrs. Connor was already a bit tipsy. I asked, “How have you been Mrs. Connor?”

She said, “Please call me Sylvia. After all Billy, you’re becoming quite the grown up young man and it makes me feel too old to have you calling me Mrs. Connor.”

I said, “Alright Sylvia, then do me a big favor and call me Bill. I’ve always hated you calling me Billy.”

Mrs. Connor held her hand out to me and said, “OK Bill. Let’s shake. From now on it’s Bill and Sylvia. It looks like our little visit is getting off to a good start. I’m glad we bumped into each other.”

We continued with some routine chit chat until the waitress brought our orders. After the waitress left, Mrs. Connor said, “I’ve wanted to find out what happened between you and Amber. I know you two had some sort of blow up.” She sipped her drink and looked thoughtfully at me. Then she asked, “When did you pop Amber’s cherry?”

I almost choked on my sandwich and Mrs. Connor began to laugh as she said, “I knew it! Don’t try to lie, because I won’t believe you. After all, you are Steve Bradley’s son. Besides, Amber started asking about birth control pills right after that little dinner party we had. She said it was “just in case”. But I figured the deed was already done.”

Mrs. Connor’s reference to me being Steve Bradley’s son made me curious. I wondered what she knew about my dad. I thought that now might be the perfect time to get some information out of her. Besides it would give me some time to duck her question about my relationship with Amber. I asked, “What did you mean about me being Steve Bradley’s son?”

Mrs. Connor took another sip from her drink and said, “Well Bill, since we’re getting to be such close friends, I guess it won’t hurt to tell you. Your dad and I go back a long way. Your grandfather was one of my teachers when I was going to Bolton. Even though he was an old guy by that time, he still had quite a reputation. But that’s another story.”

From reading some of grandfather’s diary, I knew that he had been a teacher at Bolton. I also knew about some of his liaisons with the students. I made a mental note to check the diary for references to Sylvia.

Sylvia continued, “Anyway, I’ve known your dad since we were teenagers; you and Amber getting together seemed like history repeating itself. Your dad and I were very close back then. We were both pretty hot for each other, but things got screwed up. I’m not going into the details. But the final break between your dad and grandfather was the result of a fight they had over me. I’ve always regretted that. But you can’t undo the past. I’ll just say that we both made some mistakes and let it go at that.”

“This may get you upset Bill, but I never could picture your dad with your mom. I was definitely more his type and I think he
realized that after a while. In spite of everything, we’ve maintained some very close ties over the years. I’m sure you’re ol
d enough to get my meaning.”

I already suspected that dad had some involvement with Sylvia Connor. Her admission confirmed my suspicions. Now I was sure that’s what had caused the bad feelings between her and my mom. I also found it interesting that Sylvia probably had some involvement with my grandfather. At least she seemed to be hinting at that. Then I thought it would be very ironic if this little encounter lead to some involvement with a third generation Bradley.

Mrs. Connor said, “OK out with it now Bill. No more stalling. What happened between you and Amber?”

I wasn’t about to tell Amber’s mom what really happened. I hoped I could get by with a vague half truth. So I said, “I guess Amber’s upset with me because she got the idea I was using her. Maybe she thought I was pushing things too far.”

“You’re into a little more than just straight sex then. Well you come by that honestly. As for Amber, I don’t know. We’ve never been as close as a mother and daughter should be. She’s always been a daddy’s girl. So are you looking for someone to take her place?”

I decided to be honest and replied, “I’m always looking. I wouldn’t mind getting back with Amber too.”

Mrs. Connor finished her drink and said, “Look Bill, I’ve had a few drinks. How about being my designated driver?”

I replied, “That’s fine with me. I don’t have any place in particular that I have to be.”

“Good, here’s the plan. You drive me home and we’ll continue our little visit in private. I’m kind of lonely with Amber back at Bolton and Fred out of town for the weekend. After we spend some quality time together, I’ll drive you back to get your car. How does that sound?”

I said, “It sounds great.”

As we left the City Grill, I noticed how sexy Sylvia Connor was looking. She was wearing her typical outfit; a tight fitting skirt and an equally tight blouse, which showed off her tits and ass to good advantage. She was wearing sheer nylons and high heeled shoes that emphasized her shapely legs. There was no doubt that, even in her forties, Sylvia Connor was still a looker. I saw more than one head turn as we walked by.

As I wheeled Sylvia’s Lincoln Towne Car out of the mall parking lot, she scooted over close to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. She said, “Bill you have very capable hands. You handle this car like you’ve been driving it for years.”

After we got out of the traffic in the immediate vicinity of the mall and I turned onto the side road to Sylvia’s neighborhood, I took one hand off the wheel. I dropped it down and began to massage Sylvia’s thigh. Then I slid it further up under her skirt until I felt the silky smooth skin above the top of her stocking. I felt Sylvia grasp my wrist and I thought that maybe I had misinterpreted her intentions.

She said, “Wait a minute Bill. Perhaps I can be of some help.”

I glanced over and saw her raise up off the seat a bit. Then her hands went up under her skirt. In a few seconds they were coming back out as she slipped her panties down over her knees and off. Sylvia placed the panties in her purse and snapped it shut. I saw her spread her legs as she sat back in the seat and in a moment my hand was between them as I probed her moist pussy and my index finger unerringly homed in on her clitoris.

By the time we pulled into the drive at Sylvia Connor’s large house, my fingers were drenched with her pussy juice and my tool was stiff as a steel rod. We practically ran from the car into the house. When we got into the elegant master bedroom, Sylvia knelt in the middle of the king sized bed and pulled her skirt up over her perfectly rounded hips saying, “Hurry Bill, I’ve been wanting this ever since before we left the mall.”

I needed no encouragement; I was already kicking off my shoes and pulling my jeans and shorts off. My tool was standing straight out at attention. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind Sylvia. Within a few seconds I was driving my tool home into Sylvia Connor’s moist hot love tunnel and my balls were slapping the backs of her thighs on each inward thrust. I clasped the tops of her thighs for more leverage and continued pounding into her.

Sylvia began to cry out, “God yes more! Do it! Fuck me hard!”

Within a minute or two we both had a crashing climax. The whole episode reminded me of the Foreigner song “Urgent.” I fell down onto the bed. Then Sylvia dropped down onto the bed and rolled onto her back. I rose up over her and unbuttoned her blouse. I slipped her breasts out of the cups of her bra and began sucking on her hard nipples. I slid my hand down between her legs again to massage her dripping pussy.

Sylvia said a little breathlessly, “Let’s take some time to freshen up a bit before the next round.”

She got up from the bed and went into the adjoining bathroom. Very shortly I heard water running and I went into the bathroom to investigate. Sylvia had removed her clothes and was bending over a huge soaking tub, sprinkling scented bubble bath solution into the water. As the bubbles began to rise toward the top of the tub, she tested the warmth of the water with her fingers and then climbed in. I pulled my tee shirt off and stepped into the tub behind Sylvia. She scooted forward and when I sat down she was positioned between my legs. I took a bar of scented soap and got my hands well lathered. I reached around Sylvia and began run my hands slowly over her breasts. I bent forward and kissed the back of her neck while I began to lightly stroke her nipples with the tips of my fingers. In a few more moments, I slid one hand down between her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy.

Sylvia said, “My God you’re poking me in the back with that thing of yours! What a quick recovery. I can see you’re going to be difficult to satisfy, but I’ll try my best.”

Sylvia turned around in the tub facing me, grasped my tool and slid her hand up and down the length of it. In a while she said, “It feels good. I just wonder how it would taste.”

Obviously I was more than willing to satisfy her curiosity. I stood up and Sylvia rose up on her knees. She grasped the shaft of my tool again and in a moment, the head of it was sliding into her mouth. I watched with extreme pleasure as Sylvia’s full sensuous lips slid down the length of my rock hard shaft. She began to suck on me and swirl her tongue over me as she went down on my tool further than I thought it was possible. It was easy to see where Amber had inherited her talent in this area; but she was a mere novice compared to her mom.

In a short while Sylvia had me so aroused my knees were trembling; suddenly she pulled away from me saying, “That’s enough of that. I’m still hot. It’s time for the next round and something tells me you’re more than ready too.”

Sylvia turned around and got down on all fours, with her sexy butt just sticking up through the layer of bubbles in the tub. I got down behind her, took the bar of soap up again and began to run it over her beautifully mounded bottom cheeks. When my hands were thoroughly covered in lather, I slipped a finger into her butt crack and began probing her butt hole. In a moment I had a slippery finger inside. I continued to exercise Sylvia’s bottom opening, while moving my other hand down between her legs to begin working on her pussy again. When I had her moaning in pleasure and thrusting her butt back into my probing finger, I decided it was time for some more action. Moving away from Sylvia, I took the soap and ran it over the head of my erect tool. Then I moved forward, guiding my rod it to its target. Sylvia stiffened a little as she felt me pushing against her tight butt hole.

She said, “Take it easy at first. That thing’s a lot bigger than your finger. Let me get used to it a little at a time.”

In spite of her admonition, I felt the head of my tool easily slipping into Sylvia’s sexy butt. As I sank my shaft in deeper, I saw her
move a hand between her legs to pick up where I had left off massaging her pussy. In short order I had my to
ol buried to the hilt between Sylvia’s sexy bottom cheeks. I pulled back and thrust forward again and Sylvia let out another moan of pleasure. Then I started to increase the length and speed of my strokes. As my arousal built, I began driving my tool into Sylvia’s ass at full force. I noted that it wasn’t quite as tight a fit as Amber’s hot little butt and yet it did very nicely.

Sylvia began to cry out, “Yes Bill! More! Harder!” And I was glad to oblige.

All too soon I reached the ultimate point and shot my load into Sylvia’s hot ass. I continued to drive in until she reached her climax. Then we separated. We each went to opposite ends of the tub and lay back for a little rest and relaxation. I must have dozed off for a while. The next thing I knew, the water was getting a little cool and I thought I heard Sylvia moving around in the bedroom.

I got out of the tub and dried off. I pulled my tee shirt on and went into the bedroom. Sylvia was nowhere to be seen. I finished getting dressed and then the smell of coffee brewing drifted into the room. So I followed my nose into the gourmet kitchen. Sylvia was at a counter reaching up to get some cups down. She was dressed in skin tight slacks and a thin silk blouse. I went up behind her, put my arms around her and cupped her breasts. At the same time I pushed my crotch up against her butt. Sylvia exclaimed, “Jesus Christ! That thing’s getting hard again. I thought your old man was something, but you’re a real piece of work! Now get away from me so I can pour the coffee.”

I moved back and Sylvia brought down two cups. Then she went over to the coffee maker and poured the coffee. As we sat at the breakfast bar drinking the coffee she said, “No wonder you scared Amber off. She must have got more than she bargained for when you shoved that poker of yours into her for the first time. I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with you Bill. You must have a permanent hard on. You can’t seem to get enough, no matter how good it is and I’m very good. But you know what, I think after a while Amber might be back for more. Only the next time, she might have to stand in line behind me.”

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