babysitter Part1

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mandy evans was 16.she had long blonde hair,brown eyes.size 10 waist and 32Cboobs.
it was summer,mandy walked home from school.she wore a short pleated skirt,white socks,trainers and a tight she neared her home she heard a call.she tured and saw her neighbour ms.gill call her.she ran to the woman.”mandy,you think you can babysitt tonight?”
“sure”she replied.mandy had often babysat for ms.gil.
“you’l finally get to meet roy!” she added.
roy was the man she had remarried lately after her husband died.
that night,mandy went to the house.she wore tight jeans and a top.the kids were in bed.
“mandy,i hav to take sally to the doctor very quickly,ill be back as soon as i can.roy will stay ok?hes out side i think!”she ran out with her daughter leaving mandy to the house.
she heard a door open and a old man walked in.he must of been in his 40s,”hello”
“hi im mandy.” he smiled.she walked to the kitchen and began to wash some dishes. the fone rang,ms gil was in casulty.he told her.
will i go?she asked him.
“no,we might still go out!”he said.he watched her long legs in her tight jeans,her rounded ass as she washed the dishes.when she raised her hand her tshirt rose as well showin some flesh.he continued to wwatch her.he got up then and leaned against her back,”preety thing arent ya?”he said.he stroked her back lightly. she quivered,not knowing what was goin on.she’d only been kissed once or twice by boys.
he blew against her neck.she tried move but he had pinned her against the sink.she could feel something get harder at her buttocks.he groned and rubbed this hard thing against her ass.then her grabbed her firm tits.”ROY!”she exclaimed.he took no heed. he continued to squeeze them,hard.
she tried wriggle away.he moved down under her top.
“no!” she cried out as she felt his cold hands against her flesh.suddenly a car pulled up.msgil came out with sally.
“say nothing you bitch”he whispered to the poor girl.she shook.
ms gil came in and roy went to the bathroom. mandy sat down,shaken.
ms gil never noticed. then she and roy went out….
after awhile mandy forgot about everything and began to think nothing of it. soon she heard the car return. she sat up,ready to leave. she walked gil cam in tipsy.
roy smiled,”i hav to leave you home!”
mandy walked to the car.she went into it and he did also.they didnt speak and she figured he was sorry.
jus before they reached her house he stopped the car.he began to run his fingers along her thigh,she squirmed……
to be continued

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