babysitter Part2

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they sat in the car,her virgin pussy still in her jeans.his fingers glided closer to it. she open ed her mouth.”if u move or talk ill kill you.”he was very strong.
she did as he sed though in her mind she wanted to disappear.
he opened her jean button and let her fly down.”please roy…”she whimpered.
he grinned,”dont call me roy.its sir to you.”
“os,,sorry…sorry sir…”she whimpered.
he touched her pantys. “spread your legs now bitch”
“yes sir”she felt i best to give in. she spread her legs and he wormed his fingers to her soft pussy lips.
she jumped a little,even she rarely touched there what ever about anyone else.
he used a hand to squeeze her tits and bit at them through her tshirt.
please sir…” she begged.
shut up!bitch”raise your ass.”
she did and his fingers slipped between her lips her rubbed her under he felt moistness. her rubbed her pussy and bit at her tits until he felt her muscles spasm.
she jerked in the seat. he felt her warm cum drip onto him.
“get out bitch,next time wear a skirt.,ur babysittin tomoro bitch.”……to be continued.

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  1. hot slut

    i want more that’s good but better grammer next time please

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