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Driving a Co-Worker Home

I work in a group home for adults with a mental illness.
A new girl had just started. Her name was Nadine.
Now I have a thing that I don’t have any type of a relationship with fellow workers.
But there was something about Nadine she was about 5’1″ small tits (which I love) a small Heart shaped ass and about 22 years old. She has one turquoise and one brown eye. I found to be an extreme turn on.
I am 6’1″, blue eyes, black hair, a moustache, average build, and a cock that is about 9inches long & 2 ½” in diameter when erect. And not circumcised. I’m also 47 years old.
On night Nadine and I where working the same shift. I couldn’t help thinking how nice it would to have that young little pussy in my mouth.
Or having her sweat little mouth wrapped around my stiff cock.
Whenever she bent over I couldn’t help but just stare at that cute little ass and you can imagine what was going through my mind.
Anyway this particular night it was raining cats and dogs out.
Nadine said that she was going to get soaked going home as she had biked into work and had no rain gear with her. I being the gentleman that I am offered to put her bike in the box of my truck and drive her home. Which she rapidly agreed to. She asked if I would stop so she could get some beer. No problem I said, as I wanted to get some myself.
She lives with her parents who where away for a month or so.
When we got to her house. Nadine asked me if I wanted to join her for a beer and some pizza. I accepted her offer of course. We order our pizza and had a beer while waiting and a few more with it. By this time the rain had stopped and we decide to smoke a joint on the deck for desert. She had a pool and hot tub in the back and she asked me if I would like to go for a swim and sit in the hot tub. I mentioned the fact that I didn’t have a swimsuit. Her answer was “are you shy”? Not by any means I replied.
We striped right there and I couldn’t help but look in her direction. She looked beautiful standing there naked and watching me. I was fully erect and she said, ” I see your ready for action”, and dove into the pool.
I quickly followed her. We where horse playing when she put her arms around my neck and kissed me very passionatly. We explored each other’s mouths and I managed to get her tongue in a position where I could suck on it. Her mouth tasted just as sweat as I could ever imagine.
When we broke the kiss she whispered in my ear that she prefers older men to men her own age. I replied to that statement by sucking on a very erect nipple and reaching down and inserting two fingers into her pussy and she pushed her body into mine even harder.
She suggested we get in the hot tub and asked me to go get a couple more beers.
When I came out she was in the tub. She had her pussy up against one of the jets. I got in behind her and started kissing her neck and pulling on her nipples and kneading her small firm titties. I slid one hand down her stomach till i reached her mound and slipped a finger into her pussy and rubbed her swollen clit with my thumb. She moaned and cried out oh fuck I’m coming. My cock was finding its way between her legs. She reached down and garbed my cock and roughly stroked it in a jerking motion. After doing this for a bit she said I want that monster in me and I want it now. She guided me into her wet pussy squeezed my cock with her pussy mussels oh shit she felt good and tight. We fucked like there was no tomorrow. I slipped her ass cheeks a few times and she moaned even loader. I leaned forward to grabed her tit she yelled oooooooh fuck Bob I’m cuming when she said this I felt the cum build up from the base of my dick and I pumped what seamed like a gallon of my hot jism into her as we came together.
She slid herself off of me and turned around and licked me clean of our juices. When she finished I had her lay on the nearby picnic table and proceeded to make lunch of her cum filled pussy. Nadine put her legs on my shoulders and I stood up so her ass was off the table and ran my hands up and down her lovely legs. I moved from her legs and played with her ass cheeks. I found her swollen clit and played with it with my tongue. I got a finger wet with her pussy juice and stuck it up her asshole. She arched her back and yelled out oh fuck I’m going to cum all over your face. I licked her juice from around my mouth as best as I could. What I couldn’t reach she got for me.
She had me turn around and lay back on the picnic table> She then kissed me I could taste our juices mixed in her mouth. She slowly moved down me stopping at my tits and sucked and played with my tits. I absolutly love it when someone does this and especially when my nipples are sucked I took in a deep breath and let out a long slow sigh. She got to my erect again dick and pulled back the foreskin and kissed the head Then she forced open my pee hole with that cute little tongue of hers. It drove me nuts. Then she grabbed my nuts and started playing with them while sliding her mouth down my shaft and twirling her tongue around it as well. I couldn’t take much more of this and shot another load of my love juice down her throat and she swallowed every last bit of me and licked me clean one more time.
We fell asleep on the cool grass Woke up sometime latter and went to her bedroom where we spent most of the next day.
This happened three years ago and we have been happily married for two years. We have a beautiful little 2-year-old daughter who is a split image of her mother. We have another on the way. We both hope it’s a son.

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  1. Dennis North

    I enjoyed this story.

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  2. BanjoBoy86

    Nice Story. You are a good writer. Go have some fun so you can have soething else to write about. :-)

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