Crashin a slumber party the right way Part 1

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I walked down the stairs towards the brain drained boys of my older brothers sleepover party. When I stepped in front of the TV they gazed at my full grown boobs trapped in a tiny bra and a damp pussy with a skimpy purple thong. My brothers jaw dropped as the boys instantly swarmed around me. I smiled slowly and looked at all the sexy boys that were now sucking on my tits and licking at my pussy. I got up on my knees and another boy began screwing me hard. This was perfect. I was getting my tits sucked, pussy licked, and someone was screwing my ass, all of these bys were also four years older then me! Then, my brother made his way to me through the crowd of boys. My eyes were closed, and not only until my big bro had pulled away all the boys that were on me did I look. He stood in front of me. Cock sticking out straight, he was butt naked. I gullped as he picked me up and set me on the couch. I never expected my brother to want in on the fun. He climbed onto the couch and kneeled so his body was positioned above mine. I stared at him, a sly smile on my face and winked. He took his two fingers and spread my pussy, then rubbed the head of his cock against my hole. My eyes closed as I began to get horny, groans escaped my mouth and turned into shreiks as my brother stuck his over large dick into my pussy and screwed me as hard as possible. Boys started to crowd around for a piece of me to themselves. Two boys caressed my tits with sucking motions. And another boy got onto the couch, kneeled above my head, and stuck his cock into my mouth. As I gave this hottie a blow job, my brother started going harder and harder and harder. He grabbed my ass and yanked me into him without stopping! And, his cock was three inches wide, plus taller then my dads.When the party was over the next morning and everyone was gone, the parents still out for the week, my brother came and woke me up.

Hey guess what you get to do every night from now on.
He asked slowly.
I frowned.
Your gonna be screwing in bed with me until its not possible for us to see eachother anymore he said.
I smiled as my still naked brother and I got onto the floor and started screwing all over again.

Part Two Coming soon!

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Crashin a slumber party the right way Part 1, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. this story was horrible men rnt gonna jump on a girl if she stands infront of the tv and why was she in a thong ne ways its fake

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