Daddy's Girl All The Way PART 2

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As she felt Daddys hand in her panties.. Mckenzie whimpered, and squirmed..”Daaaddy, nooo”…”Shhhhh her Daddy whispered, its alright baby.. Daddy’s here.. he’s gonna take real good care of you. His hand rubbs her pussy gently. Mckenzie can’t believe what is happening.. her Daddy has her hand in her panties!
Daddy, i .. i… oohhhh it felt sooo goood, she didn’t wanna complain, but this.. wasn’t right was it?!
Daaaddy… she squirms some more.. her Daddy finally holding her down.. Mckenzie, Daddy loves you, and just wants to show you how much.. don’t worry baby.. i’m going to take reaal good care of you. His hand begins pulling her panties down,. down.. down.. theyre to her ankles.. his hand sloowly rubbing up and down her legs, then back to her pussy.. he lowers his head, to gently place a kiisss.. riiiight, there.,, on her lil clitty. Daaaaaaddy!.. he kiisses her a lil harder this time.. very gently biting on her clit.. UUUhhhhh she moans. whimpers.. her heart feeels like its gonna beat out of her chest.. she can’t breathe… her head feels like its throbbing.. whaaat is happening?! Daddy comes up and places a kiiiisss on her lips, his hands roaming all over her body… uummmm… something taste sooo good on his lips… mmmmmmmmmDaaaddy..”yesss baby, what does Daddys Girl want?”…
Daaaaddy she whimpers.. her Daddy,,slowly sliides down her body… he neeeeds to play with her pussy.. get her very wet, for whaat he’s about to do… he licks and sucks.. and sloowly.. fingers her..
Mckenzie squirms.. and squirms.. Daddy slaps her lightly…. HOLD STILL Mckenzie..
McKenzie feeeels like she’s gonna peeeeeee.. “Daaaaaddy i have to peeeeeee” she whines… “its ok baby, go ahead,.. Daddy answers, as he takes a lil bite of her clitt.. UMMM MMMM… Daddy is making growling noises..
He then gets up, and straddles McKenzie.. whaaaat are you doing Daddy?!.. “im going to make love to you baby,,, Daddy is going to put his cock inside, you.. and fuck you real niice and slow,, til he cummms … DAADDY noooooo!… “yessss Mckenzie, Daddy reaches over, grabbing the handcuffs his kept in his by side table… and handcuffs Mckenzie’s wrist to the bed post… then takes the other set,, handcuffing her ankles… noow baby, this is going to hurt a lil at first… but Daddy promises.. it will be worth it,.. and after awhile, its gonna feel sooo good, and your gonna love it!
.. Daddy then, very slowly, thrust his cock, inside McKenzie… she cries out… Daaaaaaaddddddy…” he stuffs his underwear in her mouth… shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby… “he thrust again… again….. he can hear Mckenzie muffled whimpers through his underwear.. BUT it turns him on.. makes him a wild animal almost… he thrust harder… harder…. Popping her cherry….
McKenzie is whimpering… til then… then like Magic… her exression changes.. an almost smile comes on her face.. instead of whimpers.. Daddy hears moans ….
he continues to thrusting.. in… out…. in…… out… he leans down, sucking her right nipple.. her hand tangling in his hair…….. then, theres a knock on the bedroom door.. “Daddy moans…” CUUUMMMM IN MIIKE,.. the door opens, and Mckenzie’s uncle Mike walks into the room… oohh looks like i’m just in time! he smiles and walks to the bed… leaning down.. taking Daddys underwear out of her mouth, replacing it, with a piece of choclate candy… eat it darlin… your gona neeed your strenth… he laughs… and begins to undress……… STAY TUNED.. THERES MORE TO CUM!

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    I really get excited by this kind of fantasy story

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