Dorothy Part 2.

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Dorothy’s Mother Part 2

When Thursday came I could not wait to get home, eat dinner, change and get in my car to drive over to Epsom.

I parked in the driveway and rang the doorbell. Dorothy’s mother answered the door and invited me in. We went into the front room and Dorothy’s mother said, “why don’t you call me Ann, Mrs. Vernon is too formal?” Ann and I were sitting on the sofa, she asked me if I would like a drink, it was obvious that she had been drinking, there was a bottle of gin on her table. I said, “No thank you, I don’t drink Gin.”

As we were sitting there I looked at Ann and if I had not known that she was Dorothy’s mother I would have fancied her. She had auburn hair, there were no lines on her face and she had those perfect lips just like her daughter. In addition, her low slung blouse displayed a great pair of tits, plus her short skirt showed that she had good legs.

Ann said, “I tried to call you because Dorothy and Mr. Vernon will not be home until tomorrow, something needed to be taken care of in Norwich.” As she talked she moved closer to me and began to stroke my hair. “You’re a good looking boy ” she said “I’m not surprised that Dorothy is crazy about you.” I said, “thank you, I had better go now.” I was a little embarrassed at Ann’s actions.

I was about to get off the sofa when Ann said, “there is no need for you to go, I’m sure that we can find something to amuse ourselves.” I had no idea what she meant until she moved even closed and put her hand on my crotch.

“Well you are a big boy,” she said and she continued to massage me through my trousers. Then she slipped her blouse down exposing a black bra that held back her large tits. “Would you like to feel these?” she said. I was very confused, this was the first time an older woman had made an advance to me, now here was an opportunity but it was Dorothy’s mother, what should I do?

Before I could make up my mind what to do, Ann had unzipped my trousers and pulled by cock out, she lowered her head and began sucking me. What should I do now?

Once again my body dictated what I should do. I moved my hand behind her and undid their bra releasing tits that were even bigger than Dorothy’s. Ann said, “we need to get more comfortable, follow me.” She held my hand and led me up stairs to her bedroom. In a moment she had removed her skirt leaving only her panties. She pulled me onto the very large bed and said, “you have done this before haven’t you?” I wanted to say yes with your daughter but I thought that if I told her about what Dorothy and I had been up to, it might spoil the moment.

So I just said, “Yes” and removed my shirt and trousers laying down beside Ann and looking over to admire her tits. While Dorothy’s tits stood proud, Ann’s were a little droopy but nevertheless when I began to fondle them they perked up, the nipples got very hard as I took one into my mouth.

While I was concentrating on her tits, Ann was massaging me, she said, “your bigger than I thought, have you had sex with Dorothy?” I was at a loss for what to reply, in my mind I heard the voice of my mum saying, “when in doubt, tell the truth.” So I said, “Yes, she is a wonderful girl.” Ann sighed and said, “well I’m about to show you that she is a beginner compared to me.”

Although my body was ready I was still startled that Dorothy’s mother would want me. However, with a large nipple in my mouth I was in heaven. Then Ann said, “you just lay there I’ll get you ready.” She began at my feet licking each toe in turn then gently moving up one leg licking and kissing all the way until she reached my crotch. She then lay on me and began kissing my face. Her lips were soft and she licked my lips then put her tongue in my mouth and kissed me for at least three minutes all the time she was laying on me I could feel her tits but I was not touching.

She then got on her knees and started going down my body from my mouth to my chest then to my crotch but when she got there she stopped and said, “do you want to feel what a real woman is like?” Without waiting for my reply she removed her panties exposing a very large mound of auburn hair. In a moment I put my hand on the mound and moved my finger into that inviting opening. She was very wet and I could feel that this was the largest cunt I had ever experienced. I just rotated my fingers while she said, “you’ve got the right idea but you need to find my hot spot, my clitoris.” I had no idea what this meant so I explored some more until I felt something and Ann just arched her back as I came into contact with her ‘hot spot’.

By now I was ready but Ann said, “I know that you are young and inexperienced, why don’t we take a small break? This will let you simmer down and enjoy it even more.” So we lay next to each other and I looked over at her taking in all her body. For a lady who must have been near or over forty she was well preserved. Her large tits had a little sage and her stomach was noticeable but not big, what appealed to me most was the large mound between her legs and the large well rounded hips.

We lay there for five minutes, Anne asked me, “am I better than Dorothy?” and “Did you use protection when you had sex before?” I did not know what to say so I said, “you are the best” and left it at that.

She was right, after five minutes I had simmered down but as soon as I looked at that auburn mound I was rising to the occasion. As Ann had started at my toes I decided to do the same, licking and kissing her all the way up to that magnificent mound. Then I started inside sucking and using my tongue to find that ‘hot spot’, she said, “you really learn fast, what position do you like best?”

I though for a minute and said, “why don’t you come on top?” She said, “you don’t have to use a Condom, I have protection.” I did not know what she meant until she reached into the drawer of her bedside table and produced a round latex cap. This was the first time that I had seen one, she opened her legs and placed the cap into position, “now we are safe”, she said.

I lay on my back and Ann gradually moved over me, this time as she moved up my legs she stopped and took me into her mouth gently licking and sucking. Then she lifted my hips so that we made contact, I was all the way inside and could feel her cap. She began to squeeze and release me just like Dorothy had done but this was much better. In addition, there were two large tits right in front of my mouth, I could not resist I licked and sucked at one nipple then the next until they were both as hard as nuts.

All the time Ann was on top of me she was not only clutching and releasing me but she was moving in and out so it was not long before I reached a climax, in fact we came together.

Once again we lay on our backs side by side not saying a word. Ann lent over and gently sucked me and then used a clean handkerchief to dry me. The she said, “why don’t you clean me up?” So I got on my knees and gently used my tongue, then she handed me another handkerchief so that I could dry her.

We lay together for about ten minutes then Ann said, “It’s time to get dressed.” On reaching the front room Anne said, “I have some thing to tell you Peter.” I wondered what she wanted now but she continued, “I really enjoyed you, it’s been some time since I’ve had such good sex and you were very good. However, I don’t want my daughter mixing with you any more as obviously you have no morals, so I will tell her that you don’t’ want to see her anymore. If she does call you please tell her the same thing.”

I was amazed because I did not fully comprehend what had just happened so I asked, “Why would you go to bed with me then not allow me to see your daughter again?” She replied, “just think about it, if you continue seeing Dorothy every time you come over and we meet you will be reminded of this evening and you will feel guilty. So I think it best if yo
u just fade away.”

This must have been the most peculiar evening of my life to date
. I had sex with my girl friends mother and then she had informed me not to see her daughter again.

On the way home I kept thinking about what Ann had said and eventually I recognized that she was right. I could not go on seeing Dorothy so I was off the hook.

 Peter Lincoln.

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