First Time with Woman Next Door

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I just stared hungrily at a good deal of her ample breasts revealed by the sagging, low-cut front of her sundress, as my neighbour stooped to weed the pot plants on her patio. I was mesmerised by the generous display of so much of her bosom, I could barely keep my side of the conversation. Those lush contours looked so enticing as she moved about, using a small fork, her breasts jiggling alluringly, with a continuously changing view. Sometimes virtually half of one boob – the rest concealed by a lacy pink bra, and only a little of the other tit, then about a third of each, then a half of the other breast and a little of the first one. Her prominent
nipples also protruded through her bra cups.

I got an erection rather quickly, and a strong urge to fondle and suck her gorgeous looking boobs…

Occasionally, she glanced up at me, with a seet, maybe even saucy smile, before continuing with her task. She turned away from me briefly, giving me a good view of a shapely, well-fleshed thigh as her skirt was caught up on a plant. Then she faced me again, to delight me with another view of her lovely breasts.

“It’s just so nice to see you again, Jim, it’s so quiet with Sue away. Would you like to come over later, I’ve got something to show you? Trevor is away on a fishing trip with his mates, and Sue’s at a camp.”
I replied that, thanks, I’d love to, and we agreed on a time.

I had just arrived home to do some work for Dad, clearing a vacant lot he’d bought. It was the summer holidays, and the rest of my family were still down at our beach house. It was the long vacation after my first year at university. I might add, I’m a biggish guy of 20, 6 foot 2 ins. and 170 pounds, and I was pretty fit from running and weight lifting.

We were good friends with our next door neighbours, Trevor and Jane, and their daughter, Sue, who was 11. Jane must have seen me arriving, and carrying my luggage and groceries into the house, and called me over to her patio, which adjoined the side boundary between our two properties.

So, afterwards,I went into our house, I showered and changed, had a light meal, then went next door.

Jane invited me in, she was wearing a slinky, maroon satin robe fastened with only a few buttons in the middle, revealing a lot of her splendid breasts and thighs as she moved about. An attractive, shapely, brunette in her mid 30’s, she was about 5 ft.7 and 130 pounds.

“Please take a seat, Jim. Would you like a drink?”

I answered “Thanks”, and sat down in the living room, and that I’d welcome a drink. Naturally, I had an erection by this stage, in fact, it had not really subsided since she’d invited me over a little earlier. Jane brought in the drinks, and gave me another and better view of her gorgeous tits – there was no sign of a bra, and I even glimpsed a rather large nipple as she stooped to pass me the glass, and I could also see a tantalising glimpse of some creamy thigh.

I had to concentrate to accept the glass from her, and by now my cock was very big and stiff, poking up in my boxers in a very obvious way.

Jane sat opposite me, and chatted about Sue, and her pot plants. Then, she leaned over to rub her ankle, saying something about an ant had stung her there when she was tending her plants, and it was painful. Well, her robe opened a good deal, to expose a lot of her magnificent breasts, swinging and jiggling about as she continued to rub her ankle.

I grasped my chance, and asked her if she’d put anything on the sting.

“No”, she replied.

I answered that we had some aloe vera gel, which was great for insect bites and stings, and if she’d excuse me, I’d race home and grab it, and she agreed.

So I did, but when I got back, she’d changed to a very sexy looking hot pink negligee, which really decorated her luscious body rather than concealing it!
I went over to her, and kneeling down, put the gel on her sting, rubbing it on for much longer than necessary! My erection was harder than ever.

“That’s better already, thanks Jim” she said. “But I’d love you to rub it some more”.

So I did, but I got the cue she really wanted to rub her leg higher, as well as her other leg, so I did, stroking her soft, smooth skin. Next I cautiously started above her knee – next thing, she threw her arms around my neck, drew me up, and was kissing me hotly on my mouth!

Well, I was expecting this, and returned her kiss. We kissed some more, in fact became quite passionate! I moved up to sit beside her on the settee, and gently placed a hand on one of her breasts, and she started to feel my big cock. As I cupped and stroked her boob, and twiddled with the nipple, we continued snogging, and she undid my fly, and felt my hard-on through my boxers.

After a while, Jane said, “You know, Jim, I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time, and now, here we are! Let’s go to the bedroom.”

So arm in arm we moved to her bedroom.

“May I undress you, please Jim?” asked Jane.

I replied that yes, I would, if she let me undress her afterwards, and she agreed.

Quiclkly, Jane took off my shirt, then ran her soft hands over my shoulders and back, and felt my biceps.

“Wow, just look at this hunk I’ve got!” she exclaimed.

Then she removed my jeans, saying,

“Just look at your fantastic big, hard, cock!”
Carefully, she lowered my boxers over my 9 inch long, 2 inch thick erection, saying “WOW! WOW! WOW!” as she slipped them down my legs and off my feet.

Next, she sat me on the bed, and fondled my dick, before putting it in her mouth.
However, she’d only started fellatio before my pent up sexual energy boiled with all that had happened that evening, that I came in her mouth!

Jane just continued sucking my cock, swallowing each spurt of my seed as it erupted, and there must have been 8 or 10 spurts!

After that, we French kissed some more, then she paused, and said “Your turn now, Jim!”.

So I gently undid her negligee, to unveil her splendid breasts, which must have been a good C-cup size, maybe D-cup. They were set high on her chest, only sagged slightly, and had nipples that had become distended to an inch long, with areolae that were 3 inches wide! It was my turn to say, “WOW! WOW! WOW!”
Jane just giggled delightedly.

I just had to suck one boob some while fondling the other for several minutes each, before switching tits. Jane sighed and moaned with delight.

Then, I grasped her thong at the sides, and carefully slid it down her legs and off.
Her pussy was neatly shaved, with just a tuft at the top, but what caught my attention were her big, swollen cunt lips.

I just had to taste her, so I asked her if she’d like me to do cunnilingus, and she replied “Sure!”

So she spread her legs, and I started to lick and suck her pussy lips at first, then I moved on to her clit, which was sticking up over an inch by this! Soon she moaned and groaned in ecstasy, then started threshing around as she orgasmed!

“Thankyou, Jim, that was just fantabulous!” she exclaimed when she’d partially recovered, and fondled my cock which was big and hard again by this. We kissed some more, and I sucked and fondled her fantabulous tits again…

(To be continued)>

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    where is the second part?

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    Really?? Nipples an inch and a half long? A bit unbelievable.

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    I agree with the previous comment…

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