Foxy Dancer

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Foxy Dancer

I found myself in awe of this… this… fox! She was a dancer at this strip club me and my buddies went to one Friday night. She was incredibly small and petite. She had a perky little body and was in great shape. It was obvious she liked me and when we were about to leave she made it even more so by giving me a kiss and inviting me out. Going out went about as far as getting to her place and sending the baby sitter home. It took her about ten seconds to have my pants down and to have my cock in her mouth!
For about the next fifteen minutes I enjoyed the most wonderful blow-job I’d ever had.
When she came up for air I took the opportunity to lift her small frame up to its feet. It was weird, I hadn’t said but maybe a half a dozen words to her and here I was taking her clothes off her perfect little body. She stood maybe five foot tall and couldn’t have weighed more than ninety pounds. Once I had all her clothes off I lifted her up in my arms and we made out as I carried her back to her bed room. The lights never came on as I licked and sucked on every inch of her body. Her tits were so small I could easily wrap one up in my mouth and feel the ribs of her chest on my lips. Her crotch was shaved bald and was slippery smooth as her sweet juices coated everything. God she tasted great!
And then we fucked! Her pussy was wonderfully tight! I knew she’d had a lot to drink that night and I could smell pot on her breath, but that certainly didn’t hurt her ability to fuck my brains out! She had a huge bed and we covered every inch of it as we fucked for at least an hour straight.
The last thing I remember was her stumbling her way to the bathroom.
The next thing I remember was waking up to my dick being sucked on again! I reached down and rubbed her small head of silky soft hair as she licked and sucked on the tip of my dick. It was so much different than before, she was more… patient… more tender. I could feel her thin fingers wrapped around the shaft of my dick as she gently played with the tip with her lips and tongue.
Then she began to kiss and lick her way up my stomach and chest and finally to my mouth. I could hear and feel her heavy little breaths as she hovered over my face. I ran my hands up her really small back and pressed the back of her head so that our lips came together. With great energy she and I made-out as I rubbed and squeezed her small ass, my god she was so small!
I slid my fingers down her butt crack to her bald crotch and worked one finger into her small pussy slit. Right away her little pussy exploded as she gave me a bear hug and let out a little whimper. It wasn’t far for the tip of my finger to be plowing it’s way into her tiny pussy hole. She just held on tight and whimpered as I slowly finger fucked her. I couldn’t imagine that my dick had ever gotten into such a tight little pussy!
But now that I was as hard as a rock again and she was dripping wet I figured it was time for round two.
I pulled my finger out of her pussy and I could feel her body relax slightly. I spread her thin legs out wide and began to work the tip of my dick into her wet slit. She just laid there, holding me tight as she dug her nails into my shoulders and back. Holding in her whimpers and whines.
This was all real strange. This aggressive little horny sex machine was not only real submissive now, but she wasn’t moaning and screaming out loud like she had been doing before. And god her pussy was tighter than ever!
I had to give my dick a good shove to get it to pop into her little pussy hole, which caused her to whine out loud for the first time as she really dug her nails deep into my shoulders.
That’s when I felt the movement next to me. I reached over with one hand and felt a naked body next to me. Now my head was reeling!
If the dancer doll was next to me, who the hell was I fucking?!
I slid my hands up to the shoulders of the girl who was on me and pushed her up to a sitting position. She was letting out cute little grunts and moans as I slid my hands down her wet face and chest.
No tits! She had no tits and was really thin. I could wrap my fingers and thumbs all the way around her waist!
That’s when it hit me. I was fucking her daughter!
I tried to think if I had heard how old this girl was. Ten? Eleven? I couldn’t believe this was happening!
I wanted to push her off but it was like her little pussy had a death grip on me. We just kept on fucking. Slowly, up and down she went. The tip of my dick popping in and out of her tiny hole every time. Her little body trembled and quivered as her moans and whines slowly got louder and louder. Just when I thought she was going to let my dick sink in deeper she’d pull back out and pop it in again.
Then the dancer moved, grunted a few times as she woke up and then wiggled herself out of bed and made her way to the restroom. When she turned the bathroom light on I could see the outline of the little girl sitting on top of me. I didn’t know how old she was, but god she had such a wonderful little body!
The girl sat there like a statue as her mother went to the bath room. I just laid there silently while I held onto her thin legs. My dick was throbbing in her tight little pussy. Her mother came back in the room and was back asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.
It only took a few more entries into her young little body and I was blasting my second load of the night. It felt like her small tight pussy was literally squeezing the cum right out of me!
I fell asleep with this little thing in my arms and woke up the next morning very satisfied with my new sex partner…s.

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