Fun in the Retirement Home By Rick

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Fun in the Retirement Home
By Rick

I was asked by a friend of mine to help him show some older people in one of the local retirement homes how to use computers and access the internet . I was basically going to teach how them how to set up an internet account with an Isp and how to do e-mail . The classes would be small about 5 to 10 people per class so we could give individual attention to the elderly people . My first class was on a Saturday morning . I walked in front of the class and introduced my self . There were only three people there . Well I said I knew that this would be a small class but I guess computers aren’t that popular around here . One of the woman said . No it’s just that they are giving flue shots today the others will be along shortly . I said ok any questions before the others get here ? My name is Sue and I want to know if we can use the phone lines in our rooms or do we have to use the public computers and if we use the phone lines in our rooms can we still get phone calls ? I checked Sue and you all have DSL lines so you can use the lines in your rooms and make calls at the same time . Do you have a computer Sue ? No but I’m going to get one . Fine I said . At that point six others walked in . We are the rest of your class one of them said . Welcome I said and went through the class that I had planned . I was quite surprised at the quality of the questions . Three hours later I finished the class and gave everyone a card with my name and phone number on it and told them to call me if they had any questions or problems . I was about to leave when Sue stopped me and asked if I had a few minutes . She was about my height and weighed maybe 100 pounds . Her hair was all white and she had dark brown eyes . Sure I said what do you want to know ? What kind of computer should I buy ? How should it be equipped ? Well I said that would depend on how much you want to spend . You could buy a web TV and a printer for a couple of hundred dollars or you could spend a lot of money and get a top of the line computer and a fancy printer or anything in between . Well she said I want to be able to use e-mail and to visit all sorts of web sites and since I used to be a photographer I want to be able to use a digital camera and print the pictures on the printer because they won’t let me have a dark room here . Money isn’t a problem . I’ll tell you what I said I have a set up at home that you can see and if it’s what your interested in and go from there . Could we do that today ? Sure I said I don’t have any plans . Come up to my room and I’ll show you the digital camera I bought last week she said and I’ll give you some coffee if you like . I’d love some coffee I said . I thought so you kept on looking at your empty cup during your presentation . I laughed and followed her to her room . It was actually a nice four room apartment . She went to the kitchen and started the coffee pot . Then we went to her living room and she got her digital camera . Very nice I said you bought a very good one with a proper lens . Well I know a lot about cameras she said I worked wit them for many years . I see that you have a nice collection of cameras I said . Yes she said some are quite valuable . What a second she got up and went to her book shelf and took down a scrap book . Here are some of the pictures that I have taken over the years . I was impressed with the books some famous people were her subjects including two former presidents . That’s very impressive I said . Yes she said I was lucky . I opened the second book and most of the pictures were nudes ! Well I said you certainly photographed every thing . She blushed Yes I took a lot of nudes . That’s me she said and pointed to a young lady with the long hair of the 1940’s . I took that in 48 she said with a self timer . Her hair was dark and her pussy hair was long and stood out because of her pale skin . You were a very attractive young lady I said . Thank you my husband was the tall man next to me . He was a great husband . He died ten years ago . She started to sniffle then she smiled . As you can see he had a huge cock ! I noticed makes me feel inadequate I said . No need she said it how you use what you’ve got that counts. The coffee stopped percolating and she got us each a cup . I turned the page and was quite surprised to see her sucking her husbands cock while another guy was fucking her . We were swingers she said . I hope I haven’t offended you she said quickly . Not at all I said as a matter of fact I make videos of people having sex as a side job . Really? She said . I’d like to see some of those ! No problem I said I have some at home maybe you can help me make better videos by giving me pointers on how to set up scenes . I can do better than that she said . I have some 8mm home movies that I took so maybe we can help each other . She got an ancient 8mm Kodak projector and some film out and set up a screen . She had the think working in less than two minutes . It was of a swinging party from around 1955 ! Sue was running the camera so she wasn’t on camera but there was a lot of action . Hey I said isn’t that the lady that did the cooking show on TV back then from Syracuse ? Yes it is Sue said . She loved to swing . My cock was hard as a rock by now . Getting excited Sue asked . Yes I am I said . Me to she said . She unzipped my pants and took my cock out . Not as big as Dan’s but it will do . She licked the head of my cock . Tastes good . I said feels great ! I always was a good cock sucker she said . I love the taste of jizz ! ( that’s what they called cum in the 50’s ) She gave me a great blow job . See she said that Linda Lovelace didn’t invent that . No I said but she did make it famous . True Sue said she did . I said now let me get you off . I took her panties off and ate her pussy licking on the clit and tongue fucking her until she came . I really , really needed that she said but I could use a hard cock up my cunt right now . I was hard again anyway . I said no condoms sorry . Don’t worry she said I have rubbers right here . She opened a drawer and took out a ribbed lubed condom . I use the with my dildo she said makes it feel more realistic . I put it on and picked her up and put her on her sofa and slipped my cock in her 78 year old pussy and slowly stroked in and out . Faster she said so I humped faster and faster until we both came . Thank you she said I have missed that for quite a while . We dressed and left for my place .

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  1. blowhard

    Nice story! I have had a couple of experiences with older women and they are great. They really appreciated a good fuck. So lets hear more stories. Maybe I will do one of mine too.

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