Gladys and me part 2

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I had not slept for long, only an hour maybe, when I awoke I was on my back and all I could feel was delightful touch of a tongue running up and down my shaft. Gladys was awake and she was ready for fun. She had one of my balls in each hand and was gently rubbing and squeezing while she licked the entire length of my shaft before sucking the tip into her mouth like a lollipop.
She looked up at me and smiled. Do you like mummy licking your cock she asked, oh yes mummy I replied, it is wonderful, fucking wonderful, please don’t stop.
I was enjoying this so much when she stopped and came up to kiss me. Her tongue was probing my mouth and her hand was squeezing my shaft really hard as she eased the foreskin back and forth giving me the most exquisite wank.
I tried to feel between her legs, but she would’nt let me, your time will come she said, you naughty little boy. Her wanking was fantastic and before I could say anything else I exploded into her hand, cum shooting through her fingers and up her arm. She kept stroking until every drop had run out of me. What she did next shocked me. My 62 year old mother inlaw who I had to call mummy got onto her hands and knees and raaised her ass high in the air. Her ass hole and cunt hole were in full open view as she wriggled her ass. Kick the holes she said before adding “and I mean both of them”. I could not lick fast enough. My tongue was in her ass hole and in her cunt, sucking her clit while I fingered her ass. She was orgasmoing very quickly but insisted I carry on. Afetr about an hour of solid licking I was shattered, but my cock was huge and bursting to be released.
“Fuck me now my little boy”
I was up behind her and ready to go, I thrust my cock into her soaking hole and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I made a point of ramming it as hard as possible, “mummy you are fucking great” I said as I shot a full load up her old cunt.
She fell face down on the bed and sighed, she said it was fantastic and she wanted more. That was all for today though and I had to go home, but before I left she asked what I thought of my niece Charlene, I said she was very nice, but Gladys just laughed at me. We’ve been sucking ech others cunts since she was twelve she said. She wants a good fucking without any comeback and you are going to give your 16 year old niece the fuck of her life with me on sunday. I could not wait.

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  1. old whores stink

    It is a well known fact that old ladies can’t wipe there asses very well after they take a crap (arthritis and such) so I am sure that when you licked her ass you got a mouth full of SHIT!!!!!

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