Hot Summer Days and Nights Chapter 2

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Hot Summer Days and Nights
Chapter 2

As soon as I woke the next morning I knew that it would be a good day after last night. I could not get the image of Uncle Buddy’s big dick out of my head. As I went down stairs, I noticed that Jill was already dressed and reading the morning paper. “Hello, I said Jill”. ” Hi, she replied.” “Beautiful day, I added”

“Yeah except for one thing”, she hissed. “What, I asked?”

Well I am so frustrated, that is sexually, she added. I have not been in a relationship in six months, and all the guys I have fucked are not very good, or very well endowed, she added.

Okay, I get the picture, however, I think I have a solution for you, I informed her. Meet me back here at 6:00 today after you are done running your errands, I instructed. “Okay, she replied.

As I gathered my thoughts, I figured she would be okay, if I could get her to submit to Uncle Buddy. As I was sitting there thinking, Uncle Bill came in from his session.

“Hello Kara, he sated”. “Hi Uncle Bill, how are you, I answered.”

“Oh, I am fine, just a little tired, I think I will go take a little nap, he stated. “Okay, let me know if I can get you anything,” I responded.

Uncle Bill made his way upstairs and I continually tried to figure out how to get Jill to go along with the plan. With that thought, I realized that I had not given Uncle Bill his mail. I picked up the mail and headed up stairs, I could see the door was partially opened. As I pushed the door a little wider, I almost fainted at what I saw. There was Uncle Bill standing in front of his mirror admiring himself and rubbing his dick up and down. But the unbelievable part, was the fact the his fucking dick was semi hard and it was at least 9 inches long. His semi was even bigger than Uncle Buddy’s.

I closed the door gently and quickly went back downstairs as I did not want him to know what I had just witnessed. At that moment I realized how I was going to get Jill over her frustrations. That was the right cock to pull any girl out of sexual frustration.

My thoughts were interrupted again by Uncle Bill, as he walked through and headed to the kitchen. “Do you want me to fix you a snack, I asked. “No I am just getting some juice,” he replied.

“Okay, I was wondering if I could talk to you a for a few moments,” I asked. “Sure, what gives, he asked.
As I began to tell him about Jill’s situation, and the little situation with Uncle Buddy and I he looked at me and smile.

“Say no more, he added” ” I know exactly what Jill needs and I know how to give it to her, he said matter of fact.

As soon as Jill got home, I hurried her upstairs to get the plan in motion. Uncle Bill was already in the shower and I insisted that Jill take a good shower and use my baby powder, strawberry lotion and body splash. I wanted her to run him crazy, so that he would fill her pussy with big powerful dick. I had already told Bill what time to come in the room and instructed Jill to get ready.

I told Jill we were about to have some fun, as I would blindfold her and handcuff her to the king size bed. After I took care of that, I put a Jazz CD in the player and put the soft music on.

As Uncle Bill came through the door and feast his eyes on Jill laying there naked with her shapely body, huge tits and hairy pussy exposed, I could see the lust in his eyes. When he pulled off his bath robe, I still could not believe how big, fat long and stiff his cock was. I was shaped beautifully, with a mushroom head and all of those purple veins for that extra friction.

I told Jill to relax and to part her legs slightly. She complied and Uncle Bill started to kiss her thighs gently and rub them as he made his way to her inner thighs, she moaned lightly. As he continued to massage her thighs, he decided to enjoy her huge firm breast, by gently sucking each nipple. She moaned again and started to wiggle.

Uncle Bill began to rub over he extremely hairy pussy. He stuck his nose into the bushy part of her wet lips. Jill let out a sign of approval. Bill began to make little circles in her pussy with his tongue, as he tasted her juices, he moaned with pleasure.

Jill started to move and twitch, Uncle Bill began to eat her pussy slowly in a circular motion.

“Oh fuck,” she stated. This feels sooo-o—-o—oooo damn good. “Lick my pussy, baby, she stated.

The more she reacted, the more forceful he licked, by now she had her legs wrapped around his neck. He continued to lick her cunt until she had the most explosive orgasm she ever dreamed.

Uncle Bill got up on his knees and motioned for me to come and assist him. As I approached the bed, I could see Jill was hot and horny, as her cunt, was dripping.

“Okay, just relax Jill”, I stated. I pick up his huge cock and guided it in to the inner part of her pussy lips. As the head got to the opening of her lips, I could tell she felt the size already. Uncle Bill eased the head into the opening of her lips, she jumped lightly.

“Oh, she exclaimed. Mum-umm-um-um that feels so good, she said.

“With that, he gave her about 2 ½ inches more, which was a total of about 4 inches. However his member was so fat that I am sure she thought it was a leg stuck in her.

“Oh, oh shit, she cried, “What kind of dick are you putting in me?” she asked.

“I have nee—eee—, she tried to get it out, but all she could say was, “Oh fuck, this cock is so fucking good, it is making me squirt all over the bed.”

Uncle Bill started to fuck her slowly with about six inches in her pussy and he was enjoying how warm and tight her cunt was. He decided to lie completely on top of her and give her 8 inches of his 10 inch fuck pole and she went wild.

“Oh baby, your dick feels so warm and veiny. Those thick veins are pleasing this pussy more than you know, she exclaimed.

I have been waiting for a nice, hot, slow fuck, with long, powerful strokes. A man with a big dick and a slow hand can rock my world anytime.

About that time, she asked me to take the handcuffs of, so that she could at least wrap her arms around to man that fucking her so good. With that I took the handcuffs off and she raised the blindfold and to her surprise she looked into her Uncles Bill’s face.

She was speechless, however her uncle started to apologize and told her he did not mean to hurt or offend her. He said he just wanted to make her happy.

No need to apologize Uncle Bill, I knew you were special and that is why Aunt Cathy loved you so much. But right now, we have some unfinished business. We are going to have a nice night of inhabited fucking, I am not worried about making love, I need to fucked with this big cock.

I need to get on top and ride this big dick you have and see if I can make it limp. This is the biggest, fattest, longest cock that I have ever had and it is the best dick ever. I intend on fucking you until we drop, I have been so miserable, but that is over.

Kara, thank you, would you like to stay and join us?

“No I replied as I opened the door for Uncle Buddy, who was in his robe, I have to help Uncle Buddy with a project.

With that I opened his robed and exposed his now semi-hard 9 inch cock. Jill’s mouth flew opened, I do not believe this. Where did all this good fortune come from? This is like dick heaven. I love big dick and now I am surrounded by it.

Okay I stated we will see you two later, have fun I know we will. As we left, I knew this would be a great summer and a great night, because Uncle Buddy and I were going to his room and have a fuck feast all night long and on into the next day.

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