Hot Summer Days and Nights

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Hot Summer Days and Nights

What a drag, thought Kara “Why do I need to spend my summer baby-sitting my 58 year old great uncle. Kara has just been informed by her parents that she had to spend her summer vacation helping her uncle and his friend out as they were receiving special veteran clinic treatment and participating in some type of university study for retired veterans. Although Kara loved her uncle buddy and his friend, she thought it seem unfair that she had to give up her summer vacation away from school to stay with them. The one thing that did make her day was knowing that her uncle’s friend would be having his niece stay with him as well and she was 20 years old the same age as Kara.

Kara arrived at her family’s beach house around noon. She was delighted to find Jill (Mr. Bills niece had already arrived). Jill greeted Kara with a hug and told her how nice it was to see her and how nice their beach house was. After settling in Kara and Jill watched T.V. downstairs as they chatted and waited for their uncles to come home from the initial treatment. Both girls were extremely attractive, (Kara was 5ft3 inches with measurements of 36 DDD 26 36) and Jill was a little taller at 5 ft. 4 inches with measurements of 34 DD 24 36. Although neither girl was in a seriously relationship at the present time, they each revealed her definite need to get plenty of cock during their summer vacation.

The girls started to get hungry and went into the kitchen, as Kara’s mom had went grocery shopping, so they would have food for the first week. Just as they went into the kitchen uncle buddy and uncle bill walked in. Hello you two beauties one of them stated.

“So are you hungry?’ asked Jill.

“Well I guess we could eat a sandwich or something.” “Is that okay Bill?”

“Yeah it is fine with me”, stated Bill as he gazed hungrily at the two girls.

Whatever the treatment was that they got today, Buddy was noticing that his cock had started to get hard, when he started watching the girls. Buddy looked at Kara and he instantly wanted to fuck her. His dick started to ache. Around the same time Bill was thinking the same thing about Jill. Both girls had their backs turn so they could not see the expressions of either man.

After dinner both men decided that they would go upstairs and shower and the girls stated that being that it had been such a long day, that they would shower and call it a night as well. Since they each had their own bedroom with a private bath, it made things real easy.

As Kara made her way to her room, she thought to herself how good her uncle looked. Kara knew that she probably should not be thinking about him in that way, but she could have sworn she saw a print of his cock when he was at the table.

“Whatever” she uttered allowed, even if it is true, I will never get the chance to feel it she thought to herself, as she began to slowly wash her pussy. As soon as she had finished giving her pussy hairs a good cleaning along with the rest of her body, she climb out of the shower and dried off with her nice beach towel. Kara decided to put her baby powder on and to oil her skin with the strawberry lotion her mother had given her for her birthday. She put on her small black lace bikini underwear as they made her feel sexy. She slipped on a very thin short night shirt.

“Dang”, she said allowed, I left my book downstairs. With that she headed downstairs to get the magazine she wanted to read. As she was headed back to her room, she thought she heard noises coming from her uncle’s room. She went into her room to put her magazine up and went back out in the hall headed to Uncle Buddy’s room. As she approached the door that was partially cracked, she heard moaning noises. With that Kara pushed the door lightly and she realized that her uncle was looking at a movie. What she could not believe was that it was a movie with a man eating a women’s pussy.

Kara knocked lightly on the door, “Coming in she stated”. Oh come on in darling, stated her uncle. I’m just in here watching a movie. I hope it doesn’t offend you.

“No, not at all”, she stated. As a matter of fact, I might as well join you. I don’t have anything better to do. With that she climbs onto the bed and her uncle set up so that she could get behind him and he could lean back on her. As Kara started to watch the porn flick, she could feel her pussy getting wet.

“I am sure this is the treatment you get from all the boys”, stated Uncle Buddy.

As a matter of fact, “I don’t really like oral sex”, Kara said.

“You just have not had it done right, cause if you had you would like it” replied her uncle. With that he turned to her and moved the pillow, “Lie back and relax,” he instructed her.

With that, she laid back closed her eyes as her uncle began to kiss her inner thighs, her pussy started to boil. He gently removed her underwear, and stuck his noise in her pussy bush.

“Oh baby, you have such a hairy sweet smelling pussy, it just needs a lot of attention”, he said.

With that he started to swirl his tongue all over her pussy lips and he opened her pussy lips and let his tongue go to work in the inside of her pussy.

Kara started to move her hips and moan as she had never had anyone lick her pussy this way. “Oh yes,”

“Oh fuck”, it feels so damn good, cried Kara. As he licked her pussy more and more intensely, she started to have mini orgasms. “Oh shit, it feels like I’m coming”, she exclaimed!!!

With that he started to lick harder and faster, as her pussy juices gushed out around his mouth!!

“Umm, your juices taste so good, he told her”.

Kara was so shocked she could hardly believe what had just happened. She could not believe that it took her great uncle to make her pussy feel that good.

“Are you okay”, asked Buddy.

“Yeah I am fine, how about you”, she asked.

I have not had such an experience like that in 30 years he told her. Well its, not over yet, she informed him, I am just getting started.

She stood up, remove he night shirt and ask him to take of his robe. Let’s finish the job, she stated.

“No objections from me”, he told her.

As her uncle lay on his back, Kara got back on the bed and began to kiss him and rub his chest. He started to rub her hugh tits and took her nipple and swirled it around with his tongue. He also found much pleasure playing in her hairy pussy.

Kara started to rub her uncles chest and on decided to go on down to check out his member. As she reached the bottom of his shaft, she thought oh my he is hard, however she was trying to get to the head, but her arm was not long enough. She sat up an pulled the covers back and to her amazement, she saw the biggest longest thickest cock she had ever seen in her life.

“What the hell”!! she exclaimed. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked

“You have a big, fat, long stiff dick”, she cried.

“Oh, yeah well, it is normally only about 8 inches long, however the herbal products they have been given us for the past (2) months, has caused an increase in my blood flow and it is now extending 10 inches.”, he informed Kara.

“Damn, I have had my share of dicks, but none this grand”, she stated.

“We are going to take this really slow,” she said. With that she got on top of him and took that head of his cock and rubs it against her wet pussy lips. He moaned and stated how good it felt. With that she sat down and took about two inches of the fat cock in her cunt and he started to move lightly.

“Oh shit, this fat cock is so fucking good, she muttered. “Give it to me baby”, he replied.

“I needed a hot tight wet cunt like yours,” he stated. With that he started to move and give her another few inches of dick.

“Do you like to fuck?” he asked. “Yeah, but what I really like is a big dick, and yours is the biggest that I have had and I love it”! she exclaimed. With that she started to pick up the rhythm, as she had almost 8 inches of the fattest, thickest cock she had ever had.

“Yes, give it to me, I love this big dick baby, I want to fuck all night”, she said.

“Me to,” he responded as he played with her tits and rubbed her ass. You have such a beautiful plump shapely ass. I love it, stated Buddy.

“Would you like to get on top?” Kara asked. “I would really love to feel your cock on my back”. With that she got up and lay on her back.

Uncle Buddy got in between her legs and started to rub his dick head against her hot wet pussy lips. He slid the head in and gave her about 3 inches and then pulled out a little.

“Oh no, please don’t stop, just that little bit made me shiver, please fuck me nice and slow” she cried.

Buddy eased another 2 inches in as he played with her hairs and massage her pussy lips and spread them opened. Kara had never had anyone play with her pussy lips like this and it was driving her crazy. Kara started to have several little orgasms and she moaned as he continually slid his big dick into his pussy cave.

“Oh fuck, your pussy is wonderful,” stated Buddy. You are the best fuck I have ever had. With that he lay completely on top of her and stuck his tongue in her mouth as he fucked her slowly, with about 9 inches of his thick, long cock in her.
Kara was enjoying every inch of Uncle Buddy’s fat cock. She had no idea that his fuck pole would be so gratifying.

I know you have fucked so many women, you lost count, she told him.

“I’ve have had my share”, he muttered

Oh yess-sss, give it to me baby, make that pussy pleaser work over time. Kara was continually having mini orgasms and she did not want them to stop.

Oh fuck, this cock is turning me into a big dick loving slut. I want to fuck all night, Yes give it to me baby, she shouted.

“I have never had man to lay pipe the way you do.

It is your tight, hot, wet pussy, that make my dick perform so well, he stated.

Kara realized that this would be a defining moment in her sex life. She was drawn to big dick and she could not settle for anything less.

Kara an Uncle Buddy continued to fuck for the next three hours, until they both had explosive orgasms and just lay in bed holding each other trying to get over what had just happened.

As they both drifted off to sleep they each knew that was the start of something beautiful.

They wondered, if they should let Jill and her uncle Bill in on their little secret, but that is another chapter.

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