It's All Greek to She

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Zara’s sociology professor Dr. Butts was known for his unorthodox classes. It was not unusual for him to take his classes to strip clubs, brothels amd even to the sets of where actual porn movies were being made. He was also known to like women with big boobs and very full round rear-ends. Whenever he was around such women he acted like a little boy in a candy shop. He wanted to taste, touch, smell each and every one of them. So when Zara showed up that first day of class he almost busted a nut. She was very pretty, nice brown curly hair, cute face, but it was her body he was interested in and that body was encased in a pink sweater outfit, tight sweater with a matching tight skirt. He just stared at her womanly body as she walked down the stairs in that huge lecture hall, he ogled her big overfull breasts as they slightly swayed when she walked down those wide steps and he practically drooled when she chose a seat close to the front and she had to turn around and bend over to place her books and purse on the seat next to her. He saw that wide ass and narrow waist and he decided she would be his next fuck student.

He loved seducing his female students it was almost a game to him and if he could get them to do sexual things that they swore they would never do, it made him feel like he had won big time.

After everyone was seated he said, “Ok class we will discuss premarital sex today, how many, by a show of hands, agree with it?”

Laughter arose as the whole class except for one or two raised their hands.
Dr. Butts looked at Zara seeing she rose her hand. Their eyes met.

“Ahhh no surprise there. Okay how about oral sex, who agrees with that particular sexual act?” he asked scanning the room, but he stared at Zara again and her hand was up.

“Ok this class, I can see, is very open about this subject..hmmm let me try a more controversial one, how about anal sex?” Dr. Butts looked right at Zara, not only was her hand not up, but she crinkled her nose in disgust. He got horny when he saw that, he loved a challenge.

“Ahhh yes I guess this is not as popular, well in that case I will now have a topic on the ins and outs of anal sex.” the class laughed nervously and Dr. Butts said, “Oh I’m kidding, I will save that topic for personal lessons for my favorite female students.” the class erupted in laughter again. Dr. Butts looked right at Zara and smiled and winked at her. She reacted by feeling aroused and personally offended, but her ass and pussy holes puckered.

Dr. Butts actually gave a lecture on sexual mores and different societies attitudes. At the end of the lecture he again brought up anal sex, he looked at Zara only as he talked about it. She felt uncomfortable, but her nipples were rock hard the whole time and her pussy was pulsating. He said how sometimes women have intense orgasms from it because it is such a taboo act.

The class ended and Zara bent over, ass toward Dr. Butts as she picked up her books. He hummed a sweet happy tune in his head while he watched her. She walked up the back stairwell and she heard footsteps behind her. She looked back and it was Dr. Butts. “How did you like my lecture?” he asked her.

“Ok I guess, but anal sex is not my cup of tea.”

“Oh that’s a shame, what a waste of a beautiful posterior. You really make me want to show you just how much you will enjoy it.” and with those words he ran his hand over her rotund and firm ass. She shivered in response. He got up close behind her and said in a low sexy whisper, “I would worship your big pretty ass and give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine.” and he rubbed his thick hard cock in between her cheeks through her skirt.

“Ohhh I don’t think it would be right.” she said. But her pussy was dripping wet and warm as a sauna.

Dr. Butts pulled her hair away from her neck and he kissed her there and breathed hot and heavy on her. “My house is very close by, would you like to come home with me? Maybe I can change your mind on your behind” he laughed devilishly and he humped her ass slowly, purposely massaging her large ass with his hard cock over and over. Even though they were both clothed, they almost felt naked from the lascivious passion they were feeling for each other. Zara’s breathing was long and warm.

Feeling horny and, yes, under his power, Zara agreed to go home with him.

He took her to his car and they drove off campus. He stopped at a drug store said he’ld be right back and after a few minutes he was walking back with a bag.

They arrived at his house, it was a big stone house far off the street surrounded by big tall pine trees, it was quite secluded.

They entered and it was a nice homey place. There was fireplace in the living room and it looked like a bachelor professor’s place, dark, woody and slightly messy with lots of books and papers piled up everywhere and the typical leather chair near a table with an ashtray and a pipe in it.

“Here sit on the couch.” he said as he sat down and patted the cushions, she sat and he quickly slipped his hand under her palm up as she inwittingly sat on it, he was feeling her big round ass. “Ohhh you need a good ass-fucking, damn the heat your ass is giving off, that is too horny and too sexy!”

Zara felt a rush of excitement.

“Do you want me to take off your clothes, or will you?”

“I will.” Zara said and she undressed for him. She kicked off her white flats and then pulled her sweater up and off. Her massive breasts were encased in the whitest lacy bra, she had a big cleavage. Dr Butts watched and smiled, he sat back, legs wide apart, hard on straining in his pants. Zara then unzipped her tight skirt and removed it from her pinched in waist, dragged it over her ample hips, full, round, big ass and surprisingly very flat tummy. When Dr. Butts saw that his dick moved upward more in his pants. Zara then reached behind her, but she turned her back to him and she opened her bra and she took it off. “Turn around, don’t be shy let me see those beauties.” he said as he smiled hornily. Zara turned around to reveal huge full round breasts with circular red areolae and hard eraser-like nipples. Dr. Butts smiled and just stared. “Now the panties, down and off with those.” he said grinning. Zara started to pull them down, then stopped. “Don’t be shy I want to worship your womanly assets especially that nice full asset you sit on.”

Zara said, “I’m afraid someone can see in, your windows are opened.” Dr. Butts stood up and with his hard-on tenting out his pants he walked gingerly over to the windows, the fabric of his underwear was rubbing on his swollen horny shaft and cockhead, making it even more sensitive. He pulled down the shades and when he turned around Zara was bare-assed and bending over taking off her panties from her ankles. He grinned from ear to ear and rubbed his hand over his pant covered cock. He
unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and dropped them, his underwear was pulled severely to the right from his massive hard on, half his balls could be seen. “Damn your ass is gorgeous, so big, so full, so tight, so needing a nice hot asshole fuck.” Zara tingled at those words.

He told her to kneel on the rug, she did, he looked at her cheeks so wide and full and innocent he saw that crack, that deep dark crack that hid her forbidden tight pinched in asshole. He looked at her pussy lips so pink and with just a hint of soft brown hair, as he looked at her raunchy pose and he commented on her fine ass, he watched her pussy turn red, like the blood was rushing there, he knew it meant her ass was heating up too. He pulled her cheeks apart revealing her asshole he kept doing over and over until her cheeks eventually stayed apart naturally, he got a good eyeful of her asshole, his dick was begging to get in there, her pussy looked swollen as well as red. He saw juices sitting in the slit.

Dr. Butts took off his shirt and then his un
derwear his cock bounced once it was set free, he stroked it looking at her asshole, so little, so
wrinkled, so innocent. He got a jar of Vaseline and placed it in front of her. “You know what that’s for?” he asked.

Embarrassed, Zara said no. “It’s for my dick and your virgin asshole, it’s gonna make an easier slide into that teeny asshole of yours.” and he stuck his hand in it and took out a glob. She knelt there and felt something pushing in her butthole, it was his finger in and out he pushed that finger over and over loosing her up, then he stopped and wiggled it, Zara moaned. “It’s so hot in your ass, my dick is gonna love this.” he said.

He pulled his finger out and after a few seconds Zara felt something much bigger start pushing in her rectum, it was his greasy very hard dick head, he slowly entered her nervous hole, she was breathing slowly. He got all the way in and he groaned, “Damn that feels great, like it?” Zara just nodded. Her pussy was wet as hell and his ball sac was pressed on her lips creating heat and sweat. She loved how his balls felt pressed so tight on her swollen wet hot pussy. He stayed in then did a slow retreat pulling his dick out of her ass slowly. He knelt behind her his dick straight up and hard and he fingered her asshole then back in with his dick a nice slow fuck, he watched her asshole opening as his dick slid in there, he liked seeing how it was straining to open up enough to let him in, he felt the sweat pouring into Zara’s crack from her back as he moved deeper inside her forbidden hole. He pulled out slow again. Then sensing she could handle it he did short hard thrusts she let out a hard breath with each pump, in and out he fucked her asshole he was moaning feeling the tightness and feeling her sexual shame as well as her arousal, his balls felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he invaded her asshole with his dick and as he spanked her pussy with his balls. In and out he glided intoi her small asshole, feeling all that ass skin wrapped around his full dick. He got in super deep and holding her tight around her hips he did hard upward thrusts like humping her ass and also massaging her pussy with his hairy balls. He kept doing those hard upward thrusts, almost lifting her off the rug, she was moaning and speaking incoherantlky as she felt this firbidden sex act, her ass was burning up. “Ohh yes, you have such a nice tight horny hot asshole. Damn you need this ass fucking as much as I need to fuck your asshole! Did you know your ass is juicing up inside, damn that feels good!” Dr.Butts declared as he rode her ass high and then he humped and grinded her ass and asshole, he stayed in tight and waited, resting trying to hold back his cum, he reached forward and with his dick deep and tight in her ass he pushed her hair and breathing out wet breaths he gently bit her ear the top part and he made his cock do shortt thrusts while he bit her, she groaned and her pussy leaked out a lot of juice. Dr. Butts felt that warm silky lubrication slide down his balls and being so turned on and not being able to hold back anymore he shot his load deep in Zara’s ass. “Ohhhhh, ohhh, ohhh.” she moaned. Dr. Butts reached around and using his finger he fucked her pussy hole while his cock was embedded in her ass with his hot jism bathing his cock. He fingered her pussy hard, really fucking it good and he humped her ass, finally he pulled his finger out of her hot pussy hole and massaged her clit and within mere seconds she had a gigantic orgasm, he quickly pushed his finger back in her pussy hole, he sure wanted to feel her pussy pulsate around his finger, as he did that he also felt her hot asshole pucker around his dick, he waited until the pulsations stopped and he slowly pulled out his finger and very, very slowly removed his cock from the grip of her ass canal, he watched as his dick reappeared from that pinched in just fucked hole, it emerged from the wrinkle of her asshole and out from between those two big ass cheeks. He saw her asshole pucker as soon as he was out of her, so taking two fingers he spanked it rhythmically knowing what would happen next, her knees started shaking her asshole puckered open and close in fast successions and yes in no time at all she orgasmed again and this time the result was that she really spit out his cum from her sore, red tight asshole. He rubbed his whole face in her ass and pussy and licked around, he pulled back and held her hips and shook her ass and pussy watching that vision of feminine lust and raunchiness. He quickly turned her over and kissed her. After they recovered he leaned back looked in her eyes said, “I think that makes you teacher’s pet!”

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