Julie Marie Wilson Ch 3 Julie and Wanda

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Chapter Three – Julie and Wanda

Julie didn’t want to leave. Thinking about her Mom having sex was kind of a turn on. Julie kissed her dad saying, “Goodnight Daddy” in a low husky voice that she meant to be sensual. Instead it made them both laugh. Walt swatted her on the fanny and said, “Get to bed you beautiful vixen!”

Julie climbed into bed with the thought of her Mom naked. At first she thought it would keep her awake but instead it just fueled her dreams.

As soon as Julie left, Walt went to straighten the bed covers. He felt the wet spot where he and his daughter had so eagerly spilled out their love juices. He thought about changing the sheets but he knew Wanda would know something was up. He got the blow dryer and dried it off. Unfortunately the combination of heat and air filled the room with a sexual odor that Walt didn’t notice because he was so much a part of it.

In no time Wanda arrived home. As she entered the bedroom she sniffed at the air and asked, “Was Sarah here tonight?” Walt looked up from the bed where he was reading and casually said, “No.” Wanda’s next question was asked with a grin, “Have you been jerking off?” Again Walt said, “No.” Walt watched nervously as Wanda looked around the room thinking, trying to put two and two together. Finally she said, “Did you have sex with Julie?” Walt flushed a little and his sheepish grin turned to a wide smile as he said, “It was her idea.” Wanda just nodded her head, pleased at her deduction. “Let me get ready for bed and then you can tell me all about it,” she said as if it was totally expected. “Okay” he said as he put down his magazine. When Wanda came to bed Walt told her everything. At the end Wanda said, “Most interesting. On Saturday morning I think I’ll need to have a little talk with our daughter.” Walt wanted to start making plans for Saturday but he was too tired. They kissed passionately for a little longer than usual for a goodnight kiss and then released to seek sleep. Just as Julie’s dreams were filled with her Mom, Wanda’s dreams were filled with Julie. However, for Wanda, dreaming about Julie was not a new experience.

During the next two days the Wilsons barely saw each other. However, Friday night found Walt and Wanda in bed early making plans for Saturday morning. Julie went to happy hour after work with co-workers. From the bar they went on to a movie and late dinner. As Julie walked into the house she looked at her watch. It was only 10:30, a little early for her folks to be in bed. Julie smiled thinking they might be fooling around. This thought was followed by a little depression because Julie wasn’t a part of it. She climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly.

Julie was asleep as she felt someone sit on her bed and rub her back. As she rolled over taking a big breath of air, the scent of her mother identified who was there. Gradually, Julie opened her eyes.

“Good morning”, said Wanda as she leaned over to kiss her daughter on the forehead. Wearing only a cotton robe, Julie felt her mother’s breast press against her arm as she leaned forward. Last week Julie probably wouldn’t have noticed but now she wanted to touch that breast. However, she just lay there looking at her mother’s face. Wanda was staring at Julie where her T-shirt clung to her well rounded breasted. Looking up to her eyes, Wanda said, “I’d like to see you in my room when you get up.” She rose and left without another word being spoken.

As Julie got up she thought about what was going to happen. Her mom must know what happened with Walt. Why didn’t she just stay and talk about it. Why was Julie being summoned to her Mom’s room? Then it occurred to her, because that was where she and her father had sex!

As Julie entered her parent’s room she saw her father sitting on the edge of the bed. This time however he had on a T-shirt and pajama pants. Looking around the room she saw her mother sitting in a chair by the desk. It was turned around facing the middle on the room. “Come over here”, her mother said firmly. Julie looked at her father for some sign. There was none given. Walt just watched her as she moved across the room. “Stand right here where I can see you clearly”, her mother said in a stern voice pointing just to the front and beside her. As Julie stood in that exact spot she could no longer see her father without turning her head. She chose to look her Mom right in the eye, smile, and say pleasantly, “Is this okay?”

Wanda had a feeling of lust seeing her daughter in front of her. The t-shirt was a little big and covered her panties completely. Wanda knew it was time to begin. Boldly she said, “Your Dad tells me you and had sex the other night.” Julie nodded as she turned to her Dad looking again for some sign. Instantly there was a whacking sound as Wanda reached around and smacked Julie on the back side. “Don’t be looking to him for support. You need to deal with me first!”, Wanda said in a mock cross tone.

Julie had never been spanked as a kid and while it was more shocking than painful, the swat had a numbing effect. With a gasp, almost as a whisper, Julie said, “I’m sorry!” Wanda laughed. It wasn’t a mean or evil laugh. In fact it was sweet and left Wanda smiling. “If what your Dad tells me is true, you weren’t sorry then and I don’t want you to be sorry now. Didn’t you enjoy having sex with Walt?”

Julie wasn’t sure what to say. Sex with her Dad had been great! She decided to admit it. “Yes, it was wonderful”, she said cautiously. “It isn’t fair that you would do this without my permission so I’ve decided that you need a spanking!” “What”, said Julie in complete surprise? Wanda gave a devilish smile and said, “You were never spanked as a child because we didn’t believe it was a good way to discipline. However, your father and I think that under certain circumstances, between consenting adults, a good spanking is appropriate.”

Julie caught the word “consenting”. She had been swatted a few times during love making but had never really thought much about it. Putting it all together she realized that her Mom was going to give her a spanking as foreplay while her Dad watched. Julie bit her lower lip trying to act afraid and said, “whatever you think is fair Mommy”.

“Take off your shirt and then get over my knees.” Julie nipples were hard as she pulled her shirt over her head. As she shook out her hair she bounced slightly so her breasts would jiggle. Moving to bend over Wanda’s knees she saw her robe open at the waist and there were no panties. Julie felt the warmth of her mom’s skin as she lay across her. Wanda’s left hand reached around into the waist of Julie’s panties and she slid them down slowly to below her knees. Julie spread her legs just a little to give her Dad a good look. Walt saw Julie’s cunt glistening as he adjusted himself in his pants. He knew he would have to wait until Wanda was satisfied by Julie before he would be allowed to play. It was somehow an expected payback for his infidelity.

Wanda said, “You will receive 20 swats”, in a matter of fact tone. Before Julie comprehended what was said she felt her mom’s hand smacking her bare bottom with tremendous force. In seconds Wanda’s hand had smacked this beautiful bottom eight times. Walt could see that it was getting red and Julie fought back crying. Within the next ten swats Julie burst out with sobs. To her surprise, she also felt her pussy getting hotter. With the last two swats she was nearing orgasm but did not get there. It was a new sensation and while she was in some pain she was incredibly turned on. Julie started to get up as Wanda’s arm tighten around her waist. “Just a moment dear”, Wanda said as her right hand began to explore Julie’s bright red ass. As Julie relaxed her mom reach over to the desk for some lotion. Wanda rubbed the lotion in her hands to warm it slightly and then returned to Julie’s ass. The co
olness was a thrill but Julie wanted her pussy to be stroked.
As if Wanda could read minds, her right hand slid down and her middle finger slid easily into the warm, moist abyss that was straining to be stimulated.

Wanda lifted her hand saying, “Walt, do you see how wet she is? If she can get me off I’m sure I’ll be able to take care of her in no time.” Walt didn’t miss the little reminder that he was only allowed to observe. Wanda reached around to push Julie up from her lap. Then she reached down and held her panties saying, “step out.” Without hesitation Julie said, “May I see you naked?” In one motion Wanda stood removing her robe. Her stomach was firm and her legs long. Julie cupped one of Wanda’s breasts saying, “You are so beautiful.” The two women kissed as they locked in a passionate embrace. Julie leaned down and sucked hard on Wanda’s breast as a hand lunged between her legs. “Ouu…”, escaped from Wanda’s lips as she was engulfed by her daughter. Julie released the breast and said, “let’s move to the bed.” Walt stood up and moved back the covers as the two women flew to the bed. Julie’s face was in Wanda’s crotch immediately and the sounds of sucking were unrelenting. As Julie lifted her face for a breath of air her fingers of one hand continued the stimulation of Wanda’s clitoris as the other hand squeezed her breast hard. As Julie’s tongue darted in and out her fingers did not stop the feverish stimulation until Wanda’s body rocked with orgasm. For several moments Wanda was too overcome to speak and Julie just sat up on the bed smiling down at her.

Finally Wanda said, “That was amazing!” From across the room where Walt had moved, sitting on the chair watching he said, “It was amazing to watch but I’m thinking Julie might need to have the favor returned?” There was a pleading tone in Walt’s voice as if he was begging to be invited to help.

Julie felt pleased she satisfied her Mom so well. Her experience with other women was it took time to find the right spots and methods to fulfill sexual desires. This experience was so quick. Maybe there was more of a connection with her Mom? Her mind caught what her Dad had said and was filled with a longing to be explored totally to the point of exhaustion.

In a clear and controlling tone Wanda said, “Walt, stay where you are, I’ll take care of this.” Wanda pulled Julie toward her kissing her hard, rolling her over and pressing her down in the bed as their bodies merged together. Walt saw Julie’s whole body flush with passion. Wanda felt the warmth and wanted to increase the intensity. Julie skyrocketed to an ecstasy beyond the moment. As Wanda slid down to suck Julie’s breast, Julie took in a breath only to uncontrollably moan, really loud. As her mouth kissed and sucked, her hand found Julie’s wet, hot pussy. Julie twitched as fingers explored her clitoris. Her hips moved up and down frantically. Wanda knew just the moment to relax and allow the passion to build in Julie’s body. A quick release would not be gratifying enough. Julie continued to moan uncontrollably through the craving. Wanda knew she was in control of her daughter’s body as she whispered, “Okay now baby, it’s your turn.” Wanda hit exactly the right spot with exactly the right pressure with her hands as her mouth sucked fully on Julie’s left breast. A minute later Julie screamed in overwhelming joy as she exploded into orgasm. However, Wanda did not back off. She bit the nipple and flicked her fingers more intensely. For three minutes or more, convulsions of orgasm rolled through Julie’s body.

Wanda collapsed on the bed by her daughter. Their bodies glistened as they lay looking at each other. They breathed heavily, each waiting for the other to speak. Walt stood up and removed his clothes. He stood silently with a full erection. Both women looked at him and then Wanda spoke. “Do you think we should let Daddy join us now?”

Chapter Four – Julie, Wanda, and Walt

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