Julie Marie Wison – Ch2 Julie caught by Walt

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Chapter Two – Julie caught by Walt
Julie stood up to slide her panties down for the next phase. She startled as she saw her Dad standing in the kitchen. Without missing a beat she adjusted her panties back into place, looked straight at her dad and said, “I thought you were going to be out of town?” Walter missed several beats as his face immediately flushed and he staggered slightly. He took a deep breath and put his hand on the table to steady himself staring at this gorgeous woman in front of him. He muttered, “The meeting was canceled.” He had arrived home just after the movie started and was not heard as he sat he suitcase down by the back door entering the dark house. Seeing that someone was watching TV with the lights off he did not turn on the light moving through the kitchen. He halted immediately when he realized the type of movie that was showing. Looking quickly around the dark family room he noticed Julie on the couch but no one else. The images from the movie caused him to stop transfixed, watching. Aside from a slight adjustment to his waistband to accommodate himself, he did not move. He felt a sense of satisfaction that his daughter was comfortable enough with her sexuality to create this episode to masturbate. Seeing his daughter satisfying herself was almost more than he could stand but he did not move, did not touch, did not speak. He had stood there silent for ten, maybe fifteen minutes forgetting that this moment, being discovered by his daughter, would happen.

Julie grabbed the remote and stopped the DVD. She made no attempt to cover her nearly naked body and in fact moved playfully so that white chiffon swished just above her panties. Keeping her head down she looked up with her eyes. Her mouth opened to a guilty smile as she said, “I was playing Daddy.” Walt was consumed by this image and responded with an innocence smirk. He said with a stutter, “I’ll just put my suitcase away.”

As Julie’s eyes connected with Walt’s ideas raced in her head so quickly that her reaction was like instinct. But it was a carefully calculated action to take the five short steps to her father’s side, put her right arm around his waist, pressing her right breast into his chest and her head on his shoulder. Here was a man she had loved her whole life, a man who loved her. Walt’s swollen cock was clearly visible through his trousers. Julie said, “I was just playing by myself but now that you’re here I could use some help…” as she placed her hand tentatively on her Dad’s pants.

There were a million thoughts racing through Walt’s head as his 22-year-old daughter moved those few steps toward him. He knew she was an adult. He thought about his need to release and that he too would masturbate. He had a thought about his wife, Julie’s mother Wanda. What would she say if she knew what happened, what might happen. All thoughts became focused on the moment when Julie’s breast touched him. Even through his shirt he felt the warmth as the smell of her perfume filled his senses. He was wrapping his arm around Julie’s waist when her hand brushed against him causing him slide his hand down to her hip and pull her tight to him.

Walt said in a soft clear voice, “You are an adult but this is still incest.” Julie giggled knowing her Dad’s behaviors. Always the thinker, he didn’t want to let the lust of the moment overwhelm reason. She had already decided what she wanted and firmly stated, “I’m not a child. I’m really horny. If you could help me, I could help you.” With the last phrase her hand grabbed Walt through his pants squeezing firmly to let Walt know she was aware of his errect cock. Walt simply said, “I would like that”, as he leaned down and kissed his daughter passionately.

They locked in an embrace as Walt’s hands squeezed Julie’s ass and then moved one hand under her nightie to her breast. Simultaneously they broke apart and began to get Walt undressed. Walt kicked off his left shoe but the right was tied too tight and he had to sit on a kitchen chair to get it off. In that moment he looked lovingly at Julie and said, “I want you so bad but let’s not hurry. You are so lovely and it can be wonderful, let’s slow down.” Julie couldn’t believe how well this was going to turn out. Julie put her hand on her Dad’s arm and said sweetly, “Why don’t you go to your bedroom and I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay sweetheart,” Walt said as he picked up his shoes and headed for his bedroom. “By the way, when will your Mom be home?” he asked with a rye chuckle. “Around 10:00″, was the response.

Julie felt a little disappointed that she had not been ravaged right then and there. However, as she gathered up Bula2, the candles, and the DVD she reflected that her Dad would not be that type of lover. He had always been affectionate and Julie knew from when her Mother had talked about the facts of life that intimacy and romance was far more important to her Dad than then physical gratification. Julie would have needed something hard and fast if she hadn’t already had her solo episode. Julie threw the stuff on her bed and went to the master bedroom longing for gratification but uncertain what would happen.

The door was ajar but not open. As Julie opened it she saw her Dad stand by the bed completely naked. For a man who was nearly 50 he looked incredible. He was a muscular and stood about five feet ten. Moving toward him, Julie stared at his cock, imagining that she would feel gratified. Walt noticed her intent focus and knew that he would soon have release. Watching Julie’s breasts heave as she stepped quickly towards him caused his cock to swell. Pressing her body against his they began to kiss deeply, tongues exploring each other as their hands caressed flesh. Julie suddenly stopped. Walt froze expecting the worst. In a quiet whisper Julie said, “I’m not on the pill.” Walt relaxed playfully placing his hand inside Julie’s thigh with fingers rippling. He said, “I’ve had a vasectomy so you don’t need to worry about me getting you pregnant.”

Julie fell into his lap as Walt sat down on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs to allow easy access to the sweet spot she needed to be touched. Walt wasted no time finding Julie’s clitoris with his fingers. Her pussy was almost flowing as she cooed with every flick of Walt’s finger. “Your mother doesn’t shave all this”, he said fairly casually. Julie didn’t like that he had mentioned Mom right now. She wasn’t really jealous but she needed her Dad totally focused on her needs. She slipped off his lap grabbing his cock aggressively. “I need this in me now!” she demanded.

In one continuous motion Walt pushed her back on the bed, moved over her and slid his cock totally inside her. “Yes”, she cried. Immediately Walt was hammering her pussy and they both felt wonderful. Julie had no trouble moving her hips to match her Dad’s rhythm until she began to come. Walt held on, pumping strong but without release until his daughter had rolled through half a dozen organisms. Walt groaned in absolute bliss as he released his hot come into his daughter. The overwhelming explosion filled her and poured out down her legs. Without warning Julie pulled off of him, pushed him over on the bed wrapping her lips around his cock to suck out the remaining juice. Walt moaned with unbelievable pleasure.

Walt tugged on his daughter’s shoulders. Julie stopped sucking and turned to look at her Dad. “That was great honey but your Mom is going to be home soon. I’d prefer not to have her find us in bed and we should talk.” Julie looked at the clock and it was 8:13. She stretched out putting her head on her Dad’s shoulder saying, “We can snuggle.” Walt kissed the top of her head and said, “for a little while.”

A few moments later he said, “Did you like Daddy fucking you?” in a tone of curiosity. Julie raised up and hit Walt soundly in the chest. “Don’t be crude,” she said in a firm tone. Having m
ade her point she snuggled back down giving Walt a h
ug as she kissed his neck. “I didn’t mean to be crude,” he said sincerely, “I just wanted to know what you think about all this?”

Julie exhaled slowly as if she was going to speak but hadn’t found the words yet. “I like sex and I like having a partner. I’m pretty open about sex. Right now I’m not in a relationship and as you saw, I was taking matters in my own hands.” She giggled as she pressed her hand against Walt’s chest. Walt rolled over putting Julie on her back. He propped up on his arm and looked his daughter’s face and then over her body. He asked, “You don’t feel any guilt about this encounter?” Julie stretched up giving Walt a soft kiss on the lips. She had quit kissing him on the lips when she was in junior high and back then she would never have dreamed that she would be in this position. Clearly she stated, “Dad, guilt is a wasted emotion. When I saw you tonight I wanted you in a sexual way. Mom has said some things that made me expect you to be a good lover. I can’t describe how much I wanted you at that moment.” Walt was a little stunned as he asked, “You mother talks to you about our sex life?” Julie hesitated and then stammered, “Not really. I just remember when I was in high school and we talked a lot about the facts of life, she always talked about how you excited her and how you satisfied her. When I started having sex with Bryan, Mom and talked about specifics so I’d understand what was happening.”

Bryan had been Julie’s boyfriend her senior year of high school. The discussion went on for another hour. Walt learned that Julie had 5 relationships, 2 with girls. Her freshman year roommate, Lucy, was really into sex and Walt thought that sometime he might enjoy hearing more about her. He did not learn that Julie had many one night stands that she didn’t consider as relationships.

“Did your Mom tell you about sex with women?” Julie looked puzzled as she replied, “No, my roommate my freshman year was bisexual and she got me going.” There was a very brief pause as Julie realized what her dad had asked. “Why would Mom tell me about sex with women?”, she asked. Walt changed the subject and didn’t answer.

Julie learned her Dad had only been with three women including her. Walt had been a virgin on his wedding night so Julie figured the other woman as an affair. Walt was casual saying something about the other woman not being a problem for Julie’s mother. Julie did not push the issue.

Things were a little awkward and Walt knew he needed to make things okay. Casually he said, “We’ll talk more another time.” He put his mouth over Julie’s left breast and this right hand on her pussy pressing his fingers into her clitoris. Julie’s hips moved in response to this action as she let out a low moan of pleasure. There was a popping sound as released her breast from his mouth to say, “I really enjoy being with you, here and now, like this.” Julie smiled to assure her dad that she too enjoyed being there. She reached down and grabbed Walt’s cock and balls. This very rough gesture was followed by a gentile rubbing. “If we’re going to have a sexual relation”, Julie began, ” or should I say continue with a sexual relationship, we need to be able to talk about it.” Walt simply said, “Okay”, What do you want to talk about?” However, he did not move his hand from between her legs.

They lay quietly on the bed, touching each other. Their hands explored without pushing towards climax. They looked at each other carefully taking in everything. Walt leaned over to see the clock and said, “You better get your things and go to your room.” Julie felt good and didn’t want this to stop. However, knowing her mother might walk in scared her a little. Curiosity pushed her to ask, “Have you had other women besides Mom?” “Well there’s you”, Walt said with a smile. “Your Mom and I have always had a good sex life and I’ll tell you more but I think you need to move on or there will be an unexpected confrontation tonight.”

- next Chapter 3 – Julie and Wanda

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