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Tutor x here again to tell the latest story in my dirty life, It happened at a hotel in the mountains. A couple of friends and I had decided to hit a hotel for the weekend as we’d spent most of our week on a road trip. (This had not been as successful as we thought it would.). Luckily one of my friends had one of the richest tycoons in the city as a father and so we could afford a few rooms in a motel. We’d decided to have separate rooms as both Jack and tom were sex addicts so as early as eight I could hear moans and beds banging against the walls on both sides of my room. I opted to go for a walk, as the motel compound was huge, to clear my head. The groans and moans were getting to me and with two weeks without sex, the effects started to take their toll on me. The cool night air relaxed me a bit and the erection I had acquired started to subside. After sometime, it got too chilly for me and I headed for the reception. I figured I could maybe have a chat with the very attractive receptionist Jane. I couldn’t help but flirt with her when we’d first arrived at the motel and the prospect of speaking to her again urged me on.

The moment I stepped into that room, I knew the sight before me was the sexiest I had ever seen. Sitting atop her desk, legs spread open was Jane. Her left hand was held tight against her pussy gently and rhythmically massaging her clit and occasionally dipping two fingers into her hole. Her right index finger was hanging from the side of her mouth as she slowly licked its length eyes shut in concentration and pleasure. Her lips glistened with her tongue frequently running over them then moaning into her finger. There were other moans from somewhere I didn’t know till I realized she’d been watching a porno.

She looked so sexy that I felt so dizzy and swayed, knocking the vase on the coffee table over. Startled I fumbled to right it and when I looked up, she’d shut her legs tight and was looking at me with embarrassed irritation. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I was out for a walk and decided to come here. I didn’t mean to walk in on you.” In my mind I was happy that I’d walked in on her.
I knew I would not see her again after I left here. Also everyone else had retired to his or her rooms. Slowly walking towards her I realized she was looking at my pants.
“Did that turn you on?” She asked still her face softening. Realizing the renewed swell, I felt the embarrassment and had second thoughts walk out, when she spread her legs again. “This place can get really lonely, so this is the only thing I can do.” By then, I was standing right between her legs my cock, still clothed, probing at her already wet pussy. She quickly unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor as I watched her. As my 7 and a half-inch leaped for joy at its newfound freedom, it kept bobbing up and down with each beat of my heart and slightly rubbing against her pussy. She adjusted her black mini skirt exposing her smooth thighs and creating room for me to enter her. As I gently massaged her thighs slowly edging towards her pussy, she unbuttoned her blouse freeing her bosom deliberately playing with her hardened nipples to tease me. I grabbed the edges of the desk and rammed into her cunt. With the thrust, she threw her head back. “Fuck!” she screamed as I bent down sucking on her hard nipples thrusting faster now. Her pussy was as wet as a well but her walls clung to my cock like for dear life. “Harder, fuck me harder.” She would moan with each thrust and she wrapped her legs round my back pulling me in as far as I could go. “Please fuck me from behind.” She moaned. Reluctantly pulling out of her, I let her slide off the desk and turn to bend over placing that beautiful arse before me. She reached behind, and guided me into her waiting cunt. I held her waist and felt my way up as she backed into me taking me fully into her cunt. I gently massaged the warm flesh of her boobs and she swiftly started to massage her clit. “Fuck me, please!” she pleaded as I began to pump her hard. Her pussy was sucking at my cock bringing me closer to my climax. “Oh yeah, faster, harder!” She was making enough noise to wake the neighbors but I didn’t care. Suddenly she started to writhe throwing her head back onto my shoulder as I pumped. She came all over my cock and as I tried to hold back, she gave one final contraction sending me shooting deep in her cunt. Spurt after spurt I shot into her as I gripped her body close. Panting, I pulled out of her my cock already becoming flaccid. I was feeling really awkward as I pulled my pants back on. She seemed to realize and understood because she said, “Please enjoy your stay and our services.” as she turned off the porno I had not noticed was still playing during our session.
“Thank you.” I managed to mumble as I walked out of the room.

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