King and I

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The story I am about to tell you happened not too long ago, my wife was away
on a business trip and I was alone with our Dog King for 2 weeks.

Let me start to tell you about Teresa, she is adoreable and the neignours daughter,
her 18 year birthday was the very Sunday before all this happened. I believe it was
around 11 PM when my doorbell rang, King of course started to bark his head off and
I remember thinking who it could possibly be that late.

Anyways I open the door and outside stands Teresa, she ask if she can come in because
she just had a huge fight with her boyfriend and she was afraid he was going to find
her at home, I offered her a cup of tea and that she of course could sleep on the davenport
for the night, her face lit up in a pearly white smile and she told me that she thought I was

We talked for a while and then I decided to go to bed, it was around 2 AM I think, we said
our goodnights and I stumpered to bed upstairs, King decided to stay downstairs with our
guest and that was fine with me.

Around 3 AM I woke up because I thought I heard noices downstairs, I tiptoed down the stairs
and looked around, to my big surprise I located the noices to the livingroom where Teresa was
supposed to sleep and I peeked in to make sure she was okay.

The sight that met me was unbelieveable, Teresa was liing on the floor naked and between her
spread legs was king eagerly slurping her pussy with his long tongue, I stayed out of sight
and just admired this beautiful young girl with a perfect flat tummy, nice breasts with pink
nipples and as far as I could tell a very well trimmed but soaking wet pussy with perfectly
shaped pink lips. Teresa was moaning louder and louder on Kings treatment and I could see the
Dog enjoyed the taste of her wet throbbing pussy.

King decided he had enough after Teresa came 4 or 5 times, each time louder. So I took my pants
off and entered the livingroom, Teresas face lightened up in fear but I hushed her and told her
to get down on all 4, she had no clue what was about to happen, I blindfolded her quickly and
then I grabbed King, I wrapped my hand around his doggy cock and started jerking him of until it
was bigger than ever, then I mounted the tip of his pink cock right between Teresas pussylips,
and King caught on he simply thrusted forward all the way into her womb, Teresas screams were loud
when King started to pump his cock fast in and out of her, I stepped in front of her and guided my
cock into her warm mouth, she started sucking me like crazy and between the slurping sound of her
mouth and Kings thruting I heard her cum over and over again.

After half an hour King was about to be done, Teresa was exhausted and was laing on the floor with
her ass in the air and Kings doggy cum oozing out of her tight used pussy. I shoved King aside and
pressed my cock against her little brown asshole, I thrusted and she screamed again, I didnt care
I just started fucking her ass in and out again and again with no breaks, and her whimpering whines
became more and more moans until she screamed her orgasm out in the room, I came on the spot, ejaculated
spurt upon spurt of my cum inside her 18 year old asshole.

This was not the last fight Teresa had with her boyfriend, and she always came for comfort with King and I.

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