Krys Grows Up

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Krys grows up

Krys slyly sneaked into her grandmas and grandpas bedroom. She was 10 years old, long natural blonde hair, big brown eyes, 5’2” 100ilbs, she started her period when she was 9 years old, so she had already had 26B breasts, and she had a big bubble butt that she simply hated. She went to their closet and found what she was looking for. The movies her grandma and grandpa said “was not suited for children” Krys was tired of being called a kid. She wanted to grow up, so she figured if she watched these grown up videos that would make her grown up.

Krys stood up on a pile of clothes and stretched and got a random video. She hurriedly got out of their bed room. She looked back at them and they was still snoring, so she went to her room, locked the door and inserted the video into her tv/vcr combo.

The screen was black for awhile then this woman came on there moaning with a guy behind her doing something odd with this long thing sticking in and out of her vagina. Krys watched with intrest, the woman looked to be having so much fun and the guy was all red. Krys didnt know why, but her pussy started to feel funny, she got the sudden urge to rub herself down there. She stuck her hand down her little shorts and under her panties and stroked her finger down her slit. She shivered all over “wow that felt so good!” Krys thought, then she touched that little sensitive nub and gasped with delight.

Her grandpa woke up from hearing moans and groans. He sled out of bed trying not to wake his wife, and went to his granddaughters door and he put his ear on the door and listened attentively. He heard two people moaning and groaning and another gasping. He tried to open the door but it was locked, he went back to his room got his wallet got a credit card and went back to the door quietly. He then sled the card and poped the lock and opened it just a bit so he could see.

He saw Krys on the bed touching herself watching a porno. He didnt know why but he got so hard watching this. “God what is going on, I shouldnt be excited shes my granddaughter for Godssakes!” He watched for a little while longer and couldnt take it anymore so he closed the door and went to the bathroom to jerk off. After he was done he cleaned up and went down stairs.

Krys was sitting at the table looking at the newspaper, her cheeks was a little flushed from getting herself excited.

“Good morning Pappy!” Krys said happily. She loved this man so much, he took her in when her mom and dad didnt want to. Her grandma really didnt want her, nor liked her. But he always treated her well.

“Morning Sweetie” He answered just as happily. “Hows my little princess this morning? You look a little flushed, you okay?” He said smiling inside knowing why she was so flushed.

“Oh..I’m good, I was just running around I suppose” Krys said and giggled. Oh God I hope he doesnt know what I did. She thought

Pappy sat down across from her.
“Are you done with the newspaper?” He asked with a smile.
“Oh ..Uhmmm.. YUP!” Krys said and handed him the newspaper.
“Thanks hun” He said.

Krys went to the fridge and didnt see anything appealing to her so she decided to head off to school early.

“Well Im off to school now Pappy! I love you, see you this afternoon” Krys said and started to leave.
“Hey wheres my kiss and hug little missy?” Her grandfather asked staring at her nice rounded butt.
“Oh..I forgot! Im sorry Pappy!” Krys said and ran up to him and kissed his check and hugged him.
“Awww thats okay…” He said and ran his hand down her back and down to her ass and let it linger there. “You be careful going to school and on your way back. Remember to be here at 5pm exactly, you know how I’am with your kerfu”
“Y-yes sir!” Krys said a little embarrassed because she got so excited by his hand touching her there. “Good-Bye Pappy” She said and let him go and his hand slide down her butt slowely.

Krys shivered and walked out the door and went to school. She had fun at cheerleading practice, and was asked to go to the mall. With out thinking that it was only and hour before she had to go home she went. After buying a new pair of earrings she made it home at 6pm. She walked in the door happily.

“Pappy I’m home!” She hollared happily. Then she glanced over at the clock and it was 6:02pm. ‘Oh no’ She thought.
“Krys come up to my bedroom. Now!”
Krys jumped and sniffled and walked up to his room slowely. “Yes..sir?” She said sadly trying to get out of a spanking with a sad pittiful face.
“Take your uniform skirt off and panties and lay across my legs, I’m going to teach you a lesson” Pappy said sternly.
“I DONT CARE DO IT NOW!!”Pappy yelled angerly
Krys knew better to back talk him now so she sled her skirt and panties down and layed across his lap.

He gently massaged each of her butt cheeks. She shivvered and started to get moist being really turned on by just this simple gesture. He slapped one butt cheek gently then the other.
“Oh Pappy no PLEASE!” Krys cried out.
“Shut up!”Pappy said and slapped her ass really hard.
Krys pussy was bumping up against his knee, and it felt really good, but her ass stung really bad. She started to get even wetter as he keeped slapping.
“Pappy..please” She cried
He slapped and slapped her ass until it was red and burned.
“Now that will teach you to come home late.”He said.
“I’m sorry Pappy..”She sniffled and got off of his lap and sat in the floor and cried.
“Stop crying..Sweetie I’m sorry” He leaned down and kissed her forehead.
Krys looked up and kissed him back..but on the lips instead. Pappy gasped when she did that
“I’m sorry Pappy!” She said “I dono what came over me.”

Pappy took he shirt and pulled it off, and then took her and slung her on the bed and got ontop of her.
“P-pappy!” She yelled shocked.
Pappy didnt answer he started kissing her deeply sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth probing around licking and sucking. Then he kissed down to her breasts and kissed each one of them. Krys moaned with pleasure. He then went down to her hairless pussy and stated sliding his tongue up and down the slit of her pussy. Krys moaned with pleasure arching her back begging him to lick her more. So he did he licked her pussy up an down..up and down..then swirled it around her nub, then went down to the hole and stuck his tongue in her pussy. Krys cried out. “Oh pappy oh god that feels so good OOHHH” She moaned so he moved his tongue around in circles inside her pussy hole then moved it in and out fast. She moved her hips making her pussy ride his tongue and started to shake all over. “OOHH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD OH SHIT OOHH PAPPY!!” She moaned loudly and started to cum all over her grandfathers face, and he just keepd licking all her sweet pussy juice up.

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