Losing My Virginity To My Grandma

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Just like my name indicates, I am a freak of nature. I have a 13 inch long cock with incredibly big balls that shoot huge gobs of cum. I know it souds like a lie, but John Holmes had a 14 inch cock, so you know big dicks like mine do exist. I am about 6 feet 2 inches tall, which is another reason I call myself a freak of nature, because both my mom and dad are short. Mom is 5 feet 2 and dad is about 5 feet 7. I don’t know how it happened but I am glad. I wanted to share about 5 or so stories out of my incredible sex life. I may as well start at the beginning. The first time I had sex was with my grandma. Let me explain.
I went over to my grandparent to help them with some yardwork. I was 16 at the time and they were both retired. I worked all day, from about 9:00 that morning until about 4:00 or so. We had dinner and then my grandma asked me if I wanted to take a dip in the hot tub before my dad came to get me at 7:00. I said sure, but I didn’t have a suit. “I don’t think grampa’s will fit you either.” she said. There was no way because at the time I had a 28 inch waist and he was pretty fat. She suggested just going in my boxers. “It’ll just be us and no one can see into the back yard.” she assured me. She went to put on her suit and I stripped down to my boxers. She came saw her looked at my crotch and pointed and said “The horse is out the barn, Mikey!” I looked down and saw that the head of my cock had pointed through the hole in my boxers. “Oops” I said and corrected it. “That’s okay, sweetie,” she smiled,”I haven’t seen one of those in years. In fact, if you weren’t my grandson, you would be in some trouble right now.” She winked at me and pointed to the house where my grampa was sitting in his recliner getting ready for his customary after dinner nap. “He may not remember how but I’m sure I still know what to do.” I had never thought about my grandma as being sexy or anything, but I had to admit, I was kind of getting horny. I looked at her in her bathing suit, a blue one peice with a little skirt like thing to cover her big ass. She was your classic looking grandma, 64 years old, gray hair in a bun, and great big tits and a fat belly. We jumped into the hot tub and began to relax. I was glad to be under the water because the earlier talk about sex had aroused me to the point of semi hardness. Although it didn’t stick out, my cock was big and puffy. At 16, it was about 11 inches long( it would add the other 2 inches over the next 2 years) and about 8 inches when semi hard. I started thinking about what my grandma would do if I wasn’t her grandson, like she said when she asked me,” Honey, could you go get us a couple of pops out of the fridge on the porch? I can’t jump in and out of this thing like I used to.” “Sure grandma,” I said and got out of the hot tub. When I climbed out, I saw her eyes as she stared at my crotch. My cock was completly visable through the now soaking wet see through boxers. I hesitated on the stairs to let her have a good look. At the fridge, I got an idea. I hiked up on side of my boxers just a tad and let my cock hang out of the bottom about and inch and a half or so. It was easy because the wet boxers clung to my skin. I pretended not to notice but my grandma sure did. It was all I could do to not get a full strength hard on as I walked back to the tub and saw my grandma’s eyes bug out when she saw my big cock hanging out of the bottom of my boxers. “My goodness Mikey, that big old horse of yours just doesn’t want to stay in his barn!” She said laughing. “Sorry, grandma,” I said slipping my cock back in my boxers. ” Don’t be sorry sweetie, you should be proud. That’s a mighty big pecker you’ve got!That doesn’t help anyway honey, I can see right through your shorts!” she said and kept staring at my cock. I started to get hard. “My God,” my grandma said.” You mean to tell me that it gets bigger?” she watched my cock as it swelled up to it’s full length of 11 inches. ” I didn’t think a fat old lady like me could get a rise out of a youg buck like you!” she said as she got out of the tub. She walked up to me and took hold of my cock at the base and began slowly stroking it. ” Jesus,sweetie, this thing is about twice as big as your grampa’s!I’ll bet all the girls love your big horsey cock, don’t they ?” she asked. “I wouldn’t know, grandma.” I said. “What? You haven’t ever been with a girl?” she asked. “Nope.” I told her. “You mean that I’m the first woman to touch your pecker?” she asked as she kept slowly stroking my cock. I could only nod yes as the feel of her hand stroking my cock was really getting to me. “Do you like that, Mikey?” “MMM HMM” I said as she picked up the pace. She was sitting in front of me on a patio chair and I was kind of leaning up against the table as she stroked my cock. She cupped my balls and said,” I’ll bet these things are just full of sperm! There so big and full!” She continued to stroke my cock and massage my balls and about 5 seconds later I came.” OH GRANDMA!” I said as I shot my wad. She was pointing my cock at herself and the first shot hit her in the face. She sputtered and aimed at her tits. All the while she was caressing my balls. The next five or so spurts hit her tits and then she aimed my cock at the ground. about three more spurts came out. She started giggling like a school girl. “Holey moley Mikey, you sure do have a lot of sperm!” “I have never done that before!” I said. She took off her swimsuit and said, “I’ll have to wash this now!” and tossed it aside. She took a towel and laid it on the grass. She got on her back and said,”Give me that big horsey cock, lover!” I looked at her pussy. she had thick, curly gray and black pubic hair that made a huge triangular bush that started all the way up by her belly button and continued down between her thighs. She gasped when I slid my cock in and slowly pushed it in until my balls rested against her ass. “Oh, baby that feels good!” she said. I started stroking my cock in and out and a couple of minutes later she said, “Faster mikey, go faster!” I began pumping as hard as I could and looked into her eyes. She was smiling and began to really buck her hips. “Oh yes Mikey, YES YES YES YES!” I blew my load into her pussy and she suddenly stopped moving and her eyes kind of rolled back in her head. “Grandma are you allright!?” I said and pulled my cock out. “DON’T STOP!!” she yelled and pulled me back inside of her. I fucked her a little bit more and she said we needed to stop. “I could do this all night Mikey, but your dad will be here anytime. We got dressed and about 5 minutes later my dad showed up. About two weeks later we fucked again, but after that, she said that it was going to have to stop. I agreed and we never have fucked again.

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