Momma and Me part 1

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Hello! This story tells how my love relationship started with my mom. But I should probably start by telling about me and Momma. Well, I have dark hair, witch I keep short, brown eyes, OK looks and about 7 1/2 inch long dick. Momma has these big breasts witch are surprisingly bouncy. Those things never stop moving. Neither does her ass. Her big round beautiful ass. The reason why I know what she looks like is that she loves to walk around the house nude. I did get a lot of chances to get naked, because we was always alone……Well the day starts off as it always dose…moms up walking around naked, I’m going to get in the shower. While I was taking my shower I pulled out a pic I had of Momma hidden in the bathroom. Of course I was already hard after seeing her walking around naked. Well I started to stroke my dick real good and hard, having a good thought of how good Momma’s nice plump pussy felt like, that pushed me over the edge….I let out a moan and shot a huge load in the shower. I get out dry off and get dressed. I come out and I can see Momma go to her room and shut the door. I got to my room and turn on my computer, I pull up my hidden cameras to find Momma playing with her nice wet plump pussy(she don’t know I can see her). Well as she plays I see her pull out a nice size toy that is a little smaller then my dick and she shoves it all the way in her…by this time I’m hard as hell again watching her. So I start to jack off again. We bout build and build till we bout cum. So the day goes on and Momma gets dressed and goes on to do her book work and I head out to do some jobs. My thoughts are on Momma’s sex ass. But I continue on with my work thinking of what she is doing. Well I head home for they day and think I come in nice and quiet just to have a peek at what she is doing. I can see her in the living room with her legs up on the table spread open fingering her plump soaked pusssy. She really getting into it…she pulls out yet again her little toy and finish herself off, she gets up and goes to the shower. I go on with my bissness and do some book work to get a little ahead of things. I think of good idea and look up a “clone-a-dick-kit”. I find a good one and order it.
Three days go by and the clone a kit come in. I go to the bathroom and set it up and then start to look at mommas pic and stroke my dick to get it as hard and big as ever. I let it sit for about 26 hours…and during that time I’m sure to watch Momma play with her little toy and think of the surprise I have for her.
My day off comes and I know now is a good time to replace Momma’s toy with my clone before she gets up. A few hours latter momma gets up and puts on some bed pants and a shirt to go smoke, I figure why not join her. Me and Momma talk all the time but vie never told her how much I wish I could fucker. So we go on to smoke and chat about work and books. We finish smoking and I go to my computer…I pull up my cameras just as Momma enters her room. She strips and starts to play with her Clint and nice big boobs, she so wet as she goes for her toy and finds a new one. She don’t know what to think but goes on to use it. Never have I seen her moan so loud, witch makes me want to fuck her more so I start to jack off. As she finish and goes to the shower I figure now my chance to make a move so I go and slip in her bathroom and strip down. As I slip in the shower with her she is not to much surprised and looks at me and smiles and says “thank you for the new toy”….I said did you know that is a clone of me. And she says yes I know I have seen you jacking off time to time. I thought wow. I move closer to her and touch her nice tits and she quivers to my touch, I cant hold back I grab her and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back just the same. I start to kiss down her neck and suck on her nipples as she moans loudly. I reach down and touch her plump pussy that I can smell. Its so wet and my fingers slip right into her as she rides my fingers while I suck on her nipples. She arches her back and squirts all over my hand. By this time im so hard I want to explode. She starts to stroke my dick real good and then goes down to suck my dick. She starts to lick the head and swirl her toung around my head and then takes it all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She goes slow then starts to go faster and deep throat every time. I grab her hair and pull her away as I cum all over her face mouth and tits. We kiss and clean up. We get out of the shower and move to the bed and I throw her down and start to suck on her nipples again, and work my way down to her sweet pussy and flick her Clint with my toung. Then I just go at it and start to lick and suck on her Clint making her scream. We flip and do 69, she takes my dick deep in her mouth again as I finger her and surprise her by using the clone on her again. After a min or two she stops and tells me to fuck her. So I climb on top and shove my dick in her nice and deep. Her pussy is so wet and tight it grabs my dick real tight, I start to ram her harder and deeper making her scream. M dick and balls are soaked from her juices leaking out of her. I feel her tighten even more and then all of a sudden her pussy squirts all over the bed. She kisses me and tells me to lick it all up. I start to lick her Clint and she ask me to fuck her doggie so as she flips over I get right behind her and stick my dick deep in her pussy again. From this position her pussy is even tighter and she is working her pussy muscles around my dick. She climaxes again and tells me to fuck her sweet ass (“wholly shit!!…I never though I would ever get this far…and now I get what ive really wanted…THAT SEXY TIGHT ASS!!”) As I lube up my dick I slowly stick it in her ass I can tell its her first time but she loves it so much. As soon as im all the way in I start to fuck her tight ass slowly and she starts to moan. So enough she yell at me to fuck her harder and deeper yelling “cum in Momma’s tight ass.” I start to fuck her ass harder feeling my climax coming on, Momma starts to rub her Clint and finger her pussy as I start to cum Momma squirts all over again. I flip her over as she is still Cuming and let her squirt all over my face and then clean her up….we both lay there in each others arms and drift off to sleep. I wake later to find Momma still sleeping, laying one her back with her pussy right in the open I go down on her and suck and lick on her clit right away to wake her up……hoping Momma continues this…..

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