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Mommy’s in the shower again. She seems to take long showers just when I’m wanting to get ready nowadays. It makes me cross – she ALWAYS seems to do it right when I need to be in the bathroom.

“Moommmmyyyy! – get out of the shower!!”

“Ohh!” She sounds surprised – almost like she’s been caught at something. Like that time when I walked in her room and she was playing with a new flashlight. We couldn’t make it work and it just buzzed a lot – Mommy put it under the bed in the end.

“What’s the hurry, pet?” Comes the voice from behind the shower curtain. I can see her moving she must have the cleanest naught bits in the world! She’s ALWAYS cleaning there!

I sneak a peak around the shower curtain and she gasps again and goes bright red, stopping washing herself down there and rubbing her thighs instead.

“Baby you know you’re not supposed to go watching people in the shower” she says crossly, but I know she’s not really cross, I can hear it in her voice.

“But Mooom, I need to get ready. I’m going out with Lissa and there’s a party and I got to get ready.”

“Ohh sweetness, you look good enough to eat already.” She looks at me funny when she says this and starts to wash her boobies. She has nice boobies. They’re all big and soft and with big nipply bits – they make me feel all tingly and nice when I look at them. I guess its cos I used to feed from them. I shiver inside as I think about that, and my mouth starts to water. Its such a shame I’m too old now.

“Muum – You know I can’t go out like this!” I’m just wearing my sweaty cheerleading outfit, and I swear you can see stains in my armpits and my crotch where I’ve been sweating. “there might be.. y’know… cute guys there.” Now its my turn to blush, as Mum giggles. I know I’m still not old enough, but I want to look good when I go out. You never know when one of those hot football guys is going to ask me out, and I want to look hot for my first time. ‘sides – it makes me feel good. Mum steps out of the shower and stands there, dripping water on the bathroom floor. I can’t help but look at her figure. She’s one of the prettiest Mum’s of any of my friends – even Lissa says so.

“Get me a towel, pet?” she asks as I stand watching, and I realise I’ve been staring a bit and blush again. “You like my boobs, don’t you?” she asks and I blush even harder. I nod, shyly as she slowly strokes them with the towel I just handed her. “Would you like to dry me, pet?” she asks, and I KNOW she just wants to hold me up again, but I sigh and step forward to dry her, rubbing my hands over the towel and soaking up the water droplets. It’s making me sweat again, I can feel it in my knickers. I always seem to be sweating down there at the moment. It makes me feel nice though, so I don’t really mind. I just squeeze my legs together a bit and it feels even better. If I can rub against something when I start sweating like that, it feels really nice. I did it with a hockey stick at school when no one was looking and it was extra nice. It made me shiver and sweat at the same time and my knickers got all wet.

Mommy moans and I look up, startled from my thoughts. I’m rubbing myself against her bottom and drying her boobies!! OMG! I’m so embarrassed!


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