Mom's best friend

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Mom’s Best Friend

My story began a long time ago actually when I was 8yrs old. I was in my back yard when i saw my next door neighbor who was 23 at the time in bra and panties ironing. She was HOT. She was tall and thin with long brown hair and huge tits. I couldn’t help but stare. My mom called and I had to go inside, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
Now to bring the story more up to date.When I was 15yrs old my parents got divorced and my neighbor who had become my mom’s best friend, was also getting divorced at the same time. We had since moved away and I ended up working for her and staying at her house during Summer vacation. One night a friend of mine was over and the three of us were drinking and sex somehow came up as a topic and a few jokes were made.My friend went home and I went to bed fantasizing about my mom’s friend Anne.All of a sudden she walks in and tells me to unzip her dress.I was nervous and shocked and stood there for a second until she asked if I was chicken. I quickly unzipped her and watched her dress fall to the floor.She then undressed me and kissed me hard with her big lips. I was in Heaven.Here I am with a real woman who wanted it bad.I had been with other girls my age, but when you’re 15 girls your age don’t know much.Anyway,she laid on her back and told me to fuck her good.My cock felt like it was going to split in half I was so hard.I spread her long tan legs and shoved my cock in her hot wet pussy.She moaned and said she had always wanted to teach a young guy exactly how to please her and she was so happy I had a big cock also. I fucked her as hard as I could until I exploded in her. She had had a tubal and there was no concern of pregnancy.Oh my God she was like banging a porn star she was so loud and was talking dirty to me for the first time in my life.I was hard again in about two seconds and she sucked my cock and balls for about 20minutes and then rode me again until I came again.Then she kissed me goodnight and said wait until tomorrow night and shut the door.

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