Mother,Daughter,and Grand daughter pt3

Mother, Daughter, Grand Daughter in the same week !
Part 3 the Grand daughter
By Rick

Friday was my last day at Physical Therapy finally ! Dorothy was there and had quite a bit work to do before she was done with her Physical Therapy at least another month . Since we started and finished at about the same time I made sure that she had a ride home. I was of course hoping to take her home and fuck her again . My grand daughter Diane is picking me up Rick but maybe we can get together again soon she said . I hope so I said I enjoyed the other day . Dorothy blushed and said so did I . Her grand daughter walked in at that point . She looked so much like her mother that it was frightening . The same brown eyes the same long black hair and of course the same huge tits .She was an inch or two taller than her mother and her butt was a bit smaller but she had the same crooked smile . Diane this is Rick he is an old friend of your mothers . She shook hands and said nice to meet you . I would have sworn that it was her mother speaking . I said I feel old to think someone my age has such a beautiful daughter . How is Colgate ? Not to bad she said I’m working on my masters so it’s easier than undergraduate work . What will your masters degree be in I asked . Parapsychology she said . That sounds interesting I said thing that go bump in the night . Oh wow you know what it is . I’m not quite as dumb as I look I said . Do you know anything about the subject ? Oh yes I said I have a number of popular books on the subject . You do ? she seem shocked . Yes I said . I studied the subject in the sixties . I’m more interested in the idea of alien abduction she said . I spotted one once and shortly after I reported it they refused to renew my physical for my pilots license . I’d like to hear about that she said . I’ll send you a copy of the report that I made to the FAA . She gave me her e-mail address . After I read your report can I interview you for my thesis ? Sure I said I’ll send the repot to you as soon as I get home . Thank you she said . I’ll be home all weekend so I’ll read it tonight and call you if I have any questions .
I went home and almost forgot about the e-mail I had promised to send . When I looked at the TV guide there was a program on UFOs and that reminded me . I went to my computer and sent the report to Diane . Then I made dinner and relaxed with a martini . I was watching TV and sipping my second martini , it helped ease the pain in my hip better than the pills, when the phone rang . I sighed and got up and answered the phone . Rick this is Diane . I was glad she had told me or I would have sworn that it was her mother and could have said something stupid . I just read your report and I have a lot of questions . Fire away I said . I would rather audio tape the interview so I can study your answers . Fine I said when and where would you like to do this ? Can we do this tomorrow so if I have any additional questions I can ask them on Sunday ? That way I’ll have something to work on next week at school . That’s fine I said where would you want to do this interview ? Could we do it at your place that way you will be more comfortable. What time? I asked . How about 10 A.M. ? Fine with me I said . Cool she said I’ll be there if you can give me directions . I gave her he directions said good bye and hung up.
The next morning she was at my place right on time . I was wearing jeans and a plaid wool shirt .She had on jeans and a wool sweater . I could not get over how much she looked like her mother . Her sweater was very tight around her huge tits . She wore one the old fashioned bras that lift the tits up and point them out . I offered her something to drink and she asked for tea . I got her some tea and coffee for me . Where would you like to do the interview ? In your living room would be great she said . Her tape recorder was quite sophisticated it had jacks for up to four mikes and was obviously made for interviewing people . That’s nice I said where did you get it ? The school has a bunch of them she said . The only problem is that they only have one mike for each machine so you still have to either move the mike from person to person or someone has to speak very loudly . I looked at the tape recorder and said I have a mike that will work in that . I got up and went to my office room and got a mike . I plugged it and said lets see if it works . We each had a mike and she asked a question and I answered and then played it back . It worked like a charm . She asked me questions for an hour and a half . Then she asked if I had any paper work to support my claims . I said that I did but it could take some time to find it . Would you please I’m not in a hurry . I said on problem . It took me a while to find them and then make copies of them with my all in one printer /copier/ fax machine . It was almost noon when I finished . I said I made some soup last night would you like some for lunch ? She patted her stomach and said I never turn down food . I warmed up my soup and we had lunch . You know she said it isn’t easy to be built like this in college . All the guys and a lot of the girls stare at my big tits but if you aren’t skinny as a rail they don’t want to socialize with you . I know what you mean I said patting my own belly it was like that when I went to college . Some of us happen to like large women I said . I guess so mom found a guy and so did grand mother . See I said and you can find a guy as well . I’ve always been a curiosity to most guys . Don’t worry you are attractive and you used your brain . Well she grinned and said I use my head ! You know the best sex I’ve ever had was with one of the professors at college she said and he’s over 60 ! The only thing is that he won’t give me head even though he loves a blow job . She was speaking as if she was talking about a class she took . I love to give a woman head I said it is a lot of fun . She asked did you and mom ever have sex when you were in high school ? No I said I was dating a bigger girl named Anne . Bigger than MOM?? She looked shocked . Yes I said . Damn I’m horny now Diane said . I think we can cure that I said . Cool Diane said I’d like that . We went back to my living room and I put a fat girl porno in the VCR . WOW Diane said I’ve never seen a fat girl porno before. We started to make out . I had her clothes off in a few minutes . Her pussy was shaved and her nipples were a lot larger than her mothers or her grandmothers . I took my clothes off and started to suck on her huge nipples and the stuck out three inches when they got hard . WOW I said nice nipples ! They can be an embarrassment when I get excited and don’t have a bra on that’s why I wear a heavy bra . I moved down and licked her clit and sucked on it . She moaned and groaned as I ran my tongue around her clit and finger fucked her . She came and just like her mother she bounced her big ass up and down like a bouncing ball ! Damn ! Fuck ! Shit she said as she came . Do that some more she said I love it . I rubbed her clit with a finger as I tongue fucked her . OH , OH , OH !!! she said and came again and again . She reached down and grabbed my hard cock and said now it’s your turn and she started to suck on my cock and lick my balls . I want you to stick this in my cunt she said . I got a condom and put it on . She bent over and said I love it doggie style . I slipped my cock in her bald pussy and stroked slowly . She moved her ass in and out in time with my stroking her pussy . FUCK ME ! she said . YES ! She said that’s what I need . I need a hard cock ! I stroked as slowly as I could it was driving her wild . She was coming with every stroke ! I was enjoying the view of her ass fat rippling as I fucked her . I finally came and pulled my cock out and removed the condom . Thank you Rick she said I wanted to get laid this weekend but it’s hard to do with while I’m in my grand parents home . No problem I said I enjoyed it as much as you did . Please don’t tell my mother she wouldn’t approve of my fucking an older guy . I won’t tell anyon
e I said . I gue
ss I had better get dressed and go home and do some work she said . I’ll be back next weekend if I have any questions about your siting I’ll call . You can come over and ask your questions in person I said . She laughed and said that would be better !

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