Mr. Wonderful

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I awaken before you and manage to slip from under your strong arms. I decide to start our bath. The bathroom has a wonderfully large Jacuzzi tub just waiting to be filled. I pull out some of the oils I brought with me and decide which one to use. Knowing that you are ALL man and that you would like whichever I decided to use, I chose the Lavender & Vanilla. As the tub was filling I heard you stir a bit. I went to the door and stood there for a minute, taking in your handsomeness and the reality that we just spent the first of what I hope turns into many rendezvous.

As I stand there taking you in I begin to feel a tingle in my love box. The wetness is almost instant because the thought of having you in me again just drives me crazy. I walk over to the bed, you are still asleep. I slowly start kissing and teasingly licking your nipples. You moan. I then work my way down slowly, one inch at a time. As I reach your belly button you stir a bit more. I notice that even in your state of grogginess your magnificent cock is getting hard. I then take my tongue and run it around the tip, tasting all the previous adventures. OOOOOH what a wonderful thought it was to reflect on. I then take your entire love sword into my mouth and suck you to life. Almost instantly you awoke. “OH baby!!” you moan. What a way to wake up. Since you are now fully awake I get up and saunter over to the door. I turn and give you that “Come hither let’s play” look. I don’t think I have blink and you are at my side. The tub is about full and is ready for us to jump in.

Taking a deep breath you notice that the air is filled with a wonderful smell. “Lavender & Vanilla” I hope you don’t mind I say. You just give me “That” smile. “Ladies first” you say. I slowly lower into the tub, “I guess I made it a bit hot” I say. No doubt that we will be hotter than our water in no time I think to myself. You follow behind me agreeing that the water is a bit hot but our bodies quickly adjust to the heat.

When you got into the tub you slipped in behind me and wrapped your arms around me and held me so tight. I turned to look into your eyes and our lips met so madly. Tongues tangling and dancing, your kisses are breath taking. I reach down into the water and grab you. Taking your cock into my hand I begin to stroke it with long deliberate strokes. You are so hard at this point. I move around and straddle you so we can be close. As I do your cock almost drives into my waiting kitten. I reach down and guide you in because I want you in me as much as possible. As you drive deep I use my muscle control and grip your cock, which makes you moan loudly. Almost as soon as you penetrate me you pull out and motion me to sit on the edge of the tub. As I do this you spread my legs and dive into my aching pussy with your tongue. Darting around like a heat-seeking missile you find my swollen clit. “OOOOHHHH MYYYY!” Almost instantly I begin cumming. You are relentless and don’t stop. My body is trembling from the waves of pleasure you are providing me. You seem to know exactly where it is that makes me scream because I cannot seem to hold back the cries of ecstasy as I explode into your waiting mouth. “I have to have you now” I beg. “Please Jeff, give it to me in anyway you can think.”

Our lips meet and I can taste my juices on you. This drives me a bit crazy and gets me so hot. You pull me back into the water and almost instantly onto your fully erect cock. OH my goodness it feels so incredibly good. I don’t ever want the feeling to go away. As you continue to impale me with your sword I ask that you let me know when you are about to unload because I want to cum with you. I am so close that I could at anytime. You sense this and decide to torture me a bit longer.

As our moans continue to fill the air I hear you whisper that you are about to cum. That is all I need to get myself over the edge. Just as you are releasing your hot juices into my pussy every muscle in my box spasms and milks every last drop out of you. As we gaze at each other our lips meet and once again seem to dance. Your kisses are everything I have ever imagined that they would be.

We continue to kiss and hold each other for a while. After taking turns washing one another we decide that it is time, since we are starting to look like grapes, to get out and think about some nourishment. We take turns drying the others body and fighting the urge to jump into bed and eventually manage to throw some fabric on our bodies. As you step out on to the deck to light the grill I can’t help but think back on the last 12 hours. Suddenly a feeling of complete satisfaction comes over me and a tear makes its way down my cheek. Not of sadness, but utter contentment.

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