Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown’s English classes were fun. She was a really great teacher, always keeping the attention of the class. With good reason too, she had a great figure and face and was pretty young for a teacher. This lesson I had noticed she had been looking at me differently. Also she was wearing a skirt which she didn’t normally do, although she was wearing her normal tank top. She caught me talking and moved me to the table at the front. Now thankfully this isn’t so bad as it’s the only place in the room where you can get a view under her desk. I gazed over her smooth legs happily, until they stirred, and splayed in front of me, exposing her crotch minimally covered by and white thong. My jaw dropped and my crotch rose, until I notice that her eyes were firmly fixed on me. I quickly got back to my work.
I noticed a shadow on my desk and I turned to see her waist, and quickly looked up.
“See me after school, David” says whispered into my ear.
As she turned away all I could do was stare her ass.
As I walked back into the room after school, I noticed it was empty, apart from her sitting on her chair. I sat on a chair opposite her. She started talking to me, about something but I wasn’t really listening. My attention was firmly focused on her thighs, so smooth and tasty. She must have noticed this because she uncrossed her legs. I was blind by the site of her pink pussy lips glistening in the wind, not a hair in site. She had gotten rid of her thong!! Her hand slithered its way down into my view, and slowly parting the lips to slide a finger inside. She begins to slide the finger in and out slowly. She slides it out and holds it front of my face before placing it in my open mouth. I close my lips and lick and suck her finger, getting all of her taste that I can. She pulls it out and strokes my face. She gently coaxes my head down, and I’m on my knees, face in front of her hot hole. I gently brush her lips with her tongue, breath cool air across her moist pussy. She winches in pleasure and she pushes my face against her pussy. Her scent is over powering, sending me into a licking frenzy, my driving in her warm hole, lick the clit. Soon she is bouncing on her chair and she lets out one final groan before she relaxes. She releases her grip on my head, exposing my dripping face to the cool air. She lifts me up and begins to lick my face of her juice. She then kisses me deeply and passionately, wrestling my tired tongue. She then lays me down on the desk and pulls my trousers and boxers off and kisses me again. All the while her hand gently caresses my cock, stroking the shaft and fondling my balls. Soon my cock is standing straight up and she climbs up on the desk and straddles me. She slowly slides herself over my cock groaning as she does so. She bounces on me, making sure to ride me to exhaustion. My cock drives deeper and deeper as she thrusts, provoking her to moan louder. Soon I’m groaning as well and just as I’m about to cum she jumps off and buries my cock into her mouth. I explode into her mouth, with a loud sigh. Once I’ve pumped out the last of my juice she pull her face off and kisses me, giving me back what I gave her. I swallow it reluctantly.
“Now get dressed and get out of my site!” she says as she sits back down and begins marking again.

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