my birthday night 1

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Hi friends this is DEVKUMAR from south India. I’m going to tell what happened in my 18th birthday. Before I start please don’t read the following content if you not interested in mom son incest and sex stories…and all the names mentioned in this story is an imaginary names.
I’m basically from a rich family and I’m the only son to my parents, my parents are crazed in western culture like drinking, clubbing and parties every weekend. I will get whatever I want at that age and my friends also very rich and their parents also very close to my parents. And more over our fathers are business partners.
It was the start of summer holyday and I was glad to be out of high school because every year I would go to summer camp with my friends. But this year my mom said she needed me to stay home. Because my dad and my friends dad are going to buy some machineries in gulf for their newly starting business so we none of us went to the summer camp and help our moms in the house work. During my holiday we friends RAJU, KUMAR, AMIT & SUJAN will hang around every day in one members house and play, chat together. This was our starting of the teenage so we used to talk about girls and mature women… One day accidently we found incest stories and got attracted towards it, from that day we are crazed about our own moms. But no one shared about our feelings to each other.
And now I will introduce our mom and their age and structure…
1, my mom SELVI age 36 little plump with fair skin and long hair and boob size 36 and navel size 32 and ass 36.
2, RAJU’S mom Mrs REETA very fair age 37 size 38 34 40 with short hair.
3, KUMAR’S mom Mrs PREETI average and tall but big boobs of and nice ass
4, AMIT’S mom Mrs SHEELA 35 is working as a model no one believes she is a mother of 14 year old boy. And obviously u knows how models will maintain their body. (FYI- l likes her very much.)
5, SUJAN’S mom Mrs LILLY age 34 is from village but now she is mingling with the high class society and u know how village beauties will be.
We spend our holidays with our moms and our dads were gone to gulf, I don’t know it was for good so I missed him a lot for my birthday. Not only had we all missed all our dads, the same time our moms as well missed our dads.
On my birthday day at 5 in the evening , All my neighbours with their mom showed off, I was happy and we all boys with same RAJU, KUMAR, AMIT & SUJAN age. Before cutting the cake we went to my room and decided to play some games. While playing the game, she called to us.
“DEV, can you come down here I need some help with the arrangements, “Sure mom I’ll be right there.” and without thinking we ran downstairs into the living room and was met by 5 of our moms are look like sexy angels in sari and they are talking to each other, I greeted them, mom asked me to cut the cake, and I cut my cake give to my mom and she kissed on my chin, and all my friends mom kissed me on the chin, but it was a casual and with love.
so me and my friends had some cake and open the presents and played, our moms had food and wine, AMIT’S mom compelled all others to drink wine, after 1 hour all our moms were in half booze, they started chat about their sex life and their desires, because they were lonely for more than a month, we boys were interested in playing in upstairs. suddenly mom called all of us for dinner, we went down, our moms were fully dunked and they were laughing and giggling each other, but , AMIT’S and SUJAN’S mom were missing, so I asked where is SHEELA and LILLY aunty to mom, she replied that they were busy in bed room, but they are doing sex, I wore new clothes so mom asked me to remove the dress and stay with shorts and vests, I refused but mom told strictly that new dress will ruin, and Mrs REETA and Mrs PREETI also seconded and told all of us to put one of my shorts and mom told all other boys to wear the shorts, so she asked me to give my shorts to them.
So we went to my bedroom, and changed the clothes, we saw each other with underpants; suddenly AMIT asked me, “DEV do have hair in your pubic area”? It was weird but I told “yeah man its growing a little bit for me”. then all of us asked and KUMAR told “I don’t know why I’m getting pain in my penis at night” but it was paining man, every one told we got the same pain da, but some time some viscous and sticky pee is coming out told by RAJA. We saw each other’s cock, all of us got 6 to 7 inches with erecting , RAJA’S was thin but long with big girth, AMIT’S was thick and small girth, KUMAR’S and SUJAN’S having same type but different colour and I had thick and long with medium girth. By seeing our cock we got erection and we felt the pain, our cock touching our belly button and the girth was warm, but AMIT’S cock is leaking with sticky substance and throbbing in air.
so we went to pee and suddenly we heard Mrs LILLY, SUJJAN’S mom crying and shouting and we heard the sound of AMIT’S mom Mrs SHEELA as well, so I went near the window which would be connect to that room, I got shocked both women were nude and SUJJN’S mom, Mrs LILLY was lying down and AMIT’S mom was jumping on her I got shocked and I noticed that a big tool is connected to their pussies, but Mrs SHEELA boobs were jumping in the air. Oh my god I got excited by seeing two naked women and the one is my dream sex angel Mrs SHEELA who I fantasise. And she was kissing and sucking LILLY’S boobs and both were yelling and moaning, suddenly a hand touched me from behind, I got shocked, it was AMIT and other guys, they all got shocked by seeing two of our friends mom naked.

Once again we got the Bonner, KUMAR asked “what are they doing naked?” our pain started at peak and body turn in to heat, and our cock become so hard and throbbing in air we don’t know what to do Because, we heard about masturbating but not yet done because of fear and we all are virgin.
Mrs LILLY shouted I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, haaaaaaahaaaaaa oh ohhh ohhhh my…
And Mrs SHEELA me too goona cum and jumped faster yaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhh my god …. And kissed on and shaked her ass fastly it was juming in air, after a minute they both shouted loudly and peed. The smell of their pee and sweat filled the room and our cock got more pain, SUJJAN told us “guys they are doing definitely lesbian sex”? ya I heard about it.. And he explained,
In bedroom, they both got exhausted and sucking each other boobs and drinking each other milk, with thirsty, Mrs SHEELA started crying and moaning in pleasure, ya u bitch suck it fast ya drink it, oh yeahhhhhh ya , KUMAR put the flower pot down, it fallen down, they both saw us, and shocked and they went to the bathroom,
We got frightened and move towards to the bathroom for pee to reduce our erection, and wear our shorts and went to the living room, but our shorts are bulged like a tent because of the erection and the scene we saw two naked women made us more erection. In the living room all our five moms were there and they are laughing and giggling. I think SHEELA & LILLY told to our moms what happened in the bedroom that is the reason they are laughing. We all of us were in fear and our body is shivering in hot and our shorts looking like a tent because of the Bonner and we sat on the couch they had their last shot of their wine and emptied their bottled and looked at us.
By seeing our Bonner all our moms laughed loudly and got surprised by our size. They giggled in each other’s ear and once second laughed loudly and gave us a seductive look and laughed.
Friends more to come in part 2, so please read it and send feedback and rate it. Want to contact me in personal.
To be continued…

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  1. AnalWhore

    I like the idea of everyone fucking moms But I wish english was a first language Story was great just a little hard to follow

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  2. Perky Tcode

    I love that story. It awesome it made pee sum pre cum in my pants

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