My Boss's Mother

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My boss didn’t like me. I just knew the bitch wanted to fire my ass, but as much as she didn’t like me, she would have hated me a whole hell of a lot more if she knew I was boning her fifteen-year old daughter.

It had started out innocently enough. Her mom had dragged the kid off to the company picnic. It was clear that the kid wanted to leave and since I had been looking for an excuse to take off myself, I had volunteered to take her home. I could tell her mother hadn’t wanted to let her go, but in the end, she relented, and that’s how the two of us ended up in the girl’s bed with me fucking the girl’s brains out.

It’s not that I meant for it to happen. It just did, and then it just kept happening over and over again, and that was so cool.

I thought I was so cool. I thought no one knew what I had done. That’s what I thought, but I was wrong.

It was Christmas and my boss decided to throw a Christmas party for the people at work. She thought it would be good for morale. She thought it would bring people together. The stupid bitch never did figure out that the last thing people wanted to do was spend time with her.

On the other hand, I thought maybe I might have a go at my boss’s daughter, but just my luck, it turned out the girl was spending the night at a friend’s house, so there I was, at a party I didn’t want to be at. I was stuck.

An old lady came up to me and she handed me an egg nog. “You must be Mr. Bradford,” the woman said.

I nodded. It was funny though. I didn’t remember seeing this woman at work.

“I thought so,” the woman said. Her voice dropped conspiritorially. “So, I hear you’ve been sleeping with my granddaughter.”

She laughed at my reaction. “Relax,” she told me, “my granddaughter told me all about it and as far as I’m concerned, it’s fine with me. I mean, if that girl’s going to go screwing around, she might as well do it with an adult rather than with some kid. And besides … my daughter can be kind of a bitch, so I can understand why you might want to stick it to her.”

I didn’t know what to say about that.

The old woman smiled at me. “Yeah, I know all about that,” she told me again, and then there was an awkward pause. “Do you know what I want,” she asked.

“What’s that,” I asked.

The woman smiled at me and then she clinked her glass against mine. “I want some of what my granddaughter’s been getting,” she said.

I looked at the woman and she looked back at me and suddenly, I realized she was serious. “You’re serious,” I said, just to make sure.

“Absolutley,” she told me. “How about it? Are you game?”

I downed the rest of the egg nog and I put the glass down. “Sure,” I told her, “I’m game.”

And I was, too. I mean, the woman was probably in her fifties or maybe even in her sixties, but she kept herself up well. She looked good, and to tell the truth, I was just a little bit curious.

We went back to her place. Not together, of course. That would have been too obvious, but she left and then I followed her home.

She might have been around sixty or something but as soon as the door closed behind us, she was on me. I felt her hand stroking my cock and then she gave me a squeeze. “I want this,” she told me.

And then incredibly, she was opening the belt on my jeans and she was opening my jeans. She was pushing the jeans down over my hips and then she pushed her hand down against my briefs and she squeezed me again. Moments later, she was pulling my underwear down and then she was dropping to her knees in front of me, and her hand was stroking my cock.

It didn’t take all that much longer before this old woman was sliding her mouth down over my cock and I couldn’t help groaning as that woman took me. She sure was one hell of a cock sucker.

The woman just kept sucking on that cock of mine and it was so incredibly good. Her hands worked my balls even as her mouth continued to work my cock and I just couldn’t help groaning again. This woman was just such a good cock sucker.

She pulled her mouth up off my cock and she looked up at me even as she stroked my slippery shaft. “I can see what my granddaughter likes about this,” she said with a smile, and then she again returned her mouth to my cock.

I moaned again. This woman was one hell of a cock sucker and if she didn’t watch it, she was going to get a mouth full of cum. Maybe that was what she wanted but if she wanted to get herself fucked, then I knew I wanted to get my cock in her cunt and that was all there was to that.

She moaned in disappointment as I pulled my cock from her mouth but then I was pulling her to her feet and then I was kissing her. My hands were working her blouse and then I had it open and my hands squeezed her bra.

She was breathing heavily and I knew she knew what I wanted. I kissed her again even as I squeezed her bra again and the woman moaned.

My hands slipped around her and I was unclasping her bra even as we kissed again. I pulled the bra free and I kissed her again even as I squeezed her tits. There was no question that she knew what I wanted and there was no question that she wanted it, too.

She took me by the hand and then she was leading me into her bedroom. We stopped there, and then I was taking her skirt off and then her panties and finally, the woman was naked in front of me.

Moments later, I had removed the rest of my clothes, too, and then I was pushing her down on the bed. I pushed her knees apart as I worked my way between her thighs and she moaned as she felt my cock stroke her cunt. “Now, don’t you take it easy on me,” she said. “I want you to give me exactly what you gave my granddaughter.”

I continued to tease her pussy with my cock and the woman continued to moan. Damn, I thought, this woman was so fucking hot.

“Come on,” she pleaded, “fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, please.”

“You want this,” I asked her.

“Fuck, yes,” she told me. “Fuck me. Fuck me. For God’s sake, fuck me.”

I shoved my cock deep inside that drooling cunt and the woman moaned. I pulled my cock back and I rammed my cock inside that cunt again. Damn, that felt good. I pulled my cock back and then I pushed it inside that cunt yet again.

The woman moaned as her pussy took my cock. It was amazing but I could see similarities between this woman and between her granddaughter. I guess I knew where the girl got her lust for sex from because even as I was fucking the older woman, her hips were bucking against me, and she was fucking me back.

The woman had a nearly frantic look as she looked up at me. “Oh God,” she moaned, “fuck me. Fuck me.”

I just kept pounding that cunt and she just kept moaning. She was going to cum. She knew it and I knew it, too.

“Oh geez,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me. For God’s sake, fuck me.”

My cock continued to pummel her and she continued to moan until finally, the woman gasped and then her back arched. She yelled and then she gasped again even as her pussy squeezed my cock.

“I’m cumming,” she cried. “I’m cumming.”

She didn’t need to tell me that. She sure was cumming and she was cumming hard. Damn, that was good.

We stayed that way as the woman continued to cum but as soon as her cunt began to release its hold on my cock, I pulled my cock back. She moaned at its removal, but my cock was still long and hard and I still needed to fuck her again.

I turned the woman over onto her hands anmd knees and I moved in behind her. She moaned when she felt my hands on her butt, and then she moaned again when she felt my cock stroke her between her legs.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Come on, fuck me. For God’s sake, fuck me.”

I shoved my cock into that wanton hole and the woman moaned as she took the length of my shaft inside her.

“Fuck me,” she wailed.
“Fuck me.”

I stroked the older woman’s butt and then I let my cock slide down to the woman’s hips and I seized her body and even as I pushed my cock inside her, I pulled her cunt
against my cock.

The woman moaned and I fucked. I fucked and she moaned, and all the while, the woman got closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh sheesh,” she moaned, “you’re going to do it. You’re going to make me cum. You’re going to make me cum. Oh sheesh, you’re going to make me cum.”

I just kept fucking her and she just kept moaning. She was going to cum. It was inevitable.

The woman gasped as her cunt succumbed to my cock and then the woman purred with pleasure as her pussy came again. I could feel her pussy constrict around my shaft and the woman moaned again. I was impressed. This woman sure was cumming hard.

But not me. I was still as hard as ever, and as her pussy once again released my cock, I began to fuck her again.

“Oh geez,” she moaned, “you’re still hard. You’re still hard. Oh geez, I need to feel your cum. Come on, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I did just that, working my cock in and out of the woman’s cunt. I hadn’t cum yet, but I was close, very close. I was going to cum and I wanted to cum in this woman’s cunt. I wanted to fill her cunt up with my cream.

I was going to cum. I knew it and she knew it, too. “You’re going to cum, aren’t you,” the woman asked. “You’re going to cum.”

“Oh yeah,” I told her, “I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Oh God,” she told me, “I want it. I want it so bad. I want you to cum on my face.”

“What’s that,” I asked.

“I want you to cum on my face,” the old woman moaned. “I want to taste it. Cum on my face.”

I pulled my cock from between the old woman’s legs and then the woman rolled over onto her back and then she knelt down in front of me. “Cum on my face,” she pleaded again. “Cum on my face.”

I grabbed my cock and I started to pull on it even as I aimed my cock at the woman’s face. I could feel it coming. “You want this,” I asked her. “You want this?”

“Oh yeah,” the woman groaned, “I want it. give it to me. Give it to me now.”

I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I groaned as my cock erupted and suddenly, I was spewing my cum all over her face.

She had her mouth open as my cock continued to shoot and while some of my cum ended up in her mouth, a whole lot more plastered her features. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

Finally, my cock was done, but the old woman wasn’t quite done with me yet. She grabbed my cock and she looked up at me with bright, eager eyes. “Oh yeah,” she told me, “I can see why my granddaughter likes this,” and then she pushed her mouth down on my cock.

I groaned as she sucked on my cock. I didn’t think I had any more to give, but that old woman with the cum-soaked face just kept licking and sucking on my cock and incredibly, my cock was responding to her eager mouth. Incredibly, she was getting my cock bigger and harder.

She just kept sucking on my cock and I loved it. She kept sucking on my cock and I got even harder. She kept sucking on my cock until I realized that she was about to make me cum again.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and her hand stroked my slippery shaft as she looked up at me with her cum-soaked face. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she told me. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

And then she had her mouth back down on my cock and she was sucking me again, and I groaned as she did it, because I could feel it happening and then my cum was surging up out of my balls, and suddenly, I was filling the woman’s mouth with my spunk.

That old woman was one hell of a cock sucker, and I couldn’t help thinking just how incredible this was. I mean, I really hated my boss, but as much as I hated her, I loved her daughter and her mother and apparently they loved me, or at least they loved my cock, and that was good enough for me.

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