My experience with a younger man

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I am a 35 year old female with a very loving husband of almost ten years. I have never cheated on my husband, but have had various fantasies of some of the men I work with at a local construction company. I do some flirting, but I would never jeorpordise my working relationshipwith them and plus, they all know my husband.

Last weekend, I went out with two friends to a bar. We tossed a few back before we went to the bar, so I already had a good buzz when we arrived. We sat at a table and talked for awhile until one friend went to the bathroom and the other went to get
a drink. I was alone and noticed my one friend talking to two men at the bar
so I went and introduced myself. I was instantly attraction to Josh,
the younger of the two brothers. He was 24 years old and very attractive
with dark brown hair and eyes. He had a nicely shaved beard, which is always
a turn on. The instant he looked into my eyes I knew we would hook up.

I shot a game of pool with the oldest brother and we went back to join Josh and my girlfriends at our table. Just before sitting down, Josh moved behind me and started rubbing himself against my ass. Now, this was just what I needed to get me horny as hell. We sat and talked for awhile when he grabs a fist full of my hair to pull me towards him for a deep kiss. At
this point, I couldn’t resist. As I ran my tounge around his piercing, all I could think about was how good it would feel on my clit. Then I felt one of his hands down my pants while the other was going up my shirt. He was making me so hot I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Josh grabbed his brothers car keys and we were gone. He drove across the street and we ended up parking in a cemetary. As soon as the engine was turned off, Josh was naked and stripping off my shirt and bra. We got
into the back of the car and Josh was on me in an instant licking my clit and freshly shaved pussy with that awesome piercing.
I couldn’t beleive how good it felt.
I pulled hard at his pierced nipples as he pinched mine until they were
hard as erasers. Then he ran his cock over my clit and pussy, getting his cock wet and slippery. He ramed his cock into my hot
hole, fucking me with all his might. He did this for about ten minutes and then removed his dick. I engolfed his cock into my mouth and sucked him with all my might. I slid my tounge up and down his shaft while he told
me what a good girl I was.

He told me to turn over then proceeded to ram his tounge up my ass getting it ready. He took his cock and rammed it in my ass
while pulling hard on my hair, which made me wild. I love to be spanked and begged him to make my ass burn, which he did. Because we were so crampt,we decided to get out of the car. He bent me over a head stone
and fucked me hard in the ass. It was so erotic. I can remember how the cold head stone made my titties hard as a rock. He took his cock out of my ass and slipped it in my mouth again, telling me what a good girlI was while I pumped him in and out of my mouth.

He helped me up and suggested I get on the hood of his brothers car.I did what I was told. Once I was there, he slid me to the edge so he could fuck me in the ass with his tounge again. He then stuck his cock back in and drove it deeper than ever. He proceeded to fuck me faster and faster
until I finally started coming. He responded by coming deep in my ass.

We went back to the bar so I could round up the friends I had come with. I never admmitted to them what I had done, in fear that it somehow would come back to my husband.

Josh gave me his phone number and we agreed to meet every once in awhile for some good fucking. I will let you know what happens.
I cant wait!!!!

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