my fantasy comes true

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I have always had a smoking fetish since I was a young kid. I am not sure of the psychological reasons, but to see a young hot woman turns me on to no end. I began work at a small company about a year ago. My assistant is a beautiful young woman of 23. She always would take smoke breaks at work or when we would go to breakfast together. I was constantly hiding my ever hard cock when she did so. She started at 14 so she was an experienced, and sexy smoker. Of course I had to live this fantasy in quiet and private. One day we began to talk about having fetishes. She told me hers was guys hips. For as as strange a reason as mine, she thought guys hips were sexy. I had become pretty close to jessica by now and just could not tell her, she turned me on when smoking and many times, I masturbated at home after witnessing her sexy smoking at work.
Over the months she has tied to guess my fetish but since this one of mine is a little odd, she has never got close to being correct. I have continued to watch her smoke an continued to JACK OFF thinking about her naked and smoking.

For various reasons, I have left the company and planned on moving out of Arizona and returning to my home state of Texas. Recently while getting things arranged I told Jessica we would have to go to lunch before I moved to say Good By. I told her in a kidding fashion, maybe I would tell my fetish.

At lunch we ate and had a great talk. I told her I would miss her a lot, and she smoked afterward. I figured this would probably be the last time I would ever see her smoke again. I asked her if she would stop by the house for a few minutes.

She agreed and when she entered my house she asked if it was OK to smoke inside. I laughed and finally got the guts to admit she was my fetish and fantasy. I told her, sure she could smoke because it was what turned me on for this entire year.

I thought she would think it strange and maybe sick….Instead, Jessica–Smiled–and says I turned you on just by smoking….I admitted I masturbated many times thinking about her smoking.

She said OMG, what would happen then if I did this…..

She pulled down my jeans and underwear. She took a huge drag on her cigarette. She blew the smoke slowly across my rock hard cock……

I EXPLODED all over her face, her hair and her cigarette

She laughed and said WOW, you really do have a smoking fetish…..

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