My First Time

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During the summer between my junior and senior year in highschool, I got a few odd jobs around the nieghborhood mowing laws and stuff. Our neighbors on the end of the block, Fern and David had lived there forever and had known me since I was born. They were in their early sixties and when I asked if they needed any work done David drew up a long list of things for me and said if I got everything done he would pay me $400. It looked like about a weeks worth of work and I got started right away. David hadn’t retired yet and he made good money so he didn’t see why he couldn’t pay me to do his “dirty work” as he called it. It was hot as hell that week and I was in the middle of mowing the lawn when Fern came out with some lemonade and told me to take a break. I was wearing a pair of shorts with no shirt on and had built up quite a sweat. ” You looked like you were thirsty.” she said. “Rest for a bit and drink this.” She stayedout there and talked with me as I drank the lemonade. “you have really grown into a handsome young man.” she told me. ” I’ll bet you have all the girls after you.” I told her that I didn’t have a girlfriend. “What! A big strong good looking guy like you? Why if I had to do it all over again, I would go for a guy like you instead of Dave.” ” Why’s that?” I asked. ” Well, Dave is a short man in more ways than one.” She said holding her hand up with her fingers about two inches apart. Dave was pretty short about five foot five, but she was talking about his dick. Fern was even shorter, about five foot two and was very fat.”Dave would probably kill me for telling you this but he has a very small penis. To tell you the truth, he has never satisfied me.” ” Oh it can’t be that bad.” I said, pointing to her hand. “It is honey, I dont think his penis is more than two inches long. If I hadn’t learned how to masturbate I never would have had a climax.” She smiled at me and continued. ” I’m sure the girls never have that problem with you. I’ll bet you have a nice big fat one and know how to use it.” She got up and walked over to me. ” Why don’t you let me have a peek at it? I bet it’s alot bigger than it was when I changed your diapers!” I stood up and she pulled my shorts down.My dick flopped out and she giggled. “Wow, does it get biggr when it gets hard?” she asked. “Of course it does.” I said. “This I gotta see!” she said as she sat down in the chair in front of me and jacked me off. ” My goodness, this is bigger than I thought!” she said after my cock had grown to it’s full lenth of 8 1/2 inches. She kept stroking and marvelling at my cock. I let her becase it felt so good. About 45 seconds later i came all over her tank top and shorts. “LOok at all of this sperm!” she said, “The best dave can do is a couple of drops. Dou you always shot that much when your with a girl?” “Well,” I said,” I’ve never exactly been with anybody before.” She laughed,”A virgin! No wonder you ejaculated so quickly. We’ll have to make you a man! Come on in the house and I’ll change out of these messy clothes.” We went into the bedroom and she got undressed. she saw me looking her over and said,” I know I’m a fat old lady but I think you’ll be surprised at how good this will feel!” She had big saggy tits and a fat gut that was covered in stretch marks. Her ass and legs were dimply from cellulite and her pussy had so much grey hair that it went up to her belly button and spread down her thighs. She got on the bed and told me to get on. I put my dick in and slid it up her twat. It was hot and wet and felt so good that I immediately came again. I pulled it out and shot all over her tits and stomach. “What did you do that for!?” She said kind of irritated. “I’M not going to get pregnent honey. Now put it back in and if you are going to shoot, do it in my vagina!” I slipped it back into her pussy and began to pump. Fern closed her eyes and smiled. “Oh Glen, that feels so good! Your doing just fine honey.” She said. About 2 minutes later I came again but just kept fucking her. “Ok sweety, I want you to go faster now.” she said and I started to fuck her as fast as I could. Like I said is was hot as hell outside and there was no air conditioning and we were both sweating like hogs. She started to scream,” Oh sweety, Oh my sweet young boy, don’t stop don’t stop just like that !” as she came. When we were done she told me that this would have to be a one time thing and thanked me for making an old lady happy.

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