My friend- the good samaritan:)

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I haven’t been in a relationship in over a year and as a result haven’t had any form of sexual release other than masturbation which gets quite boring.
Recently, I was over at my friend John’s house for Sunday football. Usually several of our mutual friends stop by to drink and watch the games. On this particular Sunday our friend Mary dropped by. Mary is 46 years old, 15 years older than me. She is an attractive, curvy redhead with a sultry voice and a very flirtatious personality. Me and her have always gotten along and we flirt with each other constantly, however she prefers older men and that has always ruled me out, but the flirting has just became a friendly game with us.
The day went on and as it became evening me and Mary were both becoming pretty tipsy. The subject changed to sex and I complained about my need for relief. I joked even a handjob would be great, Mary laughed and the conversation moved onto different things. As the evening wound down Mary began to nod off on the couch, and as I was not in any condition to drive john said I could sleep it off in the spare bedroom. John went off to bed and I went to the guest room and relaxed.
A short while later as I was laying there in the dark I could hear the doorknob turn and I could see from the faint light in the hallway Mary’s silhouette. I heard her softly whisper “are you awake?” I said yes and she entered the room, closing the door behind her. She came over to the bed and I could feel the bed sink as she sat alongside of me. She whispered to me softly “You really haven’t had anything in over a year??” I said yes. Mary then said “Ok, if you promise to keep it our little secret, I’ll help you get off, no fucking, but I will help you ok??” I couldn’t believe it, I promised not to tell. With that she took her hand and began squeezing my crotch, my cock rapidly began growing and soon it was at full attention. Mary unzipped my pants and set my swollen cock free, she leaned over and I could feel her hot breath on my cock. She began kissing the underside then she slowly twirled her warm, wet tongue around my swollen head. I reached over and began rubbing her large soft tits, and could feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her shirt. Mary then began slowly working my cock into her warm, soft mouth, it felt fantastic. I started running my hands through her hair as her head began steadily bobbing up and down in my lap. She reached down and began massaging my swollen balls then she backed off a bit, stuck out her tongue and proceeded to swallow my cock all the way to the base. I moaned gently as she swayed her head back and forth slowly with my cock buried in her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and guided my cock into her hot mouth, she squeezed my balls as I began fucking her throat rapidly, bucking my hips. I could feel a tingling move down my spine and into my balls as my orgasm neared, Mary felt my balls tighten and began sucking harder and faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer and began to shake as I shot a huge, hot, creamy load of cum down her throat, she continued sucking and slurping until she had sucked my balls dry she then wiped her lips, zipped me up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then she wished me a good night and left. I then talked to her a couple of days later. she told me as long as I kept it between us, anytime I needed some “relief” just give her a call and she’d gladly help me. I have taken her up on the offer many times since then and it always ends with her swallowing a big load. WHAT A GREAT FRIEND!!!!:)

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