My High School Art Teacher

It was some kind of art project for the community. We were all gathered in our high school gym with big wide rolls of paper taped together to create these huge banners. Our job was to fill in the lines that were pre-drawn with this goopy, paint like substance that could cover a large area. “Mud-on-a-stick” were the words some guy in the class used.

My high school art class was composed of about 50 of us, a pretty good blend of guys and girls. My art teacher, Ms. Jones, was hot. In fact, she was the only reason I was taking this class. She was in her late 20’s, brunette, gorgeous and always wore mini skirts and boots. Totally sexy. Needless to say, she frequently occupied a prominent place in many of my fantasies.

So here we all were, the guys in tee shirts, jock straps and shorts, our usual P.E. gear, though with no shoes, presumably so we could easily shower off the paint later and the girls were in their gear too. A combustible mix to say the least. And the girls in this class were cute!

Anyway, where normally I’d be fantasizing about a big orgy of bodies, paint and fucking, I guess we were all into this project of getting the paint on the paper. So we were doing this for the better part of an hour and were wrapping up when Ms. Jones was talking and used the word condone, or something like that and I though she had said condom. So, I started laughing. She says, “Mr. Smith, what do you find so humorous? Perhaps you’d like to share it with the class?” Classic teacher line.

So, like Beavis or Butthead would have said, I told her. “You said condom.”

Everyone laughed.

She thought for a moment and said, “I said condone.”

But I could have sworn by her accent, that she had said condom again! So I said with a big, mischievous grin on my face, “You said it again!”

Everyone roared and this time even my teacher was laughing.

Then she says, “O.k., everyone hit the showers….except you, Mr. Smith. Into my office, my condom man.” Now this time, I think she did say condom.

I responded with, “…right on.” This brought another round of laughter and everyone took off towards the locker rooms, and I heard someone yell out, “You’re in for it now Mr. Smith!”

So, here we were in the gym office, with the usual smells of a locker room permeating the air. Ms. Jones was standing and I’m sitting down and she proceeds to lecture me, but there was something else. There was a little shyness, a little flirtiness there. I’ll never forget it. So, I got BOLD.

“Ms. Jones come here.” She walked over to me. When she was close enough, I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me, turn her ’round and lay her over my knees. Then I give her six hard swats on her perfect, upraised ass. One smack for each word. “Don’t – you – ever – embarrass – me – again!”

I wasn’t really embarrassed before, I was just being my usual cocky self.

I think at this point, she was a little shocked, she was certainly blushing…big time. But she stays put!

So, then I start rubbing my hand over her ass and then sliding my hand up her skirt and underneath her panties. Next thing I know, she gets up and straddles me and we’re kissing like we were going to devour each other. Her hands are in my hair, then she lifts my tee shirt over my head pulling it off, then her hands are all over me.

Meanwhile, I’m tearing off her clothes and then the next thing I know, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking my dick! My God she was good at it too, first licking and then teasing me with her mouth while she cradled my balls, then taking all eight inches of my rock hard cock in.

It didn’t take long for me to cum and there was so much jizz that it came dribbling out of her mouth onto her gorgeous tits. Then she scoops my hot sauce up with a couple of fingers and swallows that too! Next thing I know, she straddles me again and we’re fucking and kissing passionately in the coach’s office! She’s one wild woman. And what a perfect body… nice n tight, perfect tits and even a shaved pussy!

Well, we were going at it for a while and with all of her moaning and screaming, I’m sure the sound was bouncing off of all those metal lockers proving a great deal of entertainment for all the guys in the locker room.

When we finally emerged from the office, her hair now looking very wild and unruly and me with a big grin on my face, we were greeted with cheers and applause from all those standing around! And someone must have told the girls, because they were all crammed into the boy’s locker room too!

Ms. Jones was blushing, big time. Me? I raised a fist in the air for victory and then I grabbed my teacher, leaned her backwards and planted a deep, passionate, slow kiss on her. Even in front of my entire class, she forgot herself for a few moments and totally got into it. When I stood her up, she could barely stand! I was laughing too at this point and she just had a big smile on her face and sighed.

Well I’ve got to tell you, this did a whole lot for my popularity. The guys in the school made me their hero. And though I’ve always been popular with the girls, I have never gotten so much pussy!

Then guess what? I hadn’t heard or seen Ms. Jones for about a week and I was thinking that she might have been given a temporary leave of absence or that she was mad at me for getting her into this jam. (My high school wouldn’t make as big a deal of this as what happen with Letourneau and her high school lover.) Then I got a call from her.

“Rick, I was wondering if you could come over to my place for another “little” art project? I have some body paint and paper that I would like your contribution towards creating a masterpiece.” Needless to say, I was over there in record time and we had a virtual fuck fest, with bodies swirling in a mixture of paint and jizz leaving a design for all of posterity. Funny thing was, it looked pretty cool.

Then about a month later, there was an art exhibit in the high school and there was our painting! And she signed it with both of our names! But I didn’t mind. And it didn’t take an Einstein to figure out what the painting was all about and once again I had the girls in my high school offering up as much pussy as I could ever want. I even had a little tryst with three of the high school cheerleaders, all at the same time! What’s that? A ménage a quatre? It was like some kinda goddam Fellini movie or something…but that’s a story for another time.

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