My wifes 1st time getting fucked

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As Joe lay back with his huge cock throbbing, she wiped the cum from her face and tasted it. She licked her fingers as she climbed on top of his chest. His hands were huge as he pulled at her newly budding nipples and squeezed her tiny ass. Soon her mom was kissing her again. She took her tiny hand and led it to her pussy. As she slid her fingers into her mom she could feel the heat of her throbbing cunt. Her mom squatted onto Joes face and began to moan as he lapped at her pussy. Soon mom was leading her finger into her asshole and she began to finger her harder and harder. She looked back and noticed Joes giant dick beginning to swell hard again. She squatted over it and began to rub it up and down on her tiny bald pussy. About this time her mom turned around facing her while Joe lapped hard at her cunt. Her mom reached over. Licking her finger, she slid it inside of her to get her ready for Joes giant cock. She fingered her hard until she began to moan. As she grabbed Joes dick she gently lowered herself onto his hardness. His meat ripped into her and she let out a scream. It hurt but she loved the feel of his cock throbbing inside her tight little cooze. She began to moan with pleasure as Joe went deeper and deeper. Soon she was sliding up and down with ease. In a few minutes Joe had her on all fours and began to pound harder into her. His giant rough hands pulled at her hips. By now mom was in front of her pulling her face into her snatch. She licked hard as Joe pounded harder soon she began to feel dizzy and felt her little bald pussy begin to twitch. She came hard on Joes cock as he let out a groan and shot his hot load deep into her. His cum began to run down her legs as he pulled out panting hard. She rolled over as her mom sucked on Joe. Her pussy throbbed but she knew that she was forever in love with cock!

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