Older Chubby Whores

I had just turn 16 and a friend of mine she was 19 and a college freshman asked me to cum to her house for dinner. We had dinner and then she started asking me questions about what i had done sexwise. I told her the truth i had done zero sexwise i had not even had a girl show me her tits. Then she told me that she had given two boyfriends blowjobs and showed them her tits. I said why do you want to know? She said to be total truthly with you that she was attracted to me and she wanted us to lost are virgin together. I told her i was attracted to her and liked the idea but was a little scared about not being very good at sex the first time. She said how would she know if i was good or bad she had never had sexual intercourse. She said we should start with what she had already done. She told me to take her top off and to my surprise she had big tits. She held the back of my head and said suck on my nipples that gets me turnon. I sucked on her nipples and she started playing with my dick which got hard and hard the more she touch it. She then said stop sucking her nipples and sit back in the chair and relax it is my turn to turn you on. She said just tell me what you like about my blowjob. She then slowly took my dick all the way down to my balls in her mouth and then stopped. She said did you like that and before i could answer her she had my dick down her throat again and was working the whole dick in and out of her mouth. I felt my balls again to tightup like i was going to cum so i told her i am going to cum and that just made her tight her lips around my dick and go faster up and down next thing i know i was cumming down her throat and she took ever drop. When she was done she looked up at my and said did you enjoy that blowjob. I answer hell yes. I did not know at the time that 3 of her college girlfriends had watched the whole thing. She said it is time for us to lost are virginen. She sucked my dick until it was hard again and said i want to ride your dick until you cum in me do not be scared i am on the pill. We started out slowly because it was new to both of us and after about 5 mintues she said can i ride your dick a little faster. I said sure you do not need to ask. Then about 5 mintues later a could feel her pussy tightup on my dick and she moaned i am cumming please cum with me honey. I gave her my 2 load of the night in her tight little pussy. Then she said i have a surprise for you. I said what is it. She said 3 of my girlfriends all virgins have watched us the whole time and that if i felt up to it they all wanted to have sexual intercourse with you tonight. I said i would give it a shot. Little did i know her girlfriends would do what it took to get me to have sex with all three of them and give each of them a pussy full of cum.

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Older Chubby Whores, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. theroty

    it was a really well created set up
    but I do think that you could have put some more detail and made it a bit longer for more intensity

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