Older women who likes to shallow cum.

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I was at a club around 10pm last friday night. I when to the bathroom. When I came out an older women in her early 40t’s pushed me back into the mensroom and said would you like to get your cock sucked off and cum in my mouth. She said just enjoy the blowjob and do not worry about cumming she would shallow all my cum. It took her about 5 minutes to work my whole cock down her mouth. She liked to suck cock off because she was banging my cock down her throat and she stopped once to ask me to cum down her throat as hard as i could because she wanted to tatse all that i could give her. I banged she face for about 15 to 20 minutes before i was ready to cum down her throat and she shallowed all my cum and sucked my cock clean and sucked me hard again. She then stopped and said she wanted me to cum allover her face this time. It took me about 15 minutes of banging her face as hard as i could before i came allover her face. She sucked my cock clean and hard again. She said tell me when you are going to cum again because i wanted to jerk you off allover my nice big tits. I banged her face as hard as i could for about 20 minutes and then she jerked me off allover her tits. She said she liked sucking my cock because i got nice and hard before i would cum and that i came alot for a white guy. She said to meet her at that bathroom next friday. I did meet her. She asked if i found her friend attractive. I said yes her friend is very attractive. Her friend said she found me very attractive too. Her friend said get in the mens bathroom and pushed me in. Next think i know her friend is deep throating my cock until it was rock hard and then she stopped and said put that rubber on and i well fuck your brains out. She rode my cock as fast as she could for about 15 minutes and then started screaming at me cum in me you bastard over and over so i did. She jumped off and pulled off the rubber and sucked me cock rock hard again and said it is your turn to fuck me as hard and as fasted as you could until you came again. I had her legs over my head and was banging her pussy as hard as i could for about 15 minutes when she grapped my ass and told me to fuck her harder and to cum in her. I banged my nuts off her pussy lips for about 10 more minutes before i started screaming over and over i was going to cum in her and she said please cum in me over and over which turn me on even more to fucking her harder and cumming in her. When i came in her i came so hard i thought my balls would explose if i did not cum. She said to me that i was an A plus,plus fuck and gave me her number and said call anytime you wanted to fuck.

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