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I was on a personal ad sitedevoted to spankingsand one caught my eye it said that the writer was 70 plus years old, a widower and his late wife had enjoyed OTK bare bottom spankingsand that he really missed seeing a woman’s bare ass over his knees and spanking her. He made it obvious that he was into it.

I immediately got turned on. I fantasized about the scenerio that would take place.
I would e-mail him and probably write something provocative like,”Mmmmm I read your ad, so you like looking at and spanking a woman’s bare ass? What is the biggest turn on, pulling her panties down, seeing her bare ass, spanking her, or feeling her pussy be all wet and warm on your thigh?”
He would write back , “So I can see maybe you are a young lady in need of a bare bottom spanking, am I right?”
I’d reply,”It’s a major turn-on yes.”
He would write perhaps, “Would you like an older man to spank you?”
I’d write, “Oh course!” Now we would both be turned on by these exchanges.We’ld speak on the phone mostly discussing spankings, these would be horny conversations everytime I would hang up the crotch of my panties would be saturated. He’ld ask to meet somewhere, I’d agree. I’d wear a tight stretchy shirt accentuating my breasts and peeking out some cleavage, a skirt and full panties, this would take place in the summer so no need to wear pantyhose. I’d also wear those sexy little lace topped white anklet socks and a nice pair of white platform sneakers. He would be dressed in nice pants and a nice shirt, he’ld definitely look older, but I’d be horny seeing him.
We’ld get in his car and drive to his home.The whole way there my pussy would be pulsating. I’d see himlooking at me,my face, my tits, my legs. And I’d know he’ld be chomping at the bit to get at me.
We’ld go in his house. He’ld direct me to the bedroom. He’ld lock the door behind us, I love when the bedroom door is locked. He’ld pull his pants up around his crotch and he’ld sit down, he’ld motion me over. I’d come to him,he would tell me that I was very, very naughty, a really bad girl! As he would say this he would pull up and off my shirt, then take off my bra, he’ld look at very white compared to my tan tits hornily, maybe commenting on their round high firm beauty . He’ld pinch and twirl my nipples telling me that he had to spank me for being so bad.He’ld find my zipper on my skirt and undo it and pull it down. He’ld untie my sneakers and pull my feet out of them. He’ld pull me over his lap. I’d lay there very wet, warm and excited, only clad in my lacy anklet socks and my full panties. He would slowly reveal my bare ass, it would be glaring white showing exactly what my bikini bottom must look like. I’d be soooexcited… I just met this man and here he would be seeing my nudity, I would guess he would be hard and happy to see my nice tight round bare ass. He’ld pull my panties slowly down to my ankles, my pussy would be dripping wet and my lips would be so swollen and excited that they would be pulled apart, inside my slit which would be exposed it would be very very pink and siper slick. His wrinkled hand would look sexy compared to my smooth unlined, tight lily white ass skin. He would start spanking me those slapping flesh sounds would get me off. Oh I would press my pussy against his pant leg and grind, it would be very intense, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! my ass would redden from his dicipline,mmmmmmmm. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Those sounds would be the only noise in that room, over and over that skin to skin spanking sound would be made. He would stop when he wanted, maybe after my ass was the shade of red he liked, he’ld look at my ass, admiting it’s cuteness aswell as his hand-work, his eyes would shift to look under me pussy he’ld see all that shiny wetness in my slit, but he would not touch me, ohhh I’d ache to feel his fingers, but nope. He’ld lift me up, I’d straddle his thigh and hump him, my tits would be bouncing slightly my hard nipples very sensitive and very red my pink areolea pinched in around my nipples almost embracing them, back and forth I would rub my pussy on his leg, mmmm my clit would just keep pressing and grinding on him,my hot asswould be gliding over his pant leg, he’ld feel my sopping pussy and my fleshy round ass cheeks on his thigh. I would saturate his pants with my wetness and my feminine horny scent, he’ld lift me up, by holding me around my bare ass he’ld push me father back over his thigh, to his bony knee and then he’ld lift me up, he’ld look down and see that wetness on his pant legs and he’ld see my wet pussy and that big wet stain on his pants and admonish me telling me how dare I get excited over aspanking, that I was indeed a very naughty girl.
He’ld tell me to get on the bed and on my knees, ass in the air bend over for him, I would. He would undress and get behind me, I’d ask him what was going to happen,he’ld say I was going to get fucked by a 70 year old man a 70 year old man that had not had any tight warm pussy in years. My pussy would move and gulp. He’ld get behind me and push his dick in me he’ld tell me to get my tits to the sheets, I would now my ass and pussy would be high up, in my pussy he would go in and out fucking me telling me hoe good I felt, how tight I was, asking if I liked feeling his dick in me, I would murmur yes over and over in and out he’ld fuck my pussy getting his dick all wet and warm from my insides.I’d wiggle my ass and hips and love how he rode me, held pullout and nuzzle his cock up my ass crack just lay it in there and pull me back so my cheeks would fold around his cock and lock him in there, well most of his dick, the top full length of his cock would be exposed but as he pulled me back to him, his own groin would be pressed against it he would hump me and then he’ld cum it would shoot near my lower back I’d arch my back as he would pull away he’ld see his cum, my ass, and my pussy. Mmmmm it would be a very erotic and sensual experience we shared, mmmmmm that would be some fantasy.

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