Part 1 – Older and Younger Lovers

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Doris was a 68-year-old widow, for 42 years she was alone. Her husband was killed at Pearl Harbor. She had been married 1 week when the attack took place, and when moved back home a few days later, she lost heart and interest in anything. She moved back in with her parents that lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She was a very attractive young girl and had she of been available to more men, she would have had many suitors.
She stayed and cared for her parents until they passed on ten years later, then she stayed because she did not want to move. She farmed the land and raised livestock for food and money. She worked very hard for many years and then one day she found she was lonely. She had saved a lot of money up from insurance policies and social security and by the time the housing boom started she owned so many acres, over 2000 that she made a fortune selling off small pieces of land around her home.
Several more years passed and as she approached her 68th birthday she decided she was ready to try again. She began to get hot, now her figure was tarnished but still at her age she was somewhat attractive. She was mid sized, 5’5″ 200+ pounds, light gray and blonde mixed hair, pale blue eyes and a plump figure of 40D-39-45. She started to think of what kind of man she wanted and then she bought a computer and placed an ad on a web site for a lover. She had several replies but all were from out of state and wanted money to come see her. That made her angry, then one late April afternoon she was viewing some adult web sites when a knock came at her door.
She turned to look at the clear glass storm door to see a young man standing there with a warm friendly smile on his face. He was 5’10” 175 pounds, brown hair and eyes, somewhat pale looking but he seemed to be attractive in the face to her.
She opened the door and invited him in and asked what he needed. The boy replied, “I am Denny. I live back a few miles behind your house and I asking all the folks that live here if they have any odd work I can do for them.”
“How nice of you. How old are you Denny?” Doris asked.
“17 this month. I need the extra money to buy my car I been wanting,” The boy replied.
So Doris hired him to do her yard work. She had plenty of extra money and it was pain to mow the grass and rake it up and throw it in a wheelbarrow and haul it down to the pasture field. She also had him to help clean up her barn and storage shed and clean up and out her attic. For three weeks she kept him busy everyday with new projects and she paid him well over $10 an hour.
Then one afternoon when he had finished work and came into the house for once last check before going home. Doris offered the customary soda and snack and as they sat at the table, something happened. Denny was a bit quite and instead of a bright shinny smile he had a look of pain on his face. Seeing this Doris asked him, “Are you alright? What’s wrong with my cheerful young man today?”
Denny lowered his head and told her, “This girl I was crazy about, well she really hurt me.”
“What happened?” Doris asked in a way that shown true concern for Denny.
“It’s too embarrassing to talk about,” he said as he let his head sink lower.
Doris touched his hand as she said, “Now Denny. I do care about you, and I want to know. I want to help if I can.”
He mumbled and muttered and then told her, “Pam, well she broke up with me because…….because…..”
“Go on dear, it will be okay,” Doris said as she stroked his hand softly.
The boy flustered and pained continued, “because she found out my three older brothers raped me last year.”
Tears flowed from his eyes as Doris walked over and held him in her arms and comforted him, and as he sobbed she petted his head and pulled it close to hear bosoms and softly she told him, “It’s okay Denny go ahead and let it out. You can tell me anything my friend.”
He clutched her tightly as he told her, “I tried to explain that they were drunk and our parents had just split up and that mom didn’t care. I didn’t want it to happen but she thought that I did because I didn’t go to the police.”
“Well she sounds sort of shallow to me. I mean who can help being raped, no one can. She should be ashamed,” she softly said as she petted his soft cheek with her hand as she held him tightly.
Denny looked up at her and with a tearful expression told her, “You have been so good to me these past few weeks, I really appreciate you a whole lot.”
Doris kissed him on the forehead and told him, “I was so lonely until you came by that day. You mean more to me than you will ever know my young friend.”
Then she released the boy and as he started to leave foe home something happened to both, although I think Doris realized it first, she actually found Denny attractive in a way that made her moist. He also began to think of her as more than an employer.
The next day when Denny arrived, Doris was very excited to see him and invited him in to sit and talk with her before she sent him to his chores. Denny gladly sat beside her on the sofa, and told her, “I did a lot of thinking last night about Pam and what kind of person I would want to be with.”
Doris smiled as she took her hand and slowly stroked his long brown hair from the side of his face. The she responded with, “So did I Denny and I have something to tell you.”
Denny smiled and said, “I really think I would love to find someone just like you Doris.”
Hearing him say that made her so happy and she had been prepared to tell him anytime he needed her, that she would be there to talk or whatever. Instead of saying those words, this flowed out of her mouth, “Sweetheart, anything you want from me you just take it and it’s yours.”
Denny looked at her and as her words sank into her mind, he replied, “I want to make love to you Doris.”
It was the response she truly wanted but wasn’t prepared to hear, and without thinking she replied, “Take me, I am yours.”
With that Denny slipped his hands inside of her housecoat as he moved to kiss her mouth. Their tongue’s engaged in a dance of flesh as he quickly removed the outer clothing from her body. She was almost in a state of shock as she could not control herself, she wanted to be his friend and now she wanted to be his lover. She was debating in her head if this was right as her breast were freed from their captivity by his warm soft hands and then fondled as they kissed deeper and deeper. Doris was panting and moaning and as she became sexually charged she lost control of herself and her hands went to his worn faded blue jeans and she ripped them apart and tore them down as she made her way to his cock.
By this time they were standing up in front of the glass door as he rushed his hands down her panties and between her legs. There he found a wet slick shaven hot pussy that was dripping with juices for him to finger. At about the same time his six-inch cock was released and Doris know stroking and caressing it feel to her knees breaking their embrace to swallow all of it into her mouth. Like a starved lioness after a long hunt, she engulfed his dick with her lips and mouth and she wasted little time she began to suck him with a passion.
Now her body was plump but was not wrinkled as you might imagine. Her breasts were saggy but smooth and soft and without blemish, so was her belly and ass and legs as well. For an older woman she was very well preserved. Denny stood there allowing her to suckle on his penis as he caressed and petted her head and hair. When she drawn him into her mouth so much he began to release his warm cum into her. He wanted to pull out but she had another idea, instead she sucked harder and when he blew all of it in her mouth, she began to lap up the excess.
Then he knelt and embraced her once more with his arms and his lips, and as they swirled their tongue’s he tasted himself and did not mind. She was getting hotter by the second as he glided her to recline on the floor then began to
kiss nibble and lick her breast and belly. He tightly sucked h
er nipples biting easily on the nipple for long periods of a time as his hand brought her to her first climax in years. Then as he slid downward with his bathing of her body, he came to rest between her legs and there he devoured her opening for almost half an hour. Four times during his oral loving did she climax, and was on the fifth when he finally penetrated her pussy. Thrusting wildly and with great passion he brought her to three more before he came a second time. The youth of his body allowed him to continue pounding and as he shuttered and shook he plunged even more quickly and after another half-hour he came for a third time.
Doris was panting and wildly crying and moaning as afterwards he returned to his oral love making with now cum soaked cunt as his object of love. When he had cleaned himself and her out she rewet the area with a orgasm that would make a squirter jealous.
By this time the pair had failed to even notice the time or the surroundings and they had no idea they were being watched. Standing at the glass storm door and watching this entire event take place was Denny’s mom. She had come by to meet Doris at the behest of her son and to check on his work, now she was watching him at his best.
When the pair rolled over onto their backs, she walked in. Panicked and frightened half to death Doris scrambled to cover her naked flesh as Denny did the same.
Denny’s mother was in her mid to late forties and a somewhat worn looking lady. She was not very attractive but she did have a nice personality. She sat down on the sofa as the two made their way to their feet and began to stutter and stammer. Then she interrupted their but but but with, “Well I was wondering if Denny was being treated well and after seeing this I guess he is getting everything he wants and more.”
Denny was looking frighten as he replied, “Mom this is the first time we ever did this.”
Doris quickly agreed and added, “I can’t apologize enough….”
To which his mom cut in quickly, “No need to. Denny is a almost a grown man. He should be able to choose who he wants and what he wants. I must confess watching the two of you got me hot.”
Denny smiled as Doris sighed in relief, and as he moved to hold Doris, he asked, “So would you be mad if I Doris and I had more of a relationship.”
“No dear, I think that from what I saw, you two must care for one another deeply. From all you have told me about how good she is to, I am happy for you both.” His mom said candidly.
Doris quickly injected with, “I do care for your son more than just a friend and I know coming from someone as old as myself, you may not like this, but I love him.”
Denny added, “and I love you too, will you marry me Doris?”
His mom smiled and cried at the same time, as Doris burst into a happy sobbing. She looked at his mom for her approval before answering, and when she nodded yes. Doris said, “Yes.”
Now then June, his mom told them, “I hope you are both happy together and if things don’t work out Denny you can come home, but I hope they do. You really seem to care for each other. I know what being alone is like and how lonely and boring it is.”
Then as June stood and walked over to them, she hugged her son, and as he strained to cover his still naked body with a pillow she patted his ass and told him, “I wish you both luck, and if you ever need me to help let me know.”
Then to the surprise of Doris she turned and wrapped her arms around her and slid her hands up and down her back stopping to pet her ass as well. June slowly kissed Doris on the ear as she whispered, “By the way I was the one who raped him, not his brothers. He caught me with my girlfriend and we were drunk.”
Doris stepped back as Denny turned bright red and told her, “Well if you hadn’t been drunk you wouldn’t have touched me.”
Then his mom yanked the pillow away from him, and with an evil grin fondled his now soft cock and said, “Just remember if you two want a third party to party with call me. ” With that she kissed Denny on the mouth as she yanked his dick several times then she pulled the robe that Doris was wearing wide open and slowly ran her hand over along and stopped on her nipples as she told her, “I can tell by your expression that you would love to know what’s like when a woman makes love to woman.”
June slowly exited the room leaving Doris and Denny alone. The next day they were married and after many months they were still happily in love. They made many mad passionate sessions of love together and of course June did visit and she always made the offer. Maybe the next time they will let her, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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