Peggy Cramer

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Peggy Cramer

One evening when mom came back from one of her frequent Library Friends meetings, she brought a guest with her. When they came in, I was sitting in the kitchen having a snack. As they entered mom said, “Bill I’d like you to meet Peggy Cramer.”

I got up and took the woman’s hand saying, “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Cramer.”

She said, “It’s Miss Cramer as of six months ago and I’m very pleased to meet you Bill.” Then she said as she gave me a very nice smile, “Your mom didn’t tell me what a nice looking young man her son was. I’ll bet you’re a big hit with the girls at Garfield High.”

I put on a shy act and an ingratiating smile as I replied, “I think most of the girls at Garfield are kind of immature. There was a girl I liked for a while. She went to the Bolton Girl’s School. But she got involved with another guy and things sort of fell apart.”

Then mom said, “Come on Peggy. I have the draft for our next meeting agenda in the den. As Peggy Cramer followed mom out of the kitchen, she looked back over her shoulder and gave me another big smile.

Miss Cramer was very attractive. I estimated that she was in her late thirties. She was short and had shoulder length auburn hair and big violet eyes. Her complexion was definitely “peaches and cream”. She was a bit plump; but I always found this to be appealing. Peggy Cramer was one of the few mature women I had seen whom I would call cute. She had sex appeal too. Her breasts were very large and were shown off to great advantage in the low cut silk blouse she was wearing. But even better was her very large curved bottom that was admirably filling out the seat of the tight black slacks she was wearing.

Later on, after Miss Cramer left, I quizzed mom about her. I found out that she had moved to the area from Kansas about four months ago. She was recently divorced and lived in the Rosewood Apartments by the mall.

That night I spent some time thinking about Peggy Cramer. I was very attracted to her and I suspected she was attracted to me. Since I knew where she lived, I began to formulate a plan to drop by her apartment some time. I just needed to come up with a good excuse for a visit.

As things developed, luck was on my side again. About a week later on Saturday afternoon, I overheard mom talking to Miss Cramer on the phone. She was saying, “I’m sorry I can’t help you out Peggy. Have you tried Rita Miller?” After a pause mom said, “That’s too bad Peggy.”

I began to motion frantically and mom said, “Hold on Peggy. Bill wants something.”

I asked, “What’s the problem mom?”

“Miss Cramer’s cat is sick. She took it to the vet today and got some medication; but apparently it has to be watched very closely for the next twenty four hours. Peggy was supposed to go out tonight and she asked me to come over to her apartment and look after the poor thing. But, as you know, I’m allergic to animal dander; so I can’t help her and she can’t find anyone else.”

I said, “Mom tell Miss Cramer that I’ll look after her cat this evening. Just let me know what time I should come over.”

Mom asked, “Are you sure son?”

I replied, “Sure mom. No problem. I don’t have any plans for this evening.”

Mom returned to the phone and said, “Look Peggy, Bill says that he’ll come over and watch your cat. Yes I’m sure. He says it’s no problem. What time? Eight, OK. Yes I’ll tell him.”

Mom hung up the phone and said, “Miss Cramer said to tell you thanks, it’s very nice of you and that she really appreciates the help.”

About an hour later dad came into my room and said, “Bill your mom tells me you’re going to spend the evening looking after a cat for some woman in her Library Friends group.”

I replied, “That’s right dad.”

Dad said disgustedly, “I can’t figure you out son. You got your driver’s license over a month ago. I bought you a new car. It’s a Saturday night and I hear you’re going to be cat sitting! There are probably dozens of hot little teenage chicks from Garfield High that you could be taking out tonight. But oh no! You’re going to spend the evening with a sick cat!”

As dad continued, his voice was getting a little louder, “What’s wrong with you boy? There was that cute little Amber Connor. I know she had the hots for you. She visited over here. We went over there. She even invited you to come over and swim with her that Sunday. Damn it Bill! Now there was one hot little piece if I ever did see one! When I was your age, I wouldn’t have let her get away. I’d have been on that like stink on shit. What gives with you? Be honest with me now!”

I debated for a while and then I decided to tell dad the truth. I said, “Dad it’s like this. That night we had dinner at the Connors, I popped Amber’s cherry. Then a couple of weeks later, I caught her fucking around with another guy. She wanted to get rid of him and asked me to help. I agreed to help under certain conditions. I spanked her bare butt, fucked her in the ass and then made her give me a blow job. I think the blow job got her pissed. She said she didn’t want to see me again after that.”

During this narrative dad’s mouth fell open, then suddenly a big smile crossed his face and he said, “Thank God! I thought there was something wrong with you!” At this, dad made a limp wrist gesture. “It’s good to know my son’s normal. I’m proud of you boy! Don’t worry about Amber. Any female who gets pissed about a blow job isn’t worth wasting your time on. But what’s the deal with the cat?”

“Well dad this Peggy Cramer, who owns the cat, had a nice ass and big tits.”

Dad laughed, patted me on the back and said, “Carry on son. You’re a chip off the old Bradley block!”

Promptly at 8 pm. I was knocking on the door of apartment 4B at the Rosewood complex. Peggy Cramer answered my knock saying, “Hello Bill. You’re doing me the biggest kind of favor. I’ve had plans to go out with some people from work for the past week. You know Murphy’s Law. Tiger would have to be sick just now.”

As I followed Peggy Cramer into the living room, I noted that she was wearing the same tight black slacks and low cut blouse she wore the first time I saw her and they looked even better on her this evening.

Peggy gave me instructions regarding the care of her cat. Then she said, “I won’t be very late Bill. I expect to be back by 12:00 at the latest and if I’m not, I guess you’ll just have to spank my butt.”

I said, “OK, I’ll remember that.”

For the first couple of hours, I watched TV and occasionally checked on the cat, which seemed to be sleeping peacefully. When 12:00 am came around, I began to anticipate Miss Cramer’s return, but it seemed as if I was destined to be disappointed. I got bored with the TV and switched it off.

Time was passing slowly and I looked around for something to read. In a small bookcase, I found several Amanda Quick novels. I wondered if Miss Cramer enjoyed the sexy parts of these books as much as I did. Looking through one of the books, I found a dog-eared section that had obviously been much perused. It was the scene where the Earl of Masters had taken Lady Isabel over his knee and given her a sound spanking, which had led to some passionate love making later on. I began to deduce that perhaps Peggy Cramer had some fantasies that I would be happy to fulfill.

12:30 then 1:00 am came and I was still sitting on the couch skimming through the Amanda Quick novel. Finally at 2:00 am I heard someone at the apartment door. I put the book back and as I turned from the bookcase, Miss Cramer came in. She said, “I’m sorry I’m so late Bill. I guess the time just got away from me.”

She walked over to the couch, sat down and kicked off her shoes. I could tell by the way she moved that she must have had a few drinks and was feeling the effect. I went over and sat on the couch beside her and she s
aid, “Well how did things go?”

I replied, “Tiger was no trouble at all, I wish I could say the same for his mistress.”

Mrs. Cramer asked, “Why, what do you mean?”

I said, “You’re two hours late getting in and it seems to me there was some talk about spanking your bottom if you were late.”

Miss Cramer looked at me and let out a soft little giggle. She said, “I guess I did say something like that, but you can’t be serious. You don’t think I’m really going to let you spank me. Even though there are worse things I can imagine than being spanked by a good looking young man like you.”

I said, “I’m very serious. When I caught my girlfriend Amber with another guy I gave her a good hard spanking with a paddle and she deserved it for letting me down. This situation is not a lot different. You promised to be back by 12:00 at the latest and you said that I could spank you if you weren’t. So, to my way of thinking, you deserve a spanking for not keeping your word.”

Miss Cramer turned toward me and said, “You are a very masterful sort of young man and you know what you want. I like that.” Then she leaned closer to me and we began to kiss. As we kissed, I moved a hand down and undid the top buttons of her blouse. I slipped my hand inside and took a large firm breast out of the cup of her bra. I slid a finger around and massaged the dark pink nipple. Then I broke off the kiss and bent down to suck on the nipple. At the same time I liberated her other breast and began massaging its nipple.

Miss Cramer said in a trembling voice, “Let’s go into my bedroom.”

We got up off the couch and I followed her into the bedroom. When we got inside she switched on the bedside lamp. She finished taking off her blouse and bra and turned to me, “Well Bill what do you think? Not bad for a woman my age.”

I didn’t reply. There was no need. The answer was obvious. I went over and cupped her breasts in my hands. They were fabulous. I loved feeling of the weight of them as I raised them and began to suck on their erect dark pink nipples again. Then I took Miss Cramer in my arms and we began to kiss passionately. I slipped my hand down to the front of her slacks and then slid my hand inside her panties. I could feel that her pussy had a considerable bush of hair and I found the warm moist slit within and probed for her clitoris. She softly moaned as I found my target and began to rotate my finger around it.

She said, “My God I must be crazy. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

I quieted her protest with another kiss and she began to move her wet pussy against my probing finger. She slid her hand down to touch the bulge in the front of my jeans and breaking off the kiss, she said, “Let’s get into bed.”

I said, “I think you’re forgetting that we have some unfinished business to attend to first.” I glanced around the room and noted a nice sized bench in front of a vanity table. I pulled the bench out and sat down.

Miss Cramer said, “So you haven’t forgotten about the spanking. You know my ex was into that. He liked to give me a good butt warming every now and then and I have to admit that I liked it.”

Miss Cramer pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. She went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She took out a medium sized wooden paddle and brought it over to me saying, “This is a little memento from my marriage.”

The sight of Miss Cramer walking about the room in her panties was thrilling. Her large breasts stood up admirably in spite of their size, her large shapely thighs were perfection and the outline of her amply curved bottom beneath the thin material of her tightly stretched panties was particularly exciting and enticing.

Miss Cramer stepped to the side of the bench and got across my knees. With a little maneuvering, I got her large bottom in just the right position for spanking. I picked up the paddle and placed an arm around her waist. I brought the paddle down firmly splatting it into the center of her panty clad bottom. As I continued to spank her big butt through the tightly stretched seat of her panties, Miss Cramer cried out several times and kicked her legs. Then I lay the paddle aside and began to massage her bottom. Miss Cramer raised her butt and began to move it against the palm of my hand.

I said, “Now that the preliminaries are over, it’s time for these panties to come down.”

I slowly drew her panties down over her ample hips exposing her large rounded bottom cheeks, which were already a light shade of pink. I continued to slide the panties down to her knees and then grasped her around the waist as I readjusted her bottom to the optimum spanking position. Miss Cramer didn’t say anything during this time but I noted her bottom cheeks tighten in anticipation as I began to lightly rub the paddle over her butt. Then she said, “Please Bill, not too hard at first. It’s been a while since I’ve been spanked.”

To this I replied, “Then you must be in need of a really good butt warming.” I continued to run the paddle over her large shapely bottom for a little longer before bringing it sharply down into the center of her butt. It connected with a resounding CRACK. Then I began to administer a series of firm swats to each of her bottom cheeks in turn. As the spanking continued Miss Cramer began to cry out again and squirm on my lap. Then her plump legs began to scissor in the air. When I had thoroughly reddened her ample bottom, I continued with a series of lighter swats. Just to enjoy the feel of the paddle rebounding off her firm springy bottom cheeks.

I laid the paddle aside again and slid a hand down between her large thighs. She spread her legs to accommodate my exploration. I slipped a finger into her moist pussy and began to lightly stroke her clitoris. She began to moan softly as her clitoris became erect.

I then had her get up from across my knees and led her around to stand in front of me. The dark bush covering her pussy was very attractive. I started to massage her love nest again and Miss Cramer shuffled her feet apart giving me free access. As I continued working on her swollen clitoris, I stood up and began to suck on her nipples. Miss Cramer placed a hand on my crotch and started massaging my stiffened rod.

I quickly removed my jeans and under shorts. Then I sat down on the bench again. I spread my legs as I glanced up. Miss Cramer needed no further invitation. She knelt down between my legs and took my rock hard shaft in her hand. She lowered her head and in a moment my throbbing tool was sliding into her mouth. I reached down and pulled her hair back so I could get a better view of her lips moving down the length of my shaft. As she went down on me, I felt her tongue swirling around me as she began to suck my stiff rod. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take too much of this expert attention. I had to exercise every bit of my self control to keep from shooting my load as Miss Cramer continued to go down on me. As much as I was enjoying what she was doing; I had to gently push her away before it was too late.

I stood up, led her to the bed and had her lay back across it. I knelt on the floor and Miss Cramer raised her legs. I slipped her lowered panties off over her feet and spread her legs wide. Then I slid my tongue into her pussy, which was literally dripping with her love juice. I placed my lips around her erect clitoris and began to suck on it and tease it with my tongue. She moaned in ecstasy. I put a finger into her moist love tunnel and moved it around getting it thoroughly wet. Then I slipped it out and moved it down to its intended target. When the tip of my finger encountered Miss Cramer’s nether orifice, it slipped in with very little resistance and within a moment it was fully inserted. I could tell that having my finger in her bottom was adding to the level of Miss Cramer’s arousal. I slipped my finger out and placing three fingers together I began to probe again. This time there was more resistance. Miss Cramer thrust her bottom against my prodding digits and in a moment they began to slip inside. All the while
I continued sucking and exercising her clitoris. As my fingers sank fully into her bu
tt, then there came a cry of extreme pleasure as her release came. Her legs stiffened as she pushed her bottom down on my fingers.

As she began to relax; I slid my fingers out of her bottom and stood up. In a moment my swollen tool was sliding into her wet pussy. In short order I was pile driving my rod into her love tunnel at a rapid pace. But just as I was ready to cum, I slowed down and held off. I let my tool slide out and then pushed her legs further back. I was sure she knew what I wanted. She pulled her legs back until her knees were nearly touching her breasts and reached around to spread her bottom cheeks. I grasped the shaft of my throbbing organ and guided it to its target. Miss Cramer drew in a shuddering gasp as my stiff rod contacted her anus. As I applied some pressure, the entrance yielded and my tool slipped inside. Due to it’s lubrication from her pussy juices, my rod easily slid in up to the hilt and my balls came to rest against her plump bottom. I placed a hand on each of her thighs continuing to hold her legs well back and spread as I slowly withdrew and thrust back into her butt. As I had done with Natalie, I gradually increased the length and speed of my strokes. As I commenced to drive my tool up into her butt, Miss Cramer put a hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy. My balls were now slapping against her lush bottom at the end of each inward stroke.

The ease with which her bottom accommodated me told me that Peggy Cramer had considerable experience with anal sex and from the look on her face I could tell that she enjoyed it. As much as I would have liked to prolong the sensations I was experiencing, I knew that it would be impossible. All too soon I shot my load into her hot butt. Then I continued to drive my tool home until Miss Cramer climaxed for the second time. Then I let my, considerably deflated, rod slip out of her bottom and she moved over on the bed making a place for me to lie down next to her. I took her in my arms and we lay there silent and sated.

I was almost falling asleep when she spoke, “I shouldn’t have let this happen Bill. I could blame it on the drinks, but that would be a lie. I was attracted to you from the first and I knew that this was probably going to happen sooner or later. I could tell by the way that you were looking me over, that you had this on your mind as well.”

I was a little surprised and I guess it showed because Miss Cramer continued, “You don’t think I didn’t notice you eying my butt the minute you walked in the door? It seems as if you’ve had some experience. I guess it must have been with that girl from Bolton.”

In rare moment of candor I said, “Yes I’ve had some experience, but it never seems to be enough.”

“I thought as much Bill. You have that look about you. When it comes to detecting that I’m an expert; there have been many times I’ve felt that way myself. I discovered my sexuality at a very early age and something tells me that you did too.”

Mrs. Cramer’s last statement intrigued me and I hoped that she was in a mood to elaborate. It was my experience that people were generally willing to talk about themselves if they were given a little encouragement. So I asked, “What do you mean about discovering your sexuality? What happened?”

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