Pleasure and Pain

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When Jenny was 29 she lost her job and had to move back home, she lived with her mother and step-dad. Her step-dad was 65 years old but was still in great physical shape.
Jenny had to do chores to live rent-free those included cleaning the house, laundry and occasional grocery shopping.
In July her Mom had to go stay with her sister because she was having emotional problems and she only trusted her to help her out.
Jenny became the cook then, as well as doing the other chores. Her step-dad, Pete seemed happy to have her there.
It was a very hot July that year and Jenny used the built in pool a lot. One night she invited a guy she knew named Mike to come over in the middle of the night and swim in the pool. They were swimming under the full moon lit night when things got sexual. Jenny loved to flirt and show her body off. She took off her top and swam toward him and pressed her bare breasts on his back. He really liked that. She swam away and leaned over the side of the pool and called out his name as he looked she slowly peeled down her bikini bottom revealing her sexy, very round, femininely ideal bare ass. He smiled and swam over. AS he swam over she took the bottoms completely off anf flung them on the patio. He first rubbed his stiff dick all over her ass crack, then down in between her pussy lips then back up.
“Can’t wait to fuck you snatch” he said, she was moaning and swaying her hips as he rubbed her soaked silky pussy. He was about to insert his hard dick in her little coochie slot when all the outdoor porch lights were turned on. They both quickly tried to get out of the pool and run. “Stay right there!” yelled Pete. They froze, Mike’s dick shrank in fear.
“What the fucking hell do you think you are doing?!!!” Joe roared at them. Jenny was so frightened that she felt as though she was going to pee, but it was not coming out since her pussy was locked tight in fear. Joe kept his eyes on Jenny, she went for a towel, “Oh no you don’t!” He pointed at Mike and said, “Get the hell out of here and do not come back ever again!” Mike picked up his clothes and left. Jenny was shaking, Pete just glared at her. “So are you the town tramp now? Is that it? You bring guys here to fuck? Showing off your tits and ass, is that what you like to do?!!!”
Jenny just trembled. Pete started removing his belt, he looped it in his hand. “Get over here, now!” Jenny obediently came over she knew what was going to happen, he had in the past, when she was a teen-ager, administered a belt spanking to her, but never when she was nude.
Pete put one foot up on the chaise lounge,she looked at the crotch of his pants and his zipper she felt very scared but excited too, he pulled her over to him and he held her over his knee by holding onto her hip reaching over her lower back and he proceeded to spank her bare ass with that belt. It hurt so much! He would do a hard slap, then wait a few seconds, then a new one. She groaned with each slap. He stopped after at least twenty spanks and just held her there. Her ass was stinging and the night air made her more aware of her nudity. He held her and told her how disappointed he was, as he was talking she looked to her right and could see in the reflection of the French doors that he was staring at her ass and licking his lips. That excited her. She opened her legs slightly more.
He reminded her that that was his house and if any fucking would take place he would have the final say, he was now smiling a very devilish grin as he eyed her fine, but super red ass, he pushed her further over his knee, now her pussy lips with her juiciness glistening in the slit were right in his vision.
He held her there and kinda shook her this made her get even wetter because of her awkward position and that shaking movement.
“If anyone is going to fuck you it will be me, your step-dad!” As he said that he pulled her up and stood her up. Her pussy puckered and her clit twitched she was excited by the prospect of this, it was wrong yet very carnal and secretly she had fantasized about being fucked by him, especially in her late teen years.
“Get in the house! Now!” he ordered. Jenny quickly went in, he yelled at her to go in the den.
She stood shaking. Pete turned the couch around pulling it from the wall, she had no idea what he was doing. He told her to lay over it, she went to bend over it, “NO! Lay with your back over it, your feet on the floor!” She tried to do it and he helped, he kept positioning her until he was satisfied, her back was arched backwards her torso was stretched and her pussy was elongated and it felt odd and her breasts were under her chin and her head was on the seat cushions.
She heard him undressing he was whistling, it was unnerving to hear him whistle like that. “Stay right there!” he ordered she did as she was told.
He came back in and she heard some kind of tinkling in glass noise. She laid there, again he whistled some unknown tune, when suddenly she shuddered, Pete had inserted an ice cube right into her pussy, he held it in her hole with his fingers, “Ohhhhhh” she moaned feeling that freezing sensation in her hot, tight pussy opening.
“Melt it. Let your hot pussy melt that ice.” he almost whispered in a very horny tone of voice,almost pervertedly. As he held that cube in her, with his other hand he found her clit and pressed tight against it with his finger he did not move it, he just pressed tight against it, his finger was so hot on her clit and that ice-cube in her pussy was so cold that she was releasing her warm pussy juices along with the water from the ice cube.
“Yeah that’s it! Melt it!’ Pete said. He leaned down and with his mouth sucked the cube out of her, she heard him chomping on it and murmuring “Mmmmmmmm” as he did. Her pussy dripped out more water and lubrication.
He took another ice-cube and rubbed it on her hot pulsating clit, “Ohhhh damn, ohhhhh.” she moaned as that ice froze her clit, he kept circling her clit with it, she was wiggling her hips both in delight and pain.
Pete ate that ice too and said, “Mmmmm” again. Jenny’s pussy gulped when he did that, big hard gulps of passion. Pete moved his face to her pussy and smelled her sexy horny scent that made his dick jump. In his lust for Jenny he just rubbed his face, his nose, his lips and then his chin all over her hot little horny pussy and on her excited stiff clit. He lapped at her like she was an ice-cream cone, long sloppy splayed out tongue licks. He blew his moist hot breath on her pussy slit up and down, her knees shook in response.
He got up and pushed a cube into her ass he held it there she shrieked, it was very very cold. As he held it there he pushed his cock into her pussy hole. He filled her up, his dick was thick, not too long, but really thick, he spread her inner pussy walls apart. He pulled out quick and pushed her further back over the couch, now her pussy was aimed up at the ceiling. The ice-cube slid out of her ass as he did that. So he inserted a new one but shoved it in very deep it stayed in because she was angled up like that. She trembled feeling that cold cube way up in her asshole like that, he spread her thighs wider and he pushed his cock into her little hole he got up as tight against her as he could, his balls were up against her ass, her asshole was releasing the ice cold melted water that was now bathing his balls. “Shit yeah!” Pete moaned as he felt that water drip on his cum-engorged sack, so he pressed harder against her and grinded her, over and over he grinded, all the while her ass dribbled out the water and her pussy pulsated inside. Now the serious fucking took place.
He started pumping in and out of her pussy hole, in and out, over and over. That thick cock was hungry for tight wet hot pussy and it’s appetite was being satisfied. They were moaning feeling that tight sexual tension in both of their bodies.Her pussy needed his cock sooo bad! He picked up the rhythm and slam fucked her, he’ld pull all the way out and ram his hard dick right back in her, he kept up t
his fuck assault on her itsy sex hole. Her p
ussy was getting more and more sensitive and slicker and wetter and even tighter. He pimped into her with total abandon until his dick couldn’t hold back anymore and it orgasmed and shot his load far inside of her. He pulled her back over the couch closer and pushed his still hard dick in her pussy and he rode her clit, his groin was pressed tight against it and he just rubbed it over and over she started screaming in pleasure as her excited pussy tightened and locked around his cock, she heated up inside her pussy and released a torrent of her own juices and pushed Pete’s cum out from the upper inside of her pussy canal, her pussy walls started convulsing and practically jerked off his dick with their contractions, “Mother fucker!” she yelled as her pussy decided to have multiple orgasms, after the first powerful one two more shorter but intense ones occured, she “oooohed” and moaned and licked and bit her lips in pleasure feeling those sexy sensations right down to her toes, the last of the ice cube water trickled out of her ass.
Pete lifted her up in his arms and layed her down on the couch and got on top of her, his body was sweaty and hairy, hers was soft and hairless and warm he kissed her on her lips and her cheeks and her neck knowing that it would not be the last time.

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