Punish the Slave

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It was hot that night and Adrian was tired from her daily slave duties. She dreamed of escaping but never had the guts to do so. Finally she retired up to her room and stripped her self to her bare ass. She took a quick bath in cold water, her nipples hardend as the warm air hit and the cold water dripped from her hair on to her nipples continually. She jumped into her thin almost see through white cotton shirt that stuck to her firm young breasts. She finished dressing and packed her bags, and slowly started to creep down the hall to the front door.
Suddenly she felt the stong grip of a man grab her by the hair and yank her to the floor. ” Where do you think your going slave?” he said loudly. All Adrian could do was gasp for air for fear of what he was going to do to her. ” I guess it’s time to finally teach you a lesson that you will never forget”, said the master. With that he dragged her to his room and locked the door. He then flung her young body on the bed. He began to rip her clothes off leaving her naked on the bed trembling.
” You know whats coming dont you slave?” said the master as he undressed himself. He stood at the end of the bed naked and his cock was stiff and big. The site of it scared the young girl. ” Now you can spread your legs for me and we can do this the easy way or you can stuggle and I’ll force you any way, either way your getting FUCKED”!
He staddled her gabbing her by the wrists and holding them over her head against the bed with his hand. He began to kiss her passionatly forcing his toung into her mouth and then running the tip of his toung on her full lips. He started to suck her tits and nibble them as he forced his fingers into her hot, throbbing, wet pussy.
She moaned as he stuck more and more fingers in her as he bit her nipples. He stopped and forced he legs to spread wide open and said ” now it’s time to punish you good”. He forced his long throbbing cock into her wet pussy. She screamed as he forced it in and out over and over again. She could feel it pulsate inside her causing her to moan and soon she begged him to stop.
He then flipped her over onto all fours and began to fuck her doggy style. ” you like that dont you, come on you can admit it, you like me ramming it in you from behind” he said as he humped her. ” I said say you like it you whore, say you like me fucking you”. ” I… I…like yoou fucking me” she screamed as he relentlesly slammed her from behind. He suddenly stopped, the slave girl caught her breath and soon felt him lean down to her ear and wisper, ” now lets see how much you screeam and moan when I fuck your ASS”!
“Please dont” she begged him, but he didnt care at all what she wanted. Soon she felt his large tip that was wet with her pussy juices start to push against her ass. Slowly it began to penatrate into her tight ass and a loud moan came from her. ” Thats right, moan and enjoy it, cause I aint stopping anytime soon”.
As he forced it all the way in he began to thrust it in and out, fucking her ass. He moaned as he felt himself cumming in her. She screamed as she cam and could feel his hot cum drip from her ass. Supprisingly she enjoyed it all and wanted more. He bent down over her and said ” each time you do something naughty, i’m going to disipline you this way all the time,so are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl”?
She whisperd back, ” I plan to be as naughty as possible!”

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